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  1. The last forum I was on... wasn't.
  2. Yo, message me if the fandom's still alive.

    1. SunsetSombra


      Yes, the fandom AND the site are very much still going.

  3. Is this fandom still alive?

    1. CatCakey


      Well hello there

    2. CatCakey


      People are on at different times

    3. Lyipheoryia


      Uhh...very much so.

  4. He reminds me of someone... A character I've used for quite a while.
  5. Holy ****, THIS!!!!! Also, the mugen fandom is one of the most disgusting fandoms I've ever been in. Entitled pricks will expect you to drop 300+ hours and make 1200+ pics and 1000+ lines of code for no payment at all. And if you do allthat for yourself, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU DO, you'll never be as famous or beloved as the "Cool kids club" of 10-20 people that share the work between them over the course of 6 months to make 1 decent character they'd never be able to make on their own. And because so many kids are making Devil Akumas and Symbiote Sonics, these pricks get massive "I can code better than you and we the crowd are always right" egos.
  6. All artists are worth paying, and we should make a list of all the privks that aren't worth being hired by.
  7. A long time ago, in a very bad roleplay, I designed a character that was just a merchant. A short, fat merchant with enchanting magic, voiced by Danny Devito. And through a combination of Requip and good gear, he utterly wrecked every opponent he faced, every last Dante-inspired swordsman and every last Vergil knockoff. It was hilarious to watch people so sure of their invincibility get wrecked, even if I did eventually get banned for "Not being a real roleplayer", as they put it. Wrecking a Wolverine knockoff with superman powers by abusing time-stop underwear and radioactive underwear on a stick probably did it. In any case, I enjoy playing smart characters with a lot of gear. But this Light Charmer OC... he's a lot like me, though with some flaws added so he's not too perfect.
  8. That episode was dull, uninteresting, cliche, hackneyed, and really terrible. Zephyr's an offensive stereotype of art students, complete with manbun, inability to hold down a job or do well at it, and CHOOSING TO DEVIATE AND MAKE HIS OWN MANESTYLES... BECAUSE FOLLOWING THE BOOKS TAKES EFFORT. As an artist, that ticked me off, but not as much as OOC RD and Pinkie and EVERYONE. That's a big problem with this terrible season so far: characters are forced to fit in holes, whether they'll fit or not. They're put into cliche stock plots with no original twists.
  9. Hey, what are the staff like on this forum?
  10. I have wifi now, and I'm back.
  11. Really? What if you implemented a text-only forum skin, for those with limited data?
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