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  1. HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS! ^^ I'll be back soon to reply to my threads, once I get back from my family stuff!<3

  2. Waaaah thank you all so much ;u; I mulled over him for a while so he'd be just so so I'm eager to RP him and everything ;u;
  3. I'll post my general collection of Pony Art here, my OCs and more finished and polished requests!
  4. From the album: Discorderly's Orderly Art Bin

    My rather cheerful griffon that I'm trying to get accepted He'd basically 90% fluff and 10% sparkles, wouldn't hurt a fly, and not quite as brash as his kind tend to be, I love him eehe c'8

    © Discorderly

  5. Doodle says; "Remember kids, it's never a good idea to eat THAT many slices of pizza in one sitting"

    1. TheAddictedFangirl


      ...does that mean I'm dead?...

  6. Yeah that's just my art haha, I accentuate all the little detail lines habitually! Thank you though! ^^
  7. From the album: Discorderly's Orderly Art Bin

    My baby Lantern, the slightly creepy but totally friendly little unicorn of the Everfree. He is such a fun little dude, a healer and guiding light to those in need. I absolutely love this character so much heehee ;u;

    © Discorderly

  8. From the album: Discorderly's Orderly Art Bin

    I thought this one would make a nice cover image, I also just really like how it came out, Doodle again!

    © Discorderly

  9. From the album: Discorderly's Orderly Art Bin

    My Alicorn Ponysona/OC Doodle, she's not a princess or anything, just a major weirdo. Her specialty is playing pranks, eating junk food, and playing video games. She's really just a giant pink goober.

    © Discorderly

  10. Art classes are fun and all but man I would love a nap right now, too early to be up. I'm too nocturnal for this D'8

  11. "Wow that's a nice watch you got there" "Nyehe thanks....It's totally stolen." "Hey....Where my watch?!"
  12. What fun is there in making sense?

    1. Solfire


      You mean beside the fact that when you make sense, it makes everyone else doubt themselves. So many degrees of reactions to witness. :)

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