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  1. I'm off. Bye Canterlot. I will be around for the next few days in case I need to wrap something up, otherwise I will be leaving this site. I just can't justify checking it anymore. Please let me know if I don't have you on Skype and I still talk to you. Though, I'm pretty sure I have everyone.

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    2. Eventide


      Seemed more of a heads up than making a big deal of it to me, but I guess that's a matter of opinion. :blush:

    3. Zeig


      Definitely a matter of opinion. 


      Thanks for the heads up Zealot. It would have been really sad and confusing if you'd just stopped using the site without a word. I enjoyed RPing with you a lot. Hope to see you around online, maybe in the future!

    4. Zealot


      I'm not looking to stir up anything guys. I'm just not going to be using Canterlot anymore so I wanted to make sure everyone I wanted to keep talking to had me on skype. Which it looks like they do. Besides, I wouldn't want to just poof without a word, that's rude in my book. Heh.


      Anyway, yeah. Thanks for the roleplay Zeig. Maybe I will see you around, maybe not.

  2. Caribou Plague ehh? Things are looking up. :P

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    2. Bellosh



      I would be more than happy with mass caribou genocide. 

      So you'd be happy to see this adorable, pure-hearted caribou gone forever? :(

    3. SunsetSombra



    4. Zealot


      Yes. Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skull throne!

      Seriously, yes.

  3. I'm out. Bye guys.

  4. Crunch is now over. Yay! Posts will commence soon.

  5. Two/Three weeks of crunch... Oh yeah. I'm ready!

  6. Unfortunately, nobody knows how to cook anymore. In my experience, they're scared of ovens and hobs and whatnot, they microwave things or get takeaway because it's easy. I'm a novice myself, and if I'm learning a new recipe, I don't eyeball it. In fact, I just flat out ignore recipes that don't give me exact measurements. Because, I'll start with those measurements and ingredients, then learn how I want it. Then when I've cooked it a few times I'll start to wing it. Even after doing it for a few years, I'm still terrified of the thing. I'll cook what I know before trying to cook something else, and if that thing isn't clear on what I should do, I'll abandon it and try and make something else out of it. I would advise putting suggested measurements in your recipes, and just noting down that is just what you think it should be. That should be enough to give some folks confidence enough to try it. Just something to think about. Cooking is hard, and people are scared of cooking nowadays. I feel making stuff easy and approachable is the way to go.
  7. Haven't updated my status in a while. Suffice to say, tired and irritable as usual.

  8. Hmm... Canterlot is back up. I will assume this is entirely for my benefit since it's my birthday :P

  9. That moment when you sit down to make a monster hunter / mercenary character, and then you realise you basically just made Geralt of Rivia. Ugh... here come the tweaks.

  10. Been playing the Xcom Board Game. It's pretty fun, I recommend.

  11. There's a list? Must have missed it. Ehh, still, that's boring. Oh well, guess I'll just play it elsewhere.
  12. What about an immortal spirit? I wanted to play one of my characters with their extended canon. They're not too powerful, though if threatened they could resort to magic which would be the equivalent of a medium/high level battle mage unicorn. Most of the time they use their magic to spread happiness, confidence and to aid in their own personal struggles. They don't know on a conscious level they're part powerful immortal spirit, and to everyone else they appear like an average pony. Sort of a symbiotic relationship, the spirit tags along and assists them while enjoying seeing them lead that pony's life. They're not even aware of the spirit's existence unless directly threatened, or if a curious pony spots something off and gets very curious about it, or if they are discovered via some sort of magic.
  13. Oh dear... well, like I said. Valentines day is the worst day on the calender anyway, might as well make it worse. Hmm... wonder if there some setting or another to disable the banner... :D

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    2. Zealot


      It's not a big deal, hehe. I'm just teasing really. Sorry for the confusion. Just thought it would make someone chuckle.

    3. Lyipheoryia
    4. Zealot
  14. I've already answered that. You CAN'T be original, there are no more new 'original' ideas where literature is concerned. Why aren't they trying to be original? Maybe, in a world full of bright and happy colourful ponies, most people think dark and edgy IS different? Because let's think about it, in canon MLP, we haven't seen anything like that (if we did then I missed it) so people's first thought would go to that. Besides, why does anyone HAVE to be original? I've read loads of great stories without a shred of originality, they're some of my favourite books. Strong characters, excellent writing and a good style are the keys to any good piece of fiction. You shouldn't care how different X is from Y as long as they're both great stories, right? So to circle this discussion back to the original point, why do bronies use red and black ocs for evil characters? To some degree, it fits. To some degree, there's no reason why not. People shouldn't care about a colour scheme at the end of the day, and one shouldn't complain if a creator uses that scheme. Nobody is forcing anyone to read crappy fanfiction. If you want to help out an aspiring writer, point out the flaws in the character and move on, don't bang on about unimportant details. Ultimately, colours can easily be switched around, we'd be having the same discussion if the colours blue and orange were 'overused'. It still means a character is a bad character, it's not instantly a good one because they're not red and black and they're not instantly bad if they are red and black. Bronies use those colours because they can, and because they want to. We shouldn't be trying to force them not to just because lots of other people have done the same thing. Right, I feel I have made my case and point, anything else I say will be repetition. Goodbye and thank you for the discussion. https://derpicdn.net/img/2013/12/1/487004/full.gif
  15. Nothing to do but wait for git to install and paint miniature GIs. On a side note, I'm glad I switched to Bolt Action over Warhammer, much more satisfying to paint.

  16. Well, that is the stereotype, right there. 'a large number of brony created fan characters that have black and red colours are bad characters' Thinking like this is at it's worst, very dangerous. I mean, I'm not saying that it's an incorrect statement, I don't have the necessary data or insight to make such a claim. Maybe most black and red characters are bad, but that's a 'maybe' what if they're not? If you're going to write off a character based on their colour scheme then you've conformed to the stereotype and may well have put down a writer who worked hard on their character as well as writing off a good character with an excellent story. So yeah, if you don't want to stereotype then just go in with an open mind. Don't judge a pony by it's colours, go in with an open mind. Then once you've actually seen the character, make a decision. And also as a further point, don't write something off if it's 'unoriginal', nothing is anymore, I'm sorry, but there are only really a few plotlines and a few character archetypes anyway. If it's fun, enjoy it, don't get worked up over 'tropes' or some such, it really isn't an issue.
  17. I know what bronies perceive as a 'problem', my point is you shouldn't give a damm if a pony is coloured black and red. If it's a good character then it's a good character, you shouldn't judge a character based on a colour scheme. So what if people keep using it to make things 'edgy' or 'cool'? Does that somehow detract from the hard work of a writer who puts love and care into their pony character who is well developed and well thought out, but just so happens to be red and black? No! Of course not. Why should it? But oh no, apparently just because it has been used by a lot of bad characters, that apparently means that all characters with that scheme are bad? Right? That's the logic there? Pretty sure it's practically stereotyping or something, I mean, come on...
  18. The whole 'red and black is a bad character design' thing really irks me. It's a colour scheme which is sometimes used, doesn't make it a mark of a bad character. I remember one of my first characters who was black and red. I was originally thinking that because they were military and warhorses are black, they should be black too. They had a bit of a temper, so I added a red flash to their hair to signify they were a little angry. Suffice to say the character was written off by most people until I changed the colour scheme, then all of a sudden it was a good character. This was before I knew of the 'trope' which the bronies love to bang on about. People need to stop judging a book by it's cover. It may be an overused design, but that doesn't mean it's a bad one.
  19. Hmm, seems I don't have much active roleplay here. I might start up a new thread. Don't know if anyone was interested in my characters at all?

    1. SteelEagle


      Have a Skype? I have some ideas I'd like to pass by you.

    2. Zealot


      Yes I do. In fact you're on my contacts list. You can message me any time, heh. :P

  20. They appear to be bringing back Robot Wars. I hope they don't screw up my nostalgia. That show was awesome...

  21. So much spinning!

  22. Heh, so far I'm pretty sure that people have said they're ashamed of being a brony because of other bronies. Heh. Well, that's perfectly understandable. People get into MLP way too much, and that's certainly one aspect I dislike the most. I mean, just chill people, it's a TV show. I dunno. Mostly it's the contempt people feel for people associated with being fans of the show. I certainly never tell anyone I'm a fan of the show and I never will. Heh. Purely because of fear of rejection and stereotyping I think. So yeah, that's probably the thing I'm ashamed about most of. Just the stereotypes people have of it. Not all of us are mad obsessed bronies.
  23. Heh, not a problem Lyi. I am in it after all and it's a public RP for Rarity. Place seems fitting.
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