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    Lately my interest are DnD, Youtube, reading fanfiction, and browesing this site alot.

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  1. Well. I'll be straight with you. She's hot. I am not an Apple Jack fan either, but this is pretty dam good.
  2. I am in a mood right now. I am unsure what this mood is or if it will last, but I will see where it takes me.

  3. As I look at her from across the table, I find myself overwhelmed by how adorable she looks. Wanting to squeal like a little girl and dance in excitement, but another thought crosses my mind. It could have been the joyful feelings getting the better of me, because without really thinking about it I causally ask, "Can I kiss you?"
  4. And now my throat is dry and a bit scratchy

  5. Then there is a lingering burn.

  6. oh god it hurts so much. It doesn't even taste bad it just makes your stomach feel like it is on fire for about a minute.

  7. Hate how busy I am lately! It's always late by the time I can sit down and work on posts and I suck at writing while tired!

  8. I spent 100 dollars on stuffed animals. I am having a weird night, and caffeine withdrawal.

  9. Freesia is your most adorable filly in my opinion, so there is no complaints here.
  10. I decided that even if it is late to do so. I wanted to change my avatar to something creepy for Nightmare Night

  11. Join the vampire Apocalypse RD and rule Equestria!
  12. I still wonder if being 22 is to old to want free candy.

    1. SymphonicFire


      Not at all! I see parents go and trick or treat

    2. Sondash145


      you're never too old to want free candy! the desire for free food is inside us all. especially me.

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