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    Eldorado with Edgar
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    Hey! Im Canvas!
    I love to draw and look at adorable and funny pictures!

    Thats it.



    Are you gonna keep reading thease?

    Yes apparently you are.

    I'll be back. Gotta go find some chocolate rain

    You still here?

    You know what? THE END!!

    Are you serious?!

    Ok ok Goodbye.

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  1. Wow I haven't been on here in FOREVER. So much has changed, I hope some of my old friends are still on XD


  2. Granted you now only speak to clouds I wish i was a brunette! Having black hair is the worst!
  3. I went by cutiemark. I thought itd give it a little bit of PIZZAZ!!!!
  4. Granted it now incinerates everything when it opens. I wish for some apples
  5. Heehee watch this!! My eyes are closed, now their open!Closed! Open! closed! Open!!! CLOSED!!!'
  6. Granted but now everyone expects everything except for you. I wish for......MORE DOTS!!...............
  7. I cried, thats such a mean stare!! But can i ask what kind of art tab you use?
  8. Yes but tht brings the question, what is Celestia?
  9. OOOOOHHHHH shes very pretty! i love the style you put her mane in
  10. Heehee two celebrations in a row. i love it that i was born so close to the fourth of July

  11. I hate it when my power goes out

    1. tacobob


      Ha! My power nev

    2. ShadowWalking18


      Especially when your in the middle of finishing an important paper and reaching for the save button after hours of work!! O_O *eye twitch*

    3. tacobob


      That's why one should save often. Or have a program that saves for you...

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