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  1. Cotton smiled, nodding as she gave Glimmer a plush toy, though as she was just about to get back to work, Stiletto caught her attention. She shrugged gently, shaking her head before pointing at her throat and gesturing her face to make it seem like she had a sore throat. She waved it off, but then gestured to the sun, pointing to it and seemingly dragging it through the sky with her hoof, before pointing to her wrist, trying to say "maybe later today?" she points to her stand, tip toeing in place as if she was trying to get back to her work. She bows her head quickly, as if trying to say she's sorry before she dashes toward her stand to fix it up. Avery tilts his head watching Cotton go back to her stand fixing it up. Saying "Uh... maybe now's not a good time? I mean, it is the middle of the day right now, it's usually busy here anyway right? Maybe she needs to prepare for that." he suggests "I mean, sh- she's already done..." he says, pointing to her stand as she'd gotten the game all repaired and ready to be played once again, though she seems to be busy knitting something behind the counter. Avery tilts his head a bit more before shaking it off "Well... maybe it's best to wait until later. But... shouldn't we head to Mother and Auntie first? That... doppelganger needs to be mentioned." he stated with a stern look on his face. Avery sighs, looking over at a nearby clock "...Might miss Discord's show, but having that thing go around while nopony else knows? That's just chaotic." he stops to think about it "Maybe I should go tell them before coming back, they need to know, else everypony's gonna have a bad day."
  2. Hello all, name's Avery. Don't know me? Yeah, I wouldn't know me either. But I wanted to share with you something that a friend and I made, that being a Comic Dub! My friend Voiced Sans, I voiced Flowey (And yes I say his AND Papyrus' name differently, don't hurt me) and I was in charge of the editing! I even messaged the author of the comic and she absolutely loved it! So, why not be a pal and give it a watch yourself? ALSO! If you have not at least seen the endings to Undertale, please do not try and spoil yourself. Because this comic does contain spoilers That being said, let's get on with the show! Enjoy this artshow of voices! Feel free to give feedback! This IS my first attempt at something like this, so I'd like to know how I could improve a lot!
  3. Huh, the day I try to do something here, and there's already something that's going to force me to make a temporary leave again. Dang it... I actually wanted to join something too.

  4. So, got this Undertale comic dub that a friend and I made and I want to share it here... only problem is I don't know where to put it heh.

  5. Avery had remained quiet throughout the long hug that he had shared with Stiletto, he just needed to help her calm down and out of her fear induced state. After a while, she did calm down, only to have her face be reddened from the experience. He silently chuckles at her blush, finding it silly. Though he nods "You were scared, its the least I can do" Though with her next few sentences, he blinks in surprise to hear that the blackness she had seen before in his aura is now completely gone. He looks down to his chest to put a hoof there, still unable to see his own aura but guessing it to be somewhere around there. "It... is? Well, if that thing comes back, I'm going to put it down. A doppelganger from what Dark said... Bah" he said with a low tone, though his attention turned back to Stiletto "But are you alright? It would be horrible if that thing did something to anypony let alone you." he lowly growls. But he sighs, seeing that she was indeed fine. He removes his wing from around her and folds it onto his back once more. "Well, I think we idled long enough, we should probably get going before we miss that display that... Discord fellow was running." He says unsure, as if he was trying to remember the name of the Chaos God. Cotton in the meantime, silently wished she had a proper voice to speak to Glimmer. However, all she could do was gesture toward the things she was trying to communicate. When Dark came back down from his flight to collect the plushies that had flew off her stand, she nodded with a smile, but then looked around with him, before shaking her head seeing that there wasn't that much to do. Though hearing Glimmer's response to the calmness, she nodded as well. Though as Cotton looked over to Glimmer, she felt that glimmer needed something else. Trying to get her attention, Cotton points to her stand and the plushies, though she then puts a hoof to her chin as if trying to come up with a way to say what she wanted to say. Avery had walked back over to the group "Oh, I see that we're getting another member?" Cotton jumped slightly and quickly shook her head, but she held up a hoof and gave the plushies she was holding to Avery. "...Oh?" Cotton then jogged over to her stand and got out a small sun plush and brought it back over to Glimmer, holding it out to her as if to give it to her. Avery tilts his head at the action, wondering what's going on, though he then noticed Dark was slightly tired. "Hey Dark, are you alright? You seem like you've flown for a couple minutes heh."
  6. ...A-Arms? Who needs arms when you have legs like THESE?

  7. Happy Holidays everyone. As a person that celebrates Christmas I have something to share with everyone!

  8. -Whistles Memory-

  9. So, I'm going to be attempting to make a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Sprite Comic. Though, I... need some help with spriting the main character. A simple job, the worst bit for me is the detailed profile pictures. Gah.

  10. Welp, today just went from good to absolutely horrible... grand, just.... GRAND.

    1. Lyipheoryia


      Maybe it'll go from horrible to great!

  11. I'd like to RP something... but I unsure if anyone would even like the idea, or even go along with it. ...I guess this is the response for me being so quiet for so long.

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    2. Zealot


      To be fair, if it doesn't it's probably nothing to do with you. The FFA section is a ghost town here, and Canterlot itself feels deserted at times actually. I mean, our other RP attracted a lot of attention from newbies. So what's more likely? That complete strangers are purposely rejecting you or that there's just nobody there? Or if there is, they're probably just busy with Christmas or other roleplay. Still, if you feel too restricted then you might want to find a diffe...

    3. Zealot


      Still, if you feel too restricted then you might want to find a different site to RP on. Canterlot is pretty bad, especially with all of its weird restrictions and rules (which I still maintain are annoying and pointless). Perhaps it's time for a change of scenery.

    4. Zealot


      Probably best to move this chat to a PM. Heh.

  12. Tis fine. Everyone has something they need to do every now and again, not a big deal really.
  13. Stay with me, don't let me go, because there's nothing left at all. Stay with me, don't let me go, until the ashes of Eden fall

  14. Helping Stiletto up, Avery looked over her to make sure she was alright. However her constant shaking made him look in worry, briefly looking up to try and catch sight of that creature from before. Though he grits his teeth as he can't spot the monster, though he turns back to Stiletto as she continues to shake, unable to stand correctly. Unfolding a wing, he uses it to balance Stiletto in place. He was worried, the last time something like this happened was when they went to the castle of the two sisters, but this is far worse. Hearing her stammer that she needed a hug, he knew it had to come to this, it was the best way for her to calm down from something like that, he knew this. ...and he wasn't going to let his mind stop him this time, she needed the hug, and he was going to give her one. Though a push from behind was enough force to make him snap his head to Dark with a raised eyebrow. Seeing him walk away after saying that he'll be with the others, he was slightly confused at why he would do that. Looking back to Stiletto, he pulls her closer to give her a hug. "You don't think you need one, you do need one. I'm not letting you be scared like that." he quietly says, trying his best to calm Stiletto down. Meanwhile, Cotton looks over to Glimmer and blinks, looking at the stuffies. She then shakes her head and points to Avery and Stiletto, to which she then covers her mouth with a hoof, seeing that they were hugging. Though Cotton jumps back at Dark's sudden appearance. She nods her head to his question, but then saw him picking up other plushies that had fallen. Oh dear, what a mess! How'd that happen? Though Dark noticed that it was unusually calm right now, Cotton looks around and also notices this. It wasn't much of a surprise, but Ponyville has been a source of attacks for a while. What's more confusing though, is that the creature left as soon as it came... what did it want if it just left to begin with?
  15. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Course, not all are from the same country, but still! Happy vibes all around! Also, I was wondering about the Skype thing? Is that being used still? I'd just like to get people's skypes so that I can chat and stuff heheh.

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    2. Zealot


      Hey if you wanted to RP on skype with me, I'd be fine with that. I already have you in my contacts after all.

    3. Avery


      Oh I know, I just want to expand upon who I know on here. I feel like I'm just isolated from the site itself haha.

    4. Zealot


      No problem, heh, just saying in case you'd forgot about me. Hehe.

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