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    I Have Many Interests, But I'm Sure You'll Figure Them Out Some Day If You Hang Around Me Long Enough. Discord, Luna, Discord, Fluttershy, Applejack and Discord are the best characters...

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    Darker Dawn
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    Sigil Scabbard
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    Irysha (Winter Fade)
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    Rift Whisper

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  1. Personally I have the same issue with boring characters and get detached pretty quickly unless i have a prompt to stick with them... *Whispers* I like RPing crazy characters because they are complete up to how you feel that day~ But I can't use them that well in Pony stuff though xD
  2. I have escaped life... for now!

  3. 'Why you look lovely! With a side of gravy... Om nom nom'
  4. Hmm, Chocolate Milk... Or Strawberry?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. tacobob
    3. Sethore


      Marshmallow Flavored Milk? O.O I think I'll stick with the chocolate, just to be safe...

    4. tacobob


      Gah! I can't find it ANYWHERE! I want Peepmilk!

  5. New thread open to all, i will be posting every two days reguardless of anything

  6. you guys need more cats! or dogs.... But mainly cats! Maybe even a Tarantula! they are easy to look after~
  7. Yay, a more accurate title, achievable, thingy! 'crazy oatmeal!'

  8. And then suddenly... NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS!!!

  9. Well, in my life, there was a fan... And someone threw something at it... And now its a mess... Gonna be inactive for about 3-4 days, sincere apologies to all!

  10. Chain scythes with dust infusion! Once your in range there's no getting out X3 Expressing interest if there is a slot open~
  11. Granted, you are now a fluffy kitten that cuddles people. only the people are 80 year old homeless man who smell real bad I wish to be a real boy!
  12. -granted, you bake pinkiepie into a cupcake and it takes the same amount of time as your normal cupcakes- I wish Mosquitos all the sudden, die
  13. -granted, but he does it very badly- I wish i wasn't a psycho Pyromaniac...
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