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  1. I completely forgot that I turned my account into a chef meme.

  2. I already regret making this profile into a chef meme.

  3. My SD card I use for my 3DS acted up and now I can't get contrary Serperior in Omega Ruby.


    I legitimately almost cried for that reason last night.

  4. Just came back from seeing Logan.


    The feels, man. I cried...

  5. Y'know, when I imagined how today was gonna play out, I didn't think I'd miss an hour and a half to a nosebleed.


    Life is weird.

  6. My breath smells awful today.


    That was a waste of my and your time.

    1. SymphonicFire


      ...just scrub your tongue.

    2. Sondash145


      It's because I've got the first cold I've had since I was maybe ten years old.

  7. I spent, like, all day just watching old videos I used to film, edit, and burn onto DVDs.


    They were all hilariously cringeworthy.

  8. So I sometimes have free days in HHP where we just have fun, and my class started an arm wrestling competition. I won in a landslide, no round lasted longer than 15 seconds.

  9. My community reputation is 69.


    Just putting that out there.

  10. Well, I got my permit now. That's a thing.

    If only I didn't hate driving...

    1. SymphonicFire


      *claps* Don't worry, you'll learn to love it. XD

  11. I did 40 squats in a minute, and I was having trouble going up and down the stairs later.


    I'm so outta shape...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Davroth
    3. Sondash145


      Human Health and Performance killed me.

      They were testing me to see how many pushups I can do without pausing, and I got to like, seventy-five last year, and I had maybe seven done, and then my sweaty hand slipped out from under me and fell flat on my stomach. "I asked, can I get another chance?" and the coach said, "Nope. Go on outta here."

    4. Dio


      Squats are love.  Squats are life.

  12. This is a little late, but on December 26th, it was seventy degrees Fahrenheit where I live. Gave me a chance to play some sportball.

  13. Welcome! Be sure to make some friends, and have yourself some fun!
  14. Hewwo! Welcome to the lovely corner of the MLP community known as Canterlot. Be sure to make some friends, and have yourself some fun.
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