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  1. Flurry nodded. “Yep. Best day ever. Thank you daddy.” It was a day Flurry would soon not forget. When she was older she would always have memories of the time she spent with her father whenever she was feeling down. Hopefully there where more days like this on the horizon. “We’re going to have another day like this again in the future, right daddy?” The young alicorn would walk to her father’s right side on their way back to the Crystal Palace. “What do you think mommy’s going to think of our plan,” she said with a large grin. “I think you should be the one to tell her though.” It wouldn’t take long for them to reach their home. Their next stop, the Crystal Throne Room….
  2. Flurry looked to her father and nodded. "I-I know." as she took a deep breath. "It's just that there is sooo much in those books, and I've read so many of them. Some of the things up in my head might have blurred together." She'd give Shining a small hug. "But I got the best advisor in all the Crystal Empire...and maybe Equestria too. Uncle Spike might have you beat...at least in popularity." The little alicorn followed her father up the street. She'd look over the flower cart, her eyes being drawn to the large white lilies. "May I have one and get one for mommy as well?" she'd say to Shining with the cutest smile she could muster.
  3. As Apple Bloom left the room, the youngest alicorn would put her nose near her slice of pie and take in a few deep breaths of its heavenly aroma. Levitation her silverware over, she would place the fork into the pie near the front before looking across the table to the other pony getting ready to enjoy some apple pie. Carefully eating her first bit, she'd hear Zap's question. A confused look adorned her face. That definitely the first time she'd been asked any such question. Flurry would sigh as she extended her wings to their full spread. "I-um...Alicorn's are just bigger in general then most other winged creatures." She'd take another bite, using her best table manners. "Oh, um, I can paraphrase...is that the word...or is it summary? Ether way my Mommy and Aunt Twilight say that an alicorn's wings are a symbol of authority and power. It's the reason I gotta keep them at my side unless I'm flying or making a royal decree." Flurry would retract her wings back to her side and eat a few more bites of pie, waiting for Apple Bloom to return. That's when she got an idea. "Hey Zap, what to see what I mean?" she said in a low voice. "How does some milk sound?" When Apple Bloom would return, she'd wink at Zap Apple. "I have decided that milk would be the perfect drink to go with this wonderful pie for myself and Zap." she would extend her wings and wait and see what followed. She was sure that the Apple's had been around Twilight enough to know the symbolism of extended wings. The other possibility was that Cadance and Shining Armor left instructions for what to do if Flurry decided to put on a display of 'Authority.'
  4. Flurry smiled in relief that she wasn't the main cause of her mother's stress...though a few hundred foals left an interesting image in her head. "I...um....wow. No wonder mommy always looks like she's ready to take a nap about dinner time." When her father suggested giving her mother a day off, she beamed and nodded. When he sudgested that she fill in for her, little Flurry's jaw dropped. "I....um...." she would take a few pancaked deep breaths. "Isn't there an age limit or something? I think my books called it a Regency Rule?" It would take the youngest alicorn a few moment before she would nod though. "If you think I'm ready, I'd do it for mommy." As her brain caught up, she'd realize that her daddy would be along her side, or would she be along his side?"
  5. Luna was glad to have Ice Storm there to explain the situation. If she had to be honest, Ice was the next best thing to her elder sister when dealing with grave threats to Equestria. Perhaps this was just the change however she needed to defeat this ancient unicorn. Her past interactions had been with Celestia...and if her memory was correct those meetings always seemed to end in a draw. Though Ice might not be an alicorn, she brought a fresh strategy to the Hou Shuren conundrum. Luna herself had always let Celestia do the brunt of the battling with the seemingly immortal sorceress , though that was their terms of engagement.... Perhaps this time she could show her full power for once. Rumors had circulated that Hou had a companion now so it would only be far in the alicorn's mind. The retired royal would nod to both of the wolves as a sign of respect as the each spoke their name. "We are glad to have somecreature as skilled as you both on our expedition. Any help to stop this threat is appreciated, and perhaps may give us an element of surprise on her. If all else fails, I do have only last trick up my hoof," as she looked to Ice Storm to judge her reaction. "Now then, where is the best location to make basecamp? I'm interested both of your feedback and would like to have camp made before nightfall." Luna would look back to where Midnight was. She had a quick letter to send and he was her way out of the conversation momentarily. "It appears my loyal guard requires my attention. I am sure between the three of you, a decision can be made. Luna would nod and make her way to Midnight. "Take a letter. Dearest Twilight, I shall be raising the moon this evening from my current location. It is of the most importance keeping up our cover. Signed, Your loyal friend, Luna." With a flash of her horn, the letter was on it's way to Canterlot. With a motion of her head, she would make her way back over to the group, Midnight close behind. "Tell me Kaen and Shiranui, woulds thou like to see a moon rise this evening?"
  6. "Alright, Starlight." she'd exhale some of her stress. "The older of my two sisters seems to have had everything completed in advance, and I even got a nice thick packet including her classes, her housing, the menu for meals, even a welcome letter for parents, or in my case guardians. It's my youngest sister that has me in your office." Candy would chuckle lightly, thinking about the giant packet of papers. "Somepony in this school must really like lists and planning for every little thing...which why I can't figure out why Kettle didn't get one." The young unicorn would tap a hoof to her head as if in though. "You don't think....no....she wouldn't, would she?" Candy's jaw dropped as she had an awful thought. "You don't think she forged her entry papers to be with her sister, do you?" The fear of Twilight went into her eyes. "We-We gotta look up her papers. The Corn family doesn't need to be on the bad side of an alicorn!" She'd take a few deep breaths. "Please tell me this wouldn't be the first time this ever happened..." She was now near hyperventilating.
  7. Flurry had heard the commotion down below. Taking a few deep breaths, she would return to her book, 'The history of Unicorn Magic, Volume 4.' It wasn't the most boring subject she had to study, though it wasn't a Power Pony comic. As she began the third chapter, she heard her favorite three letter word, Pie. "Pie?! I'll be right down!" Quickly she sat the book on the table with a thud before her horn would glow gold and with in a split second. *Poof* Flurry appeared near the table and quickly took a seat, taking in the lofting sent of the pie. Her eyes locked onto Apple Bloom's hooves, the one holding the pie inpeticular before she noticed the injury. "Ya want some help," as she looked to the injured hoof. "Her horn would glow bright, but did not do anything yet. "Um...Aunt Twilight says Applejack doesn't normally let magic use around here, but Daddy has trained me in basic first aid. All you got to do is say the word and I can wrap ya up."
  8. Flurry nodded in agreement with her father to the mare whom worked the frozen yogurt shop. "Yep!" As the little princess's lean turned into a hug, she'd look up to her father and smile. "Ok. Mommy likes flowers and chocolate, right?" as she tapped a hoof to her chin. "Dose she like books like Aunt Twilight?" If she had to be honest, Flurry had no idea what her mother liked to do in her time off....Time off? She had to think for a moment. She'd open her mouth as if to speak, but would wait till they where out of the shop to ask her question. "Daddy, when's the last time Mommy had a day off?" Flurry's face began to frown. "I know I get burnt out from my studies and I only do that for five days a week, not every day like mommy's job." Flurry would look up to her father. "Do you think that I cause most of her stress? Is being a mommy harder then being the ruler of the Crystal Empire?"
  9. Blizzard would hide his chuckle when Fire Walker was poked with a spoon, before his attention went straight to the purple princess at the table. As his proposed options brought him a small amount of hope, a faint smile would appear, though his memories of his rejected applications years ago brought him down. He'd sigh deeply. "I will keep all of that in mind, and I do appreciate the ability to use you as a reference, though if it's a clip board job...I may have to pass. I was hoping for something where I could show off my magical prowess..." He'd sigh "No offense to pencil pushers." Taking a deep breath to regain his composure, he'd force a smile. "What other options would you suggest...not Cloudsdale related. Perhaps not even Equestria." He'd look to a map behind the princess on the library wall. "Maybe...seeing where I live now anyway...What about the Crystal Empire?" He said with a deep exhale. "It was the Crystal Empire that brought me to the Frozen North all those years ago anyway...."
  10. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Tarot Spell Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Pale Blue Coat: Off White Mane/Tail: A red mane, often worn in elaborate updo. Her tail is often styled to match. Physique: Slender and average height. She speaks with a faint English accent. Residence: Canterlot (Old Spell Family Manor) Occupation: Card Reader-Fortune Teller. Apprentice to Twinkle Dawn Cutie Mark: Three Tarot Cards with the first one face down. History: Tarot is the last of her line. A once proud noble family of Canterlot now clinging to its history and name. When she was just a foal, her father would vanish leaving her mother to raise Tarot alone. When she was of age, she was hastily enrolled in the School for Gifted Unicorns. Barely passing her entrance exam, Tarot would take a keen interest in supernatural magics. The subject consumed her, taking every free moment she had, and even some of the time she should have been devoting to her regular studies. One subject she seemed to have trouble with was making friends. Often, she would find herself alone in the cafeteria reading a book, or playing with a deck of cards. Her classmates would give her the nickname ‘Solitaire’ for this reason. Later, she found herself getting bullied for her lack of friends and lack of cutie mark. It was an older filly in the cleric field named Twinkle Dawn who first saw promise in the filly, convincing her to try using a deck of Tarot Cards. It was at that moment, she earned her cutie mark and made her first real friend. As she became more adept, she learned that she could influence the outcome of small events by purposely flipping a card, something she would take advantage of. Before long, she found herself in the same curriculum as her new friend Twinkle. As she grew older, she looked to Twinkle as a sister of sorts. Meanwhile back home, her mother was not pleased in the slightest in her choice of study. She would try numerous time have change her daughter’s course, but to no avail. She even went as far a threatening to pull young Tarot out of school. She was a Spell after all. Canterlot nobility, and this skill…it was not up to her mother’s idea of what nobility was. As the bits began to run dry, Tarot’s mother would attempt to move onto the next noble. The cards had told her once before her father’s true fate, keeping the fact she knew from her mother. When she was old enough to legally inherit Spell Manor, she would turn her mother into the authorities, revealing her mother to be a black widow. Under the tutelage of her mentor Twinkle Dawn, Tarot Spell has become one of the premier fortune tellers in all of Equestria, even at such a young age. The magical prowess of a Spell plus her mother’s manipulate powers has given young Tarot a few…extra abilities. Now a young mare, Tarot still works with her first friend as her apprentice. If she believes in Twinkle’s cause is yet to be seen…publicly… Privately, she will stand by her first friend till the end. Tarot keeps her identity a secret at Twinkle’s little meetings, though a pare of familiar eyes can be seen hiding under a red velvet cloak, pared with a very unique set of gold earrings. Character Personality: Once a happy filly, Tarot Spell is self centered and two faced at time. Though she never comes off as course and selfish, she often finds a way to benefit from even the darkest fortunes. Nothing is below her, even using her darker powers to cultivate bad luck or even curse those she sees as an enemy…. a part of her personality inherited from her mother. Tarot is also very secretive. She will sometimes withhold part of a fortune, giving her client just enough information to 'entertain' herself as she follows them with her cards. Rumors sometimes swirl that the mare has the ability to reach the other side, giving her dark abilities a boost. Skills: Tarot reading-The most accurate in all of known Equestria Medium-Being able to contact those long gone. Curses-Giving a pony bad luck...or worse. Voodoo-Not much is know about this ability as she herself only found her Grandmother Spell's journal, though she is more then willing to experiment.
  11. Flurry leaned her head on her father’s shoulder and returned the hug. “Thanks Daddy. Please don’t tell mom,” she said, squeezing his neck in an embrace. Releasing her grip, and after the brain freeze had subsided, her eyes went back to her banana split. “Can’t let it go to waist, especially now since I know how not to eat it….” The little alicorn would finish the last of her split, making sure to eat the bananas that gave the dish it’s namesake. With a glow of her horn, the empty dishes would levitate back to the counter. “Thank you Miss. It was deeeeelicious.” Without warning, Flurry leaned into her father’s side, closing her eyes. “Today is the best day of my life…I think. Thank you daddy. What’s our next stop?”
  12. “Brain freeze? Isn’t that a Power Ponies villain?” Flurry looked up over the mountain of frozen yogurt. She’d take a few more bites more, though slightly bigger. “I know mom wants me to be perfect, but….I mean Aunt Twi can really down some hayburgers and no pony blinks twice. Do you like Hayburger as much as Aunt Twilight? I only had it once. Grandpa snuck one to me when I was a little younger.” It had been a while since she had last visited Mema and Papa as she thought about when they would visit again. By now two of the three mountains of yogurt and their toppings had vanished, only leaving the chocolate one. As she was about to ask, it hit. A hoof went straight to the filly’s forehead. “Ow ow ow,” as she looked to her father with an expression words could not describe.
  13. Flurry's eyes lit up as she saw the frozen treats being made behind the counter. Seeing the cherries on the top of each of the three scoops and the whipped cream made her grin as only a filly could. This was going to be the best meal of her life. The filly would hop up of a stool across from her father and watch him take his first bite and judge his reaction. Nodding, she levitated her spoon up to her muzzle. Strawberry topping with whipped cream and a cherry With one bite the spoon was clear, though she didn't taste the cherry. "Soooo goooooood. Thank you Daddy," she'd say loading the spoon with a bite from the pineapple topped scoop." As she looked down, she'd realize why she didn't taste the cherry on the first bite as it sat squarely on the top of her muzzle. Looking over to her father, she'd try to reach it with her tongue for a few moments to no luck before levitating the cherry into her mouth. "I know," she said "Smaller bites...It's not a race..." She could hear her mother in the back of her head as she took a much more, regal sized bit.
  14. The unicorn's facial expression told the story of how he felt as each card was turned up. First the Seven of Swords. He'd glare at the card as she described its meaning. Though a good portion of it was true, the latter part made him look to the sky. "Look past my setbacks," he scoffed. "That's one thing I haven't no don't think I'll ever learn. In a way, the past is what keeps me going and pushing myself." The second card, the Nine of Coins seemed to peg his present predicament to the letter. He had be left alone to his own devices for all those years in the Frozen North for all those years...and not to poison the water....that had to refer to his friendship...if could even be called that, with the Princess of Friendship...and maybe Fire Walker as well. Time would have to tell if that one where to be true. Blizzard's eyes looked to the third card with intent. Ace of Cups. He'd listen to Twinkle as his eyes remained locked on the card. Tranquility would be nice for once perhaps he was paranoid after all. He would begin to smile though that would quickly fade, as well a be followed by a loud, long, audible sigh. There it was-rapids ahead. Be mindful and ready. He would take that as She was coming for him. Not now, but in the future. "I see," He'd say as she put the cards back in the deck. "I assume that you understood that last card the way I took it. I have time, but eventually the smooth sailing will end. I fear that rapids are the least of my worries. I have a waterfall down stream. I need to stay off of her radar and build my relationships." Blizzard would follow the mare up the stairs. If the stars had brought him here, he was most interested in what they too had to say. "Lead the way." Once they reached the top, a question would pop into his head, but it would have to wait.
  15. Flurry nodded as her father spoke. "Someday then," she'd say with pep in her voice as she imagined just how many new streets could be added by then. Her mind quickly shifted gears to the task at hoof...or task at stomach? She's lock her gaze on the menu, studding it intently. If this was going to be the perfect day she wanted to make the perfect choice. "I know!," she said hopping off her father's back. I want a Banana split! That sounds really good, and everypony says more fruit is good for a growing pony, right?" she'd say beaming to Shining. She'd walk up to the counter wanting to order herself. "One of the finest Banana Splits Please," as she then waited for her father to order his.
  16. Flurry nodded to Apple Bloom's question. "It has, but most in the Crystal Palace have become accustomed to it. Every now and then it will work on a new pony working there or a visiting creature." The young alicorn would sigh deeply as she turned her head to look back at Jake and Zap. "Mom won't let me have a pet... or not yet anyway. There is some tradition that goes with the 'Royal Pet,' that she still has yet to completely research, though it's low on her and dad's list. My tutors also seem to have planted the seed that a pet, be it a puppy or kitten or even an owl like Auntie Twi would distract me from my studies...." Flurry's slight depression would lift as she entered the Apple homestead. It was small compared to the Crystal Palace, though most places where. It felt...welcoming, almost as if the building itself was giving her a hug compared to the vast openness and cold halls of her home. Her minor trance would be broken when Apple Bloom said she'd be staying in Applejack's room. "Excuse me?" she said with shock in her voice. "I...a standard guest room would have sufficed. Dose Applejack know that I'd be sleeping in her bed?" She'd begin to unpack as Apple Bloom left the room. With a sigh she'd get to her work and then her studies. She'd take her seat at the table and began reading one of her many schoolbooks. Every so often, she'd look out the window at Zap and his dog before returning to her studies, waiting on that apple pie. Yum.
  17. Candy Corn Candy smiled at the unicorn before fallowing her into the office. "I guess if they don't get used much, it means yinz ponies know how to run a school," she tried to joke. Looking around, she would take a seat in front of the counselor 's desk. It was clear by the way she sat that she was nervous...not for herself but for Kettle. She would look around before focusing on the name plate on the desk. "Um...Miss Glimmer? I'm Candy Corn. I'm here because-" she'd close her eyes and take a few deep breaths. "Come on Candy, you can do this," she mumbled to herself. "I'm here on behalf of my sister who is a student here. Actually both are new students here but...just the one is why I'm here." The nervous tremble was apparent in her voice. The white unicorn would face hoof before regaining herself. "You see, I'm their acting guardian, at least for the time being. I'm apprenticing with BonBon here and town and Pa thought I could keep a better eye on them here for little things then he could back in Bittsburgh. That makes sense, right?"
  18. The alicorn look to her side where now another wolf stood. She would nod to the bowing first wolf. "Greeting Shiranui. I am also glad to hear that you are friend. I do not believe I caught the name of your friend..." as she looked over the other wolf. Midnight had now made his way over to the alicorn he had sworn to protect, standing a distance a way, but close enough in case he was needed. Smiling, Luna would look back to the others that had left the ship. "They are quite skilled, especially the officer placed in charge of this expedition." Motioning with a hoof, she would summon for Ice Storm to come greet the wolves. "In my current state, I have found it much more efficient to place capable ponies...er creatures in command when an advantage is present. This is Ice Storm. I trust her with my life and she is who will be in command. I am more of a diplomata in these times then the mare of action I once was, though if needed, I am more then capable of aggressive negations." She would wink to her approaching friend. Perhaps news of her retirement not reaching everywhere had its advantages. "Tis a shame about Taira. When I saw you had gotten my hopes up about meeting him once more. It is rare to meet somecreature as old as I." The alicorn smirked. "I do not suppose all of your kind date back as far as Taira?"
  19. "I think...perhaps...the tarot first?" as his doubt could be heard in his voice. "It is the one I am most familiar with, though even by that sense I hardly know anything about... and then lastly, perhaps if we have time...you could tell me what the stars are saying. Lately it seems they have quite the sense of humor, what with all this excitement lately." He'd lean back in his char and sigh deeply. "I believe you need my birthday for one of them. First month, 15th day," he'd say bluntly. "Coldest day in years from what my mother had told me... -15 before factoring in wind chill." he'd chuckle for a moment. "I know that last little tidbit is useless, but it's fun to tell ponies my birthday was a record setter. Better then saying I was born on the Summer Sun Celebration," he'd laugh.
  20. Blizzard gave a half hearted chuckle at Twilight’s response. “Well then, looks like I have a challenge ahead of me. I should be able to figure something out with time….and patience. Living where I do, I should have nothing but time,” he said with a nervous chuckle. “I still have one last task though. To source the gem…and commission a smith to physically forge the amulet. By then, I should have read these books cover to cover twice,” as he tapped a hoof to his bag. ”As for her…” he shuttered, “I’ve tried to avoid her as much as possible. I’ve know of ponies such as her…the your ether with me or against me…or at least that’s the vibe that I have gotten during our first few run ins.” He’d look to both of them to see if their faces shared that same sentiment. As Twilight asked about what he saw his role in Equestria as, he tapped his chin. “To be honest, I haven’t truly though about it in detail. As you know, my talent of Ice and Snow makes it a bit difficult. I would say something weather related, but Cloudsdale would throw a fit at even the thought.” He’d sigh. “What where you thinking....Your Highness...?”
  21. Candy Corn The young unicorn made her way quickly from her sisters' orientation and went to where she supposed that the Head Mare had directed. Taking a few deep breaths, Candy would knock before taking a seat on one of the rather dusty chairs outside the door. "Wow, this school must be efficient," she mumbled as she remembered all the times she spent waiting at her school in Bittsburgh. It must have been fate that brought her to Ponyville...ether that or her guidance counselor had gotten in touch with the one for this school when Caramel had been enrolled here to find her her apprenticeship with BonBon. Non the less, here she was...taking care of family business for Kettle. "Oh why couldn't Ma or Pop come for this..." she mumbled. "I need to get back to work..."
  22. As the others on the team departed the ship, Luna’s heart sank a bit. Such a talented team. Perhaps she didn’t need to come on this mission after all. Perhaps Celestia was right and her personal vendetta with Hou was just paranoia. The alicorn began to remember her past interactions with the sorceress and how they all played out all those many years ago. The alicorn’s trance would be broken as she heard the members of the team speak. Ice Storm seemed more then capable of running this mission on her own, and Raven seemed to make a strong second in command. Luna would look to the area that seemed to spark everypony’s interest. She wished she could say she was surprised by what she saw, however when a creature reached her age, there was not much that did surprise her. “Ah yes, an Okami,” she chimed in. “Celestia had befriended one of her kind that neared our own age. I had only briefly met him. I wonder what the age of this one is?” Looking over the team, Luna would smile. “I shall make contact. Only one would make us appear less threatening. Besides, it would myself feel useful.” The alicorn would make her way over to the Okami. “Greetings, I am Luna of Equestria. Art thou friend or foe?” As she got closer, she would smile. “Perhaps thou knows one of your species named Taira?”
  23. Candy's eyes blinked with each bounce of her youngest sister upon her head. After about the fifth bounce, she levitated Kettle back down to the ground next to her before rubbing her forehead with a hoof. "Well Kettle, I think I'll be seeing popcorn in my dreams tonight," she joked. "And Caramel, I'm sure Pa could use a good mechanic to keep all the farm equipment running." When Blue Blood directed Candy where she needed to go, she realized one thing. The only other ponies there where three other fillies, assuming that most rooms accommodated two students. Candy elbowed Kettle. "Phst," she whispered. "I bet one of those three nice fillies is your room mate. I'll go finish your paperwork. Perhaps Yinz should get acquainted? Worse case scenario is if they are not, then at least you made more friends, right?" Candy would give Caramel that all familiar look. "Keep an eye on your sister. I'll be back," as she made her way to the office. Candy gave each of the fillies a smile as she walked by. She couldn't help but hope that it was the earth pony who Kettle would be sharing a room with. Kettle sure had enough energy and needed a well grounded room mate.
  24. The alicorn of the night sat in her makeshift office in the cabin that Ice Storm had graciously given her. She sighed as her head lay upon the desk full of papers. Why did it have to be paperwork. Celestia was the diplomatic one. Closing her eyes, she tried to imagine what her sister must have though of her current predicament. Barely into retirement and up an going on some dangerous mission with Ice Storm. Perhaps she would be glad that Luna was doing more then just moping around their new home. Perhaps Celestia would be upset that she wasn't invited? It was too to worry about that now. This mission was a somewhat...personal matter for the former ruler of the night. One she hoped to settle once and for all. As Luna felt the airship descend, she quickly tried to clean up her organized chaos and make it look presentable. Standing, she levitated a cloak off her bed and flung it over herself. It was a navy blue with a few black splotches scattered about. A crescent moon turned on its side as so the points faced upward served as a clasp. With a quick glow of her horn, she would flip up the hood as it created a rather ominous shadow on the alicorn's face. Outside the cabin, a lone Lunar Guard stood at attention. As the door opened he shot to his hooves and gave his princess...er Luna a salute. "Your Highness..I mean Princess er...Luna." he was embarrassed, still not use to calling somepony he served and respected for so long by her informal name. The alicorn smiled as she threw a cloak at him. "Put this on. I do not wish to garner unwanted attention." He would nod, quickly covering his armor with a rather gray cloak. "Follow me," she said as they made their way to the gangway. The alicorn and her bat pony guard would exit the large airship and meet near Ice and the other officers on this mission. Oh had the times changed since S.T.A.R had started as she nodded to Icy. "I as well am also glad to have Niradaña as part of our team as well," as she gave her a reassuring, though intimidating smile. "This encounter hath been over 1,000 years coming for myself. Hopefully it shall be the last."
  25. Blizzard sighed heavily. "I've been having this feeling. The same feeling that drew me here. A feeling that somepony or something has it in for me." Sighing once more, he'd take a sip of his now cooler tea. "It's part of the reason I went to visit the School for Gifted Unicorn's library once more. I was seeking knowledge on enchantments, spells to create an amulet as I said earlier. There was one spell in particular I was after, but alas. It, as well as the amulet that it was used to forge it no longer exist in this realm." The unicorn would look to his saddle bags. "Now I need to figure out how to use these modern safe spells to forge an amulet of my own, and hopefully I have enough time to prepare." Blizzard gave an annoyed sigh. "The Princess and her concerns for safety..." The snowy unicorn would look to Twinkle with a raised eyebrow. "I guess what I'd like to know is if I am just paranoid, or is my feeling correct? Perhaps it will let me know how much time I have to prepare." He'd take another drink of tea looking around. "These are some nice artifacts you have acquired around here. Are you a collector as well?"
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