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  1. Candy Corn Candy would trot in place in excitement as she smiled to Windy. "The Rooftop?" her voice went up in pitch. "I bet there's some amazing views of Dawn Tawn from up there." The white unicorn would follow the pegasus mare to the elevator. "Makin' new friends," she was now beaming as the doors opened. "I'm always dawn to make a new friend." The unicorn would step into the elevator and wait for Windy before pressing the button for the rooftop. "I'm actually in tawn for a week. This trip was a gift from my ma before I start my apprenticeship in Ponyville. Candy isn't just my name, it's my talent." With the soft orange glow of her horn she would give Wind Dancer a few pieces of candy corn. "So, where is your home tawn?" she would ask with quite a bit of inquisition in her voice. "Mine is Bittsburgh, though I bet you many have never heard of it. We get overshadowed by Filly..."
  2. Midnight would smile at the mare whom tried to assist him, however it seemed that Tiger and to an extent, Berry had it under control, pulling the bat stallion out of the sap. Being licked, he would blush, however would attempt to return a lick to Miss Punch as well. "Same back at you," before looking to Tiger. "I don't think I need to know what Tigers taste like," he laughed. "You know, sap is mother nature's energy drink. Full of natural sugars and sweet...though sticky." He would try to stretch his wing, but to no avail. "I think we're all going to need hot showers after this..." As he looked forward to see the filly back on the trail, he would smile. "It's good to see that you got Apple Bloom back on the straight and narrow...though I do worry about her little brother was it? Hopefully nothing happened to the little pegasus ether...especially if he was as hard headed as the other Apple." Looking ahead, he saw that the caped mare had moved on forward. "If you'll excuse me, I have to thank that mare for offering assistance as well. Don't worry, I'll catch you guys by the finish line for that shower...." he winked before trotting ahead to catch Tongue Twister. "Thanks for offering assistance back there. I don't think I caught your name earlier. I'm Midnight Oil. It seems that Jade has run off ahead and Berry has Tiger to keep her company," he said giving a friendly smile. "You look like you could use a running mate for company," as he picked up his pace a bit to a slow gallop. "As I've found out, the Running of the leaves isn't so much about winning, as it is making friends, and of course knocking down the leaves." Looking her over, he would pause. "It's a tad warm still for a cloak, isn't it? Perhaps that's just me though. My line of Aerions has thick coats." Not wanting to pry too much however, he would shift subjects, as well as his speed. We're almost back to Ponyville. Time to use up some of that energy that us moderate pace ponies have been saving, right?"
  3. Candy Corn Candy was excited as she saw their was no ill will for her clumsiness as she returned Windy's hoofshake, though with a bit more vigor then probably was expected. "Nice to meet you Wind Dancer. I'm Candy Corn, though most just call me Candy." she said as she released. her grasp. "Really? You'll buy me to lunch?" Candy's smile would grow into a grin as she soon found herself hugging the pegasus mare, though quickly released it. "Hehe," she chuckled "My family is full hungers." Candy would back away a few steps to give the Windy some space before levitating the guide map back in front of her. "Let's see...restaurants, restaurants...Windy, Is it OK if I call ya Windy? Where do you suggest? I am a bit famished and haven't had anything since breakfast on the train. Hm...Anyplace around here have Spaghetti and Tuhmaytu sauce?" As the young mare began to walk, she put the coupon book away. "I don't want to give off the impression I'm a moocher," she said with a half smile. "And I don't want to keep ya from your job if you need to get there for a rehearsal or something like that, or keep ya from any of your friends if yins ponies had plans. I'm sure you are in high demand being such a famous equine."
  4. The way that 'Jade' chimed in made the bat start to doubt if the legend going back in his family was true, as his face went flush of color and he slowed as that information settled. It took a few moments to regain his senses as he quickly trotted back up to Berry and Tiger as the exited the dark woods. Now Midnight had a new problem to deal with...The sun. It was quite a bit brighter out here and his eyes took longer to adjust then he would have liked. "Ugh," he said as the turned his head away. "I'm going to have to catch up to you. I can't take this sun," as he used a wing to shade his eyes as he let Berry and Tiger go off ahead. His speed had effective been limited to a quick walk as he kept his head down. "We just had to be going the way with the sun in our..." he mumbled. With a heavy sigh, he would continue. "You just had to leave your sunglasses at the inn..." As the Bat Pony kept moving forward, his eyes had adjusted enough to see that there where puddles of something near the trees. He could smell the sweetness from the trees as well. "Maples..." he muttered as he kept walking, increasing his pace back to a trot. Catching up to Berry, Tiger, and what appeared to be a living pile of leaves, he would waive, Squinting to make anything out. "Looks like you found some of our favorite snacks. Maple Sap is quite good tasting, and very sweet. Now Pine sap on the other off...." As he continued towards them, still with his vision temporary compromised. He now smelt some of the very sap he mentioned. That stuff was like tar... And Sap Midnight's vision must not have returned to normal as much as he had wished as soon he found himself in a very large puddle of sap as well...and it seemed the trees over him was dripping it on his back and wings. "Sassafras," he muttered. He had to get out of this situation. Closing his eyes, he would swallow his pride...as well as some of the maple sap. He may have lost some of his dignity, but what else could he do. His wings where useless in their sticky state. At least it tasted good...minus the occasional leaf that he had to spit out. With the puddle down to almost ground level, he fought to get his front hooves free one by one. At least now he could try to pull himself out by grabbing the tree itself for leverage. Finally, with a deep sigh, he would call ahead to Tiger. "If your not to busy, I could use a little assistance please!"
  5. Candy Corn A young mare, barley out of school age stood at the front desk of the Grand Marerage Hotel. Receiving her key, she would give the desk clerk a soft smile. "Third Floor. Turn left off the elevator. I'm afraid that it's not much of a view however." "Thanks," Candy would say, a bit of nervousness in her voice. "If you have any questions, just ask. Your luggage should be up shortly...Excuses me Miss, but where is your luggage?" Candy bushed in embarrassment. "Right here," as she pointed to a rather worn wheeled suitcase and her own saddlebags. "I can-" "No Need to worry. We'll have it right up to your room. Now please, get to know the city. I'm sure it's quite a bit different from where your from...which is?" Candy would chime in. "Bittsburgh!" The clerk's facial expression said it all. The basic room, the run down luggage, and the name of the small town near Fillydelphia. The house wouldn't be making much on this guest. His expression grew even more dire as Candy levitated a coupon book. "Oh, Blue Two. That looks fun. We have a little amusement park near Bittsburgh with an old wooden one. I wonder how this one compares?" Candy would turn toward the elevator head to her room. "A quick nap first before exploring," she said with a yawn before boarding the elevator. As Candy opened the door, she would sit on the bed and sigh. She had just one week in Las Pegasus. One week to enjoy her coming of age...and one week to try to find her biological father. All information she had gathered said he now lived here. She levitated a picture an old, wrinkled photo of her mother and him. That's all she had to go on. Closing her eyes, she would doze off for who knew how long before a knock would wake her. "Miss Corn, I have your bags," the bellpony said. Opening the door, she smiled. "Thank you so much. Just set them dawn over by the window." As he left, she would make her way down stairs once more, guide map held in her orange aura. "Blue or food..." she mumbled to herself while walking...right into somepony. Looking up she would blush from embarrassment. "I am soooo sorry. I should have been paying attention to where I was walking. You must think I'm a real Jag...Wait a moment, your that pretty mare from the billboard I saw outside, aren't you? Your famous!" Her eyes widened as she beamed a smile. "Um...Allow me to buy you lunch to make it up to you." as she brought out the coupon book once more.
  6. Midnight Oil Midnight couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yep,” he would say, acknowledging their comments about his hometown. “If you’ve heard any of the stories from the Eponnie Mountains, their more then likely true, or at least we like to think that.” Midnight would let out a deep exhaling. “Before Princess Luna returned, we had to be careful...my family in particular. You see, our fangs are much larger then the typical areion.” As he gave both Berry and Tiger fang filled grin. His ears would twitch with each sound that emanated from around them. One sound in particular would make him trot up ahead a few feet and stick his wings out to stop Berry and Tiger just before a rather large, but noticeably damaged tree fell on the path before them. Midnight would look all round for what could have fallen such a tree, though nothing could be seen...or heard. “Must have been rotten.” He said, motioning them on. “Ponyville seems to be a wonderful town to be from, though lately it seems to be the hub of Equestrian excitement.” Looking to Tiger, he would smirk. “As for where your from, I think I’d take my chances in the dark of the Everfree. Less things that can kill you.” ”So,” he would say with a pause. “There is one interesting legend from my place of birth regarding my great great great grandfather...” he would tail off. “But I’m sure you don’t believe in vampireism...” Midnight gave a very fake evil laugh. “ Rumor has it, he was obsessed with immortality and traded a piece his sole to the Witch of the Mountain for it.” He would give another forced evil laugh, “Judging by the fact that he’s been gone for over 200 years though, I’m pretty sure it’s just a fun legend.”
  7. Midnight Oil As Midnight left their hiding spot, his first thought was the care of the Apple Filly....whom was now gone. He sighed heavily. “From what I saw from her sister during my visit to their farm for Cider...Stubborn is putting it mildly.” Looking to ‘Jade’ he would smirk. “Midnight is my given name, though I don’t mind what you call me,” he said with a wink. “And after the race, their may be more then.....” he blushed after he realized what he was about to say, but quickly recovered. “Um...here’s for luck,” as he gave both Berry Punch and his flirty new doctor friend another kiss. Reaching the fork, the bat pony would notice that Tiger had caught back up to them. “I say forest as well,” he said looking down the shadowy path. “If Apple Bloom, I think her name was, was stubborn enough to race through an avalanche of stone, I’m sure she’ll try to prove her braveness.” Looking to Tiger, he would chuckle. “This is the environment I was raised in. Follow me,” as he trotted off into the woods. His pupils would narrow, and his ears twitch with every unexpected sound. “You know, I grew up in a wood like this,” as he tried to keep everypony’s mind off what might be lurking.. Into the Woods
  8. Ok, doing a quick amendment. I was working on that post before the AB post.
  9. Did AB get knocked into the same spot as Midnight, Berry, and Jade? Just want to make sure before I update the post.
  10. Midnight's blush would fade as Berry bopped his muzzle. His mind was put at ease though as she giggled after the comment about spooning. The bat pony had no problem with space, as he now was not making an effort to pull away as well. He had to admit she was a pretty mare, and quite down to earth. Much more approachable then that other mare whom seemed to know how to get under his coat. "I am glad too that you didn't take the risk as well," he would say with a smile. A few moments later, Midnight would find himself pressed up against Berry even tighter then before. That voice...it was her. Midnight's face went blank as he locked up. He was now the center of a mare sandwich, and it seemed he had nowhere to go. He had to make a decision or else be resorted to that giggling little colt that couldn't stand on his own. He could feel the mare wrapping a hoof around him and planting a kiss on his cheek. With a quick giggle, he finally snapped? Grew a backbone? Learned to handle flirting? None the less, he opened his eyes and kissed Berry and then turned his head to return the kiss to Miss 'Beaker' as well. His heart was racing, and with how tight they where all pressed together he was sure they could feel his heartbeat as well, as fast as a humming bird. His ear would twitch as a different sound filled the small opening in the rock wall. A rather loud thud followed by some incoherent gibberish. It sounded like the young Apple that he met before during his previous visit to Ponyville. Guard Mode kicked in. "Miss, I can't really move," he said looking to Jade. "We have to," ugh as he tryed to wiggle loose,"Pull her into safety. I can't move. Your going to have to do it."
  11. Midnight was a bit surprised by the way the caped mare answered his question, though he really didn't think much of it at the time. "We?" he mumbled to himself as he picked up a bit more speed. "I though only Luna used the 'Royal We'..." As he ran onward. It wouldn't take long before he found himself at the next stage of the race. A rather ominous Ravine. "Alright this is we're were going to...." Entering the ravine at a quick trot, Midnight's ears would twitch. Being a Bat Pony had its perks, and heightened hearing was one of them. By now he was used to the rumble of hooves on the ground, but something sounded different up ahead. Something almost dangerous. Looking from side to side, he saw the boulders as they broke lose. Midnight's trot turned into a gallop, though not to beat other racers, but to beat the falling tons of stone. To make it to a place of cover. "There!" he exclaimed as he darted for an intend in the wall of the ravine. Catching his breath from his death defying run. As he backed up, he felt something or somepony behind him. His face turned red. Whomever it was, they did smell good, almost like Aerion Wine. He turned his head slowly only to see that it was the mare he started the race with. "F...fancy meeting you here. Hope you don't mind me sharing your hiding spot. I can probably find another if you want me to leave. You where here first after all." He gave Berry a smile, though it probably showed more fangs then anything. Seeking Shelter
  12. Pride could be a dangerous thing, and it was currently fueling the young bat pony. He just had to prove himself. He had to make up from his little...incident in the puddle, and it looked like the weather was going to break. By the time he had hit the meadow, he could just make out the outline of Berry, Tiger, and...her.... As Midnight's hooves hit dry dirt, he would go from a trot to a full gallop. With each impact of the ground, dust would fly up behind behind the young stallion. The faster he went, the more and more the dust trail would grow. He was a pony on a mission, and that mission was to catch up. As he looked up once more, it would seem that they where too far ahead to catch even at full speed. With a heavy sigh, he slowed from full gallop to a quick trot. Maybe being away from that flirtatious mare was the best thing for him now. As the paths met, he now found himself coming up on a pegasus mare wearing a cape and an orange unicorn. "Looks like we finally got some decent weather for this leg of the race," he said with a friendly smile. "Here's hoping it continues. This is my first 'Running of the Leaves.' I take it you two are newbies as well?" Not going all out.
  13. Tiger's words hit their mark as Berry helped Midnight up. He would sigh heavily as mud ran from his face. "Thanks Berry Punch...," he said shaking his head. Taking a deep breath, he would look down at the ground in self shame. "I..it's just..." he would mutter as the mare that was causing all his problems approached to offer her own help it seemed. Jade drying him off made him feel like a little colt. This time he blushed in shame. His eyes narrowed as he gave Jade an angry glare. "Thank you Miss," He said with a bit of venom in his voice. "I can take care of myself just fine you know..." Pride was now taking over his thinking. What would he fellow guards think? He'd never be able to live this down if he didn't at least come in toward the top of the pack. He simply would just shake his head as she darted off...and quite quickly at that. With a few deep breaths, the bat pony's hooves began to dig into the mud with each step, quicker and quicker as he began to gain speed. He just had to catch up. Now running at a full gallop, he would wink at Berry and Tiger. "Thanks for the words of inspiration," he said with a newfound smile. Jumping the gap, he landed on the other side, only slightly slowing down to conserve energy. He kept his eyes on the trail in front of him, only looking away to see the bright colored leaves floating down from their branches and landing on the wet trail. Looking up, he would catch a glimpse of that mare once more. He would keep his distance and his mind began to make a crude calculation, and one that's numbers did not add up. "She's toying with me..." he grumbled. Was that her plan to win the race? Or did his guard 'buddies' put her up to it? Needless to say, Midnight was running fueled by Areion pride now...
  14. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Candy Corn Gender: Mare Age: Young Adult Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Orange Coat: White Mane/Tail: Orange, Black, and Yellow. Kept medium length with a slight curl towards the end. Physique: A few inches shorter then the average adult mare. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Candy Maker Apprentice Cutie Mark: Five pieces of Candy Corn pointing inward to make a circle. History: Candy Corn was raised on a farm in the outskirts of Bittsburgh. She is the oldest of three siblings. From a early age, She could tell she was different from her siblings. When it came to tasks around the farm, her skills where lackluster at best, and the use of magic was discourage. Candy wouldn’t discover her calling till one Nightmare Night. Candy was tasked with assisting her grandmother with making the traditional sweets to satisfy Nightmare Moon, as well as to give to trick or treaters. She was elated to earn her cutie mark. Soon she was experimenting with all kinds of sweet treats. One night when Candy was a bit older, her mother would pull her aside. It was then she found out the truth. Candy was the result of a fling that her mother had shortly before meeting the pony that she would know to be her father. It would be revealed that her true father was a successful chocolatier from the nearby city of Filledelphia. With tears in her eyes, Candy would hug the stallion that had raised her as his own, letting him know he was the only father she would ever need. As she finished primary school, Candy‘s mother would reluctantly sends her only daughter away. She needed to hone her skills, and an apprenticeship was the only way she would grow her skills. She would be sent to Ponyville. Character Personality: Outgoing, and some might say gullible, Candy is excited to make the next jump of her life. Her friends would describe her as kind and caring. Some may even say a tad clumsy. She is proud of her abilities and will often have samples of her signature sweet treat on her at all times for anypony to sample. She can doubt herself sometimes, and often will put the opinions of others before her own personal feelings. Character Summary: Candy Corn is a caring and kind young mare. She is proud of her talents in candy making, though can be self doubting at times, and a tad clumsy. She was born and raised Bittsburgh and is now an apprentice in Ponyville. Her dream is to open her own candy shop one day.
  15. High Path "That sounds like a wonderful idea," he said to Berry as his blush began to fade. "It would be-" His ear twitched as he heard a loud sound back where they started, and a cold shiver ran up his spine, though it had just started to rain as well. Keeping pace with Berry and Tiger he hesitated to turn around, though his curiosity would get the better of him. It was the other mare from the starting line and she was quickly gaining ground. His eyes widened as she grew closer and closer with her...unconventional running style. Midnight had just started to get over his nerves when all her attention seemed to be on him. He could feel his heart beating in his throat as he began to laugh nervously, almost giggling uncontrollably like a school filly. His face was almost the color of the mare's leotard. He could feel his wings wanting to extend, as it took his all to keep them clenched to his side. Still giggling, all he could do is nod his head to her. It was days of rain that he despised being born with such a fluffy coat, compared to most ponies in Equestria. Now not only did he have the standard hazards of a race to contend with, but the extra weight of all his wet fur as well. He had a decision to make quickly. The bridge over the now raging stream or the slightly longer route. He would play it safe and take the higher path. Midnight would shake his head every so often to keep his wet mane out of his eyes. "Ok, mind back on the running," he mumbled to himself. As he turned to see which way his flirty new friend had gone, Midnight would look over to 'Jade.' The sight of the wet mare was enough for him to misstep and trip muzzle first into a fairly deep puddle....
  16. Midnight's blush only got deeper as Berry winked at him. "Why...um...yes." he stuttered nervously as he kept up his pace. "With Princess Luna retiring, quite a few of us have been reassigned. Seems I keep getting sent to Ponyville quite a bit lately." When Tiger mentioned his origins, he would nod. He had heard of the town but had yet to ever visit. "I'm originally from a small village in the Eponnie Mountains." When another mare nearby addressed him, also doing some stretches before running addressed him, he staggered mid trot and almost lost his balance, as he looked her over. It took every fiber of his being to keep his wings at his side. His heart felt like it sipped a beat. She was quite attractive as well and the way she was dressed didn't help. Flirting was not a strong suit of the areion, receiving it in return even more so."The...The East you say. Th..That's quite interesting." After a few seconds of stumbling, he recovered his pace, picking up speed only to catch up with the pack of ponies he was with. Turning his head, he looked back after he hadn't see her with the pack only to still see her at the starting line. The grin he could see from the distance was enough to make hairs on his neck stand on end, though he couldn't help but think he might be enjoying her flirts. Midnight had to get his mind back on the race. He noticed that the filly from the apple farm was running in the race as well. "So, any special apple juice or anything else that ponies do for preparation? I hear that your farm produces the most Leaves champions," he said with a smile. Looking back over to Berry, he would nod. "This is my first Running of the Leaves. I'd rather enjoy myself then overexert myself just for a trophy. Though, it would look nice on the mantel," he joked. As Tiger chimed in about the musical number, he had to chuckle. "Better keep it down. With my experiences in Ponyville, we may break into song at any moment. I don't think my lungs could take running and singing at the same time." The bat pony was beginning to enjoy the company of the small pack of ponies that he was running with. As he caught sight of one of Tiger's winks to Berry Punch, he would give him a subtle nod. He had that mare in the red leotard to worry about...or maybe not. Time would tell if she ever caught up to their little group...
  17. Midnight fiddled with his number as he nervously awaited the call to the starting line. The aerion had been egged on by a few of his fellow guards to compete in this years running. He could see a few of his fellow guards in the stands snickering while another brought popcorn. Perhaps they though that it would be funny because of him being more of a book worm, or perhaps it was because of his more agile stature. None the less, he saw this as a chance to represent all aerions in the guard, as well as on a personal level, test his endurance. Stepping up to the starting line, Midnight would look over the others participating as well. There where plenty of new faces to him. He recognized Tempest of course from events that had happened in the past; She was much more forbidding upon seeing her in person. Most of the others appeared to be Ponyville locals, though he assumed that there may have been a few others that traveled here, same as him. Closing his eyes, he would take a few deep breaths and stretch. It was going to take focus of the mind and body to complete this grueling course. Opening his purple eyes he would be greeted by the site of a rather limber mare doing her stretches as well. He could not help but stare. He had to admit she was quite flexible. His gaze would be interrupted however as the whistle blew and the race began. It would take a split second for him to realize what was going on, though soon he would be off with the pack. This was a race of endurance, not speed. "So, where is everypony from," he said with a smile, as he trotted along the course, looking over the other competitors. He would blush for a moment when looked to see Berry. Hopefully she didn't see him staring at her at the starting line....
  18. —Blizzard Blizzard’s reaction to his prob into the old spells was probably not what they where expecting. His face and voice showed disappointment. “I see...” The spells that he dreamt about since he was a foal...The way that Twilight said it seemed to imply that there where not all that special and seeming weak. Ice’s statement on the other hoof caused him to glare at her once more. Shaking his head, a blueish white flash would emit from his horn as he teleported himself out of the School of Magic was to the outskirts of Canterlot to begin his journey back to his frozen solitude.
  19. Blizzard could feel something in the room change. Almost like what he felt earlier, though he didn't think anything of it. "Gesundheit." Perhaps it was just summer allergies he was feeling... He would however look to Ice when she chimed in. "Just one of the many reasons I travel at night," he said with a smirk. "Though you would be surprised how well this snow and ice," as he looked to his own coat, "help to keep me cool in the heat as well as isolates in the bitter cold. It was a rather unseen side effect of a spell, though one I have grown to appreciate." When Blizzard saw what Twilight was doing, he would smile at her. "Thank..Thank you?" His voice showed a bit of hesitation. He would levitate the book back to him and place it in his left saddlebag. "Now as for getting in contact...Last I checked the Frozen North doesn't exactly have a post office, and I would assume that both of you live active lives. How would you suggest getting in contact?" he would say leaning back before noticing the time. It was now Three a.m. or at least that's what the clock tower chimed nearby. "Well, I've got to get on the trail if I wish to be at my first stopping point on the way home before sunrise." The unicorn would bow to the Princess and glare once more at Ice when he stood up. "I will be looking forward to our next magic discussion...Oh by the way...Is it true?" He would say with an ominous grin. "The weather control spells that date back to King Bullion and Commander Hurricane. The ones that where 'mysteriously lost' after the formation of Equestria. Do they exist?"
  20. Blizzard slyly smiled as the fireball hit his wall of ice. Though it held up fairly well, the first inch of the snow began to melt, though began reforming as a layer of ice. The unicorn’s horn would glow bright as the remain slush would form a puddle. A second puddle of slush would form under Dox from the heat he would have put off casting the spell. Using his technique, he would begin to move the slush in a similar way to the snow earlier, this time beginning to form ice around Dox’s hooves. ”Always have a counter,” he would say dropping his spell and allowing his guest to move. “Well?” he said with a smirk.
  21. Luna had found herself enjoying her hay fries as she looked up to see Ice's first ball miss. She knew the feeling all too well having done it her first throw. As her friend waited for the ball to return, the alicorn would grab another hooffull of hayfries looking up just in time to see the pins seemingly explode. The sound of the ball hitting the pins in the way they did made the retired princess shoot up from her seat. As Ice returned, she returned the high hoof before looking back at the scoring screen. "Huzzah! That was a wonderful throw...or roll." she would chuckle. "I heard somepony talking about rolling it. I guess it's my roll now." Luna would step up to the lane, carefully looking at the arrows to line up her throw. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before throwing the ball the same as before. She would close her eyes once more as she heard the ball hit. It sounded just like before, however with one small difference. "Yes...No-" Two pins remained There was a poster on the wall that gave each pin a number. "Ice, what dose it mean when the Seven Pin and the Ten Pin remain?"
  22. Blizzard would watch as Dox got the hang of it, nodding in approval as he stopped. "A good first start. You don't want to overdo it." The unicorn would quickly erase the spell from the snow, making it appear as if nothing was ever there. "With some pratice you'll be able to even move large amounts of snow." Blizzard's horn would glow brighter then before, this time eight foot tall walls of snow would surround three sides of them. With another quick glow, a blast of ice would reinforce the walls. "And...Instant snow fort." he chuckled. His horn would glow again, though nothing noticeable would happen. "You seem like you know different types of magic. Go around and hit it with a fireball spell...guard level. See what happens."
  23. The Snowy unicorn would nod, listing to Twilight's explanation. "I see," he said raising an eyebrow, though showing disappointment in his voice. "I guess my theory was a tad off, though I was only a young colt when I made it originally." He chuckled a bit before he continued. "Who would have though so much information would come available so recently. The Mare in the Moon was still in the Moon...and nopony had seen a Kirin in a generation." Giving a sly smile, he would continue. "And you need not worry. I'd never use Umbrum magic in malice. The few times I had used it where only to test my limits...In a very isolated environment." Blizzard exhaled deeply and closed his eyes for a moment. Did he really just admit to using Dark Magic to a Princess of Equestria? Oh well, it was snow under the bridge. What was that old saying? It was better to seek forgiveness then ask for permission? Looking to Twilight he would put a hoof to his chin. "It has been quite a few moons. It was after a graduated from this fine establishment. I took a job as a guide up into that barren place." He would stroke his goatee as be began to remissness. "My last memory of this school actually was graduation day...The first in ages that Celestia herself had missed-something about trouble with her protege...Sunrise Shine or something like that...my memory kinda blocked that out." Blizzard looked to Ice as he nodded. "The further you go north, the more dangerous it becomes. The expedition I was part of to locate the Crystal Empire, or any trace of it had failed because of this." Smiling to Ice Storm he would continue. "I've always had a lower body temperature then most..Something that you and I share I believe, so I was able to tolerate the cold much more then most, though even prolonged exposure for a mage of ice can have...lets call them consequences. Something needed to be done, and through a spell of my own creation, I was able to adapt myself even more. Let's just say I never will need air conditioning in the summer ever again." He would laugh. "I'm sure you don't want to hear about this failed excursion though. I'm sure both of you have more pressing issues to attend." "As for my other shenanigans, other then the monthly supply trip to visit a yak I've become friends with over the years, and the rare book run...with is why I'm here currently..." He would turn to Ice Storm and give her a glare. "I've kept to myself mostly. I've dedicated my life to the study of snow and ice magic...in particular weather manipulation. It kinda runs in the family..." he laughed. "Though not in the same, appreciated way..." He quickly frowned, but tried to hide it. His mother's talent was cleaning up winter where as his...to make it. He really did not want to go down that rabbit hole. As long as the princess didn't ask any more personal questions...he'd rather not go into family history.
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