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  1. Thank you for being so nice to me...I just hope I get to role-play soon. I really dislike waiting.

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    2. Uproar


      The problem is I'm always on my phone so it's hard for me to do start some of my own.

      I prefer the canterlot chronicles but I believe it's asking a bit much is all...I think I'll just try to look in the FFA but I don't feel it's great for me to RP there...I just don't feel comfortable.

    3. Solaria


      Canterlot Chronicles is fairly lenient, but the helpers still have to make sure every character works within it for the whole, not the other way around. I'm sure the helpers will offer a more detailed explanation if asked.

    4. Uproar


      Okay. Thanks!

  2. New to the site...I don't feel really welcomed. :T

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    2. RedCedar


      Sorry, didn't notice you before now. Welcome aboard!

    3. Uproar


      @Lime- No not really, but whenever I join a site I usually get more welcomes is all. xD Plus I get easily discouraged and stuff. :S

      @Red- It's alright, thank you!

    4. tacobob


      The sites is going through a bit of a slow period..And some of its users don't seem to have days off...or..free time. groan...moan..

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