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  1. Jon Stewart nooooooo! Jon Stewart has always been a big inspiration, so its hard to see him leave the show. Still, we get to have one last year.

    1. tacobob


      Ugh. I might have to get HBO for some John Oliver goodness then. D:

  2. My name translates to "God is my judge". Every once in a while, I feel him judgin', and I have to look him straight in the ambiance, and say "Don't you be judging me".
  3. Expression stuff is the best. A lot of people get caught up in making things "pretty", but there are so many funky expressions out there that are more interesting than a straight face. You have a good style. I like it.
  4. I vote pinkie pie. The original pink pony.
  5. It's been three days since my voyage began. Or I think its been three days. You lose track of time on that great cyber ocean they call the web. I have to keep my strength up. I have been stuffing my face full of oranges almost constantly-- I can't afford to catch Internet Scurvy. It's been a slow start, the Spitball has yet to hawk up to engage in a roleplay, and it is making the crew nervous. We are still so close I can see the google search results, but I have not given up hope. We've made contact some of the netizens, and they were both pleasant and helpful, just like seaponies. I've decided for the course of this adventure I shall refer to them respectfully as the indigenous seapony peoples of canterlot.com. Forgive an old captains harping, I digress... so the seaponies told me to call upon them when I'm in distress, and I think I will heed their advice. I am greatly thankful for their efforts, and hope to meet more of the aquatic net ponies this place has to offer. The crew was happy to meet them as well, but they also are in desperate need of rp or at least interaction. Ensign Dinner Plate gathered an entire faction of other imaginary crew members together to motion we make an expedition to the Free for all role playing forum, but it is far too turbulent. While we need rp desperately, we run the risk of being torn to pieces in an instant by a red and black alicorn, or a vampire goku pony. Now, it is true, my experiences say that this place has an affinity for more reasonable character design, their is a lingering fear in my heart should our sails carry us into the clutches of those pirates cavorting under the red and black flag of the Donut Steel. My second in command: Horse Puns spoke out to me saying it is an honorable captains' job to see that his crew's needs are met, and that if I would not sail us into those thread he would. Such infuriating insubordination. Can't he feel it on the winds of the pinned rule posts? Most of these threads are under the lordship of seapony Caesars and Empresses, one simply can not barge in and fritz about any thread with a half mast character. To do so would be surmount to suicide. For the sake of my crew, I had him court marshalled. He will stay in the brig until we make thread fall. I would throw him to the seaponies, but they are so nice and friendly it doesn't work as a punishment. We were able to make progress today, despite the turbulence. We crafted a pony, made of temperment of earth. A favorite design, but still one that needed to be handled with captainly swagger and poise. We gave it all we could, pouring golden dreams into its cast to forge a powerful character. It took some effort, we braved many character sheets, but the approaching storm chilled the hairs on my back, so as per precaution, we took to refastening the backstory and made it tight with endearing character interaction and soaked in comedy. I have faith that the Shenanigans that will be built will be stronger than some of the other iterations that have graced the 7 net seas of mlp rp. We can only hope, in conducting the rituals as properly as we can that Internet Calypso will be with us, and that RP helpers will take favor in the flagship we have forged. Only time will tell. Another interesting note was made when we took in to examining the Crystal Festival Thread. It was a glittering open forum, still bright and luminescent with youth, but still we threads as far as the eye could see. It was a magnificent thing, it brought a tear to this ol' captain's eye. Two branded worlds of rp brought together in a place of covenant. Yet still both could roleplay in threads of either worlds craft, speaking of events in the same space, yet not interfering with each other. Never have I seen such a more beautiful reef of threads, certainly these netwaters are special in their ability to handle these things well. Perhaps if one drank them, they could cure disease, or work as a fountain of youth. Still the problem would be in parsing it from the internet. I have since suspended any crew action on this point until we develop a proper strategy. In one of the threads, there seemed to be a great war happening. Large ships, lined with long antlered cariboo vikings. They were tall, mean, and not to be trifled with. I saw one group of ten of them, with redundant horned helmets, tough snarling teeth, and half a vowel between the lot of them with their viking land names. I puttered about for a bit trying to divulge the secrets to pronouncing their names, but my efforts were dashed upon the rocks due to my blithering inabilities in regards to phonetics. For fear that I would mispronounce one of their names within earshot of their menacing ears, I turned the Spitball hard to starboard and headed back to the central hub of the forum. Still, the experience was exhilarating and it gives me hope for the roleplaying of the future. And in the end we even discovered this blog feature. This will be the retter that help document our travels. Until the next time, may we role play again.
  6. SiriusShenanigans


    some art I've made for my main oc shenanigans. He has had a lot of iterations and changes get made over time. Sometimes he is an earth pony, sometimes hes a goat. The Earth pony one has design, but I like drawing goats.
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