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    I'm basically into anything MLP. Mainly I like to roleplay as a human/humanoid something-or-other. I'm just getting into playing as a pony. I love the action-type stuff, along with social and music roleplays.

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    Zed, Alex
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    Solar Flare
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    Dawn Whisper

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  1. I'm alive, in case anyone's wondering. :D

    1. Noedig


      How about now?

  2. One day, I'll get back into posting on here again. Until then, I'll just have to stick with status messages to let everyone know that I didn't forget about my favorite roleplay site~.


    1. SymphonicFire


      On a totally unrelated topic, is the white thing in your profile picture a fan?

    2. AlextheAngel


      Nope! Microphone!

  3. Got this pretty cool plot of an orphan mage in an alternate Equestria, if anyone's interested.

  4. Got a studio arm and a pop filter for my microphone coming in the mail soon! Woo!

  5. Just went through a pretty bad breakup. I'm probably going to be inactive even more than usual. I apologize in advance to those who I promised roleplays.


    1. Rosewind


      Awwwe I'm sorry hon, I hope you feel better! Remember everyone you're with that doesn't work out is a step toward the person who will be the one for you.

    2. Lyipheoryia


      No worries, the roleplays and ideas aren't going anywhere~


      I hope you feel better~  Not everything works out all the time, but remember that "life is like a roller coaster-if it goes down, it soars up higher".  

    3. AlextheAngel


      Thank you, guys. I do feel slightly better now that I'm back home.

  6. Hello and welcome! New to a forum in general, eh? Hmm... By order of the Angel, I command that everyone shower the newbie in hugs, candy and cupcakes! Make him feel welcome, so sayeth the Angel of Equestria! Hehe. Anyway, welcome to our friendly little community! If you have any questions, feel like chatting or roleplaying, then feel free to message me anytime! ~ Your friendly neighborhood Angel.
  7. Hello there! My name is Alex, I'm pretty much an angel who lives in Equestria through... events. I'm a singer/songwriter/musician and part-time roleplayer and writer. I don't know the motive behind the fish costume, but it's pretty amusing (and adorable. >~>) Art and animations, eh? I might just have to check some of your stuff out... and possibly make a request or two (if you'll have it ^-^). Welcome to our friendly little community! If you have any questions, feel like chatting or roleplaying, then feel free to message me anytime (Seriously, my inbox has been so empty that it's driving me crazy. @-@) ~ Your friendly neighborhood Angel.
  8. Goodness, my best friend/brother is about to have another child. @_@


  9. Hello and welcome to our happy little community! The only thing I can really suggest on making your picture less grainy is by using Neat Image: https://ni.neatvideo.com/ The demo should be all you need, and I've used it a few times to remove noise from pics without having to get the full version. There are tutorials on Youtube on how to use it. If you have any questions, fee like chatting or roleplaying, then feel free to message me anytime! ~ Your friendly neighborhood Angel.
  10. Boy, working 12-hour shifts is gonna take some getting used to...

    1. Rosewind


      Yeah I know the grind is real. I'm working 18 hour shifts a lot of days. That should give you some determination!

  11. <--- Is apparently edgy! At least, according to one person on FimFiction. >.>
  12. I miiiight be a bit interested. I have a human character I've been wanting to flesh out a little more for a fanfic. Here's his CS:
  13. Hello, there! Yes, you'll find that most of the users here do indeed take roleplay quite seriously. Unfortunately, I haven't exactly had any luck getting one as of late, but I hope to change that soon. Hopefully you'll decide to upload some artwork soon, I would love to check it out! If you have any questions, feel like talking or roleplaying, then feel free to shoot me a message anytime! ~ Your friendly neighborhood Angel.
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