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  1. Weird how the first thing I look at is the Soul Eater poster. Huh.
  2. >From OPs website. >Top 10 favorite Personal gaming rank for PC FPS games 2011 Edition: >1.Singularity >2.Call of Duty: Black Ops >3.Counter Strike: Source >4.Crysis 2 (Video included) >5.Battle Field: Bad Company 2 >6.Call of Duty: World At War >7.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 >8.Garry's Mod >9.Left 4 Dead 2 >10.Borderlands Yea Ew
  3. Acynder


    So bascially a visual novel like Fate/Stay night or Katawa Shoujo? I'm ok with this.
  4. Official: Rainbow Dash Non-official: Fluer da lis
  5. I'm hoping for no holiday episodes and more original plots. That was one of the good things about Season 1 compared to Season 2.
  6. I just found the episode to be really boring. Which is weird since this episode had the most danger in the town. Which is another problem in the show. For one episode alone, All of a sudden EVERYONE IS IN TROUBLE!! DISASTERS THAT COULD WIPE OUT TOWNS JUST SUDDENLY APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Yet every other episode its just a normal town with no real problems. Consistency? Whats that?
  8. Not a big fan of the fan related music to be honest. But Superponybeat has some good remixes.
  9. Well now it became awesome. I should read it sometime. Even though I hate Blueblood.
  10. Acynder


    I need to fight this guy eventually. And yes this is a real ROM hack. And yes its awesome. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you start thinking about it(Fluttershy is Rarity and Sweetys mom WTF)
  11. Acynder


  12. Oh boy here it comes. The crys of the fanboys.
  13. Heh heh Lulamon. Sounds like a Digimon name or something.
  14. Rainbow Dash. I hate her constant arrogance.
  15. OoT. Devil Survivor Overclocked. Tales of the Abyss and KH3DDD which is coming at the end of the month.
  16. I think I would play this if Slenderman didn't so dumb in the actual game.
  17. Don't see Abe Lincoln. Its pretty terrible. Though now that I've already seen TDKR. Only movie I really care about is The Hobbit.
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