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    Nanaimo, BC
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    FIRST AND FOREMOST: This here https://discord.gg/PMTKShS is a Discord art server centred around helping you improve and giving you incentive to draw! It's also just a really fun community ?

    A little about me: (that's a lie, it's actually a lot)

    Yo! Toothpaste here! Though I also go by ToothpasteThy, Toothie, Toothy, Tooths, Tooth-o, Tooth-face, Tooth, Toothless, tpt, tp, TT, Tootherini, [i]"Prototype Toothie: Don't rub the Toothpaste (or put it in ppls eyes, das mean(cough(IKX))"[/i], Thy, Orca, PinkE_PartE, Pinks, Aquafresh, Dahy, Rhenn, Fish, Sensei Fish, Spitz, Hipster Neighbor, countless other names and whatever you want to nickname me! Good salutations to you~ ^_^

    To begin with, I am a big nut about music! I love pony music and all other music-- there's always something I like in every genre~ ((though I often find it difficult to enjoy something like extratone o.0)) You can find me listening to a wide variety of music, ranging from Gordon Lightfoot, to Two Steps From Hell, a dash or seventy of Monstercat musicians, a bunch of Adam Young, a lovingly generous amount of Relient K, maybe some Thousand Foot Krutch, hip-hop like Beautiful Eulogy, and going all the way out to left field for some Igorrr~

    Now if you know me, you probably know that I like to make a bit of art every now and then. I prefer to make traditional art with pencil, paper and sometimes (although rarely) a bit of sharpie-- and I might even add some digital colors to it for fun! If you wanna check it out, I have some stuff in the gallery here in Canterlot, but I'd much prefer it if ya shimmied on over to my dA to drop a fav or maybe even a watch~ x3

    Lessee... What else... Movies! I LOVE How To Train Your Dragon to death!! I am also a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings, the first Narnia movie (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), Interstellar, all the glorious Kung-Fu Panda movies, Inside Out, Wreck-It Ralph... The list goes on, though not too far. I'm not much of a movie peep ^^;

    Related to movies; TV! Um... The Joy of Painting, My Little Pony, classic british Top Gear, The Last Airbender, Over the Garden Wall and Gravity Falls come to mind. Although my scope is wider than that, and I'm chill to chat about it~ ((I also have so much hype for The Grand Tour, as well as for all that FMA I've been watching! Glorious, glorious FMA~ <3))

    I guess I also watch a bit of YouTube, but mostly just Monstercat and NCS releases. However, if I'm at home all alone feeling bored, I like to have something playing just to have a voice to listen to. Specifically Bob Ross.

    I guess there's also such a thing as video games. I love my Zelda and NFS games. My favorite game of all time is Super Monkey Ball 2. I also have a billion other games I enjoy, so If you wanna know what I play, just hit me up! I'm always ready to chat <3 ((I'm also slowly trying to hone my Smash Melee skills, because I suck ;w;))

    Okay... social medias.
    Twitter: @ToothpasteThy
    Skype: thy.60 ((not often online))
    I can be found on the Canternet IRC under the name "Thy". If I'm online that is.
    Almost-never-used Tumblr: thyhaztoothpaste
    Facebook: Eww. Never [i]ever[/i].
    DeviantART: ToothpasteThy ((please give my work a look and maybe even fav it-- or drop a watch <3))
    Discord: Probably the best way to communicate with me. I'm in the Canterlot.com server! Go join it and message that silly tilde-heart peep! xD
    YouTube: *cough*

    I'll be updating this over time. /)^3^(\

    /me is minty fresh~ <3

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    Toothpaste Aquafresh
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    (my batponies)
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    (various ponies)
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    (my other OCs)

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    (That's a secret~)
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  1. it seems to me that i have somehow accidentally made it a tradition for myself to make at least one post 'round here per year. oops


    im gonna feel dumb if i forget to do this next year :pathfinder:

    1. Cubbage


      xD Good job!

    2. Dubstep


      See that's why you get all future years posts out ahead of time! Day by day, plus it won't hurt to get hypothetical years posts in too ;3c

  2. Greetings. I am here to locate living souls :pathfinder: 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ToothpasteThy


      oh shoot gosh darn diddly doo dang hek :!:

    3. Dubstep


      Joke's on you! I broke my soul into 1000 pieces and spread them across the land! Good luck finding them all uwu

    4. ToothpasteThy


      Haha, that's no problem 'cuz

      You know me, the fighting freak Toothpaste

      And we're at Canterlot.com

      You ready?

      I ain't gonna let it get to me, I'm just gonna creep
      Down in Canterlot.com I gots' to find your lost piece
      I know that it's here, I can sense it in my hooves
      The great Emerald's power allows me to feel

  3. *breathes*

    1. Dio
    2. ToothpasteThy


      I appreciate your interest in my continued respiratory functionality, but, uh... could you maybe not look at me like that o -o;;

  4. I wonder what would happen if I attempted to join an RP? 


    Only one way to find out :pathfinder:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dio


      FFA if you don't have World of Equestria approved characters. Alternatively, wrangle up a few people in Discord and make use of the open RP channel!

    3. tacobob


      You would die.

    4. ToothpasteThy


      My favorite odds~ <3

  5. Discord has taken up half my online interactions. halp


    That is all :pathfinder:

    1. ToothpasteThy


      It's also been over a month since my profile has been viewed. rip me :smirk:

  6. Say what? What is this? Where can this be confirmed? As an orcapone, I must know this! o3o
  7. Smash Bros. Pretty darn good stuff I wanted to have some sort of formal introduction to Super Smash Brothers as a game franchise and then get into the culture that has sprouted out around it with the competitive scene and all here, but lol, I realized I'm way too lazy to write seriously and y'all are like interwebz cousins anyway so I'mma skip the formalities and just leave this master thread here. So you like Super Smash Bros 64 / Melee / Project M / Smash 4? Then what are ya waiting for? Tell the world what you like about anything Smash-related! Tell us your memories! Your best characters! Your favorite content producers! Favorite players! Etc.! And swap friend codes with me. I'm always itchin to play some Sm4sh on my 3DS Oh yeah, you're allowed to like Brawl. That's okay too. 2021 Edit: heckin lol dude
  8. Oh hey, I'm not dead! :pathfinder: And it looks like I won October 23rd 2016, I guess? How did that even? o.0

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ToothpasteThy


      Does this mean I have to dust off my sense of humour and actually put effort into making myself seem normal enough to hang out with y'all?

    3. SymphonicFire


      Not at all, just be yourself. 

    4. Dio


      Psst. Go hang out in the discord server!

  9. Hallo, Ryussi! Comfortable yet? It's pretty chill here, so ya really don't need to be nervous~ ^.^ Here, have a belated welcome~ Welcome~ Ayyy, now that that's said and done, I wish you a wonderful time here in Canterlot and that you enjoy your stay to the absolute fullest!
  10. D A N K maymays, m9 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ And cool fandoms, yes. We're all chillin here because if the cool peeps~ And you could be one of them! All ya gotta do is enjoy your stay in Canterlot to the absolute fullest! ;P
  11. SpikeyWikey... Familiar name... not from the show, but the fandom. Heh, you've got my brain-cogs spinnin' in wonder of who you are! That's good. Let's me know my brain hasn't rusted yet =w= Anyways, you sure do look like a fun fellow, and a pleasure to meet! So I sure do hope you enjoy your stay here in Canterlot to the absolute fullest!
  12. Let's just keep rolling in with late replies. It fits well with the 'weird' theme we've got going on~ So yeah! Welcome to Canterlot, Cres! Please do enjoy your time spent here to the absolute fullest! ^^
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