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  1. Cool thanks for the clarification, Dreamy! So if we wanna play with someone, we can just PM them about it?
  2. Hi! I've been gone for quite a while, I'm afraid, and it seems that a great deal has changed in that time. Am I right in assuming that anyone can play any cast character as long as they make a profile and get it approved? It looked like multiple people were shown to play the same characters from the show.
  3. Alright, what'd I miss? Sorry being absent for so long, guys.
  4. Ooh, I love this game. >D Especially because I love doing this when I roleplay wish-granters. Granted. But it turns out that plushie previously belonged to a famous celebrity who'd put a tracking device in it and tracked it back to your house where they found you and had you murdered because no one was supposed to know about it. Whoops! Wrong wish! Let's try that again... XD Granted: You get a better computer than your original, but it's only marginally better and you can't use it for anything else but a single game - Pacman. Wish: I wish that every wish I deliberately wish comes true.
  5. I'm really sorry, guys, but I'm probably not going to be able to reply from July 1st to August 11th. School stuff.

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      D'aw! Well, real life comes first, especially school stuff. Take your time, see you when you get back!

    4. tacobob
  6. Fluttershy jumped at the sound of Discord's voice. For a moment she wasn't sure what to do; he hadn't seemed to have spotted her yet, but if she kept moving and he did, would he think she was trying to avoid him? In a moment, though, that no longer mattered as her uncertainty transformed into panic. Stiffening when the draconequus called her name, she slowly turned around with a timid, forced smile. "Wh-why, Discord," she said, fighting to keep her voice steady and audible. She thought carefully about the words she wanted to say before she said them, causing her to frequently pause in her speech. "I didn't know you knew any...griffons." Her meek gaze drifted inevitably toward the one she was familiar with. "Or...that you're...friends with...Gilda..." Her shy eyes immediately dropped to her hooves as she absently traced a circle in the sand. However, Her ears perked at a stranger's call and she automatically turned her head. "Um...were you talking to me?" she asked quietly, shocked when she recognized the figure coming toward her as yet another griffon. Where were they all coming from? She had never seen so many in Ponyville before. Had Discord brought them, perhaps? Swallowing hard, it was all she could do not to drop everything and dash out of there as fast as she could. Discord was here, though, and they were friends, right? She had to trust him. Friends didn't let friends get bullied, but they didn't run away when trying to introduce them to new friends, either.
  7. Um, alright, think I'll post, then...if anyone else has a problem with it, please let me know!
  8. Thanks, FireFoxx! We're going in posting order, right?
  9. A certain pegasus pony of pale yellow was shopping for vegetables and baking ingredients for food she could use to feed her animal friends. As she browsed the stalls and made a few purchases, she pulled along a small cart she had brought to carry the food in. Just before she rounded the next corner of food stalls, however, she caught a glimpse of large feline hindquarters and gasped, quickly ducking behind the nearest wagon of food. If the hindquarters had belonged to a normal lion or even a manticore, Fluttershy wouldn't have minded in the least. Peering out, though, confirmed that these were not of either species, but of a different creature entirely - a griffon. And not just any, either. This one Fluttershy remembered all too well from their last encounter. She was, by no means, eager to confront her again. As she watched, however, her anxiety faltered. Another griffon came down to speak to Gilda. The mare wondered what had attracted the both of them to Ponyville in the first place, but she wasn't about to ask. Now was her chance! If she could just sneak past them while Gilda was distracted by the newcomer, maybe she could escape their notice completely and make it home without any trouble at all. Taking a deep breath, Fluttershy gulped down her fear and attempted to tip-toe on quiet hooves past the pair of hybrids. Her small cart of goods rolled along behind her as she towed it in her wake. As she walked, her mind wandered to how Pinkie Pie had recently told her about Gilda had been into baking when she had gone to visit her in Griffonstone where she lived. The pegasus could only imagine how the griffon might harass her about her own baking ingredients if she caught her now. Quietly, she attempted to increase her speed a tiny bit.
  10. Do you mean the title of the application is bold, or the text?

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      SAILOR MOON TRANSFORMATION!! Saw it on Pinterest

    4. Tymiko


      Hehe, only problem is that one is temporary and Luna's is not. I also like how in the Lullaby for a Princess, they said Celestia went from having a pink mane and tail to multi-colored because she used the elements of harmony on her own, though I know that's not canon.

  12. The stallion laughed at Sunrise's comment. "That's right. But yeah, changelings don't usually make themselves known for fear of the consequences if they do. I myself don't particularly mind what others think of me, but there are the those who seek to feed off of and cause harm to ponies, like the changelings with the Hive, and then there are defectors of the Hive who fear Queen Chrysalis as well as ponies who don't realize they're not with her." Nopony Special shrugged. "I like to think of myself as 'chaotic neutral' - on no one's side but my own." He winked at Discord. "Nice try, Lord of Disorder, but maybe your magic pin-pointing was a little too 'chaotic," the changeling teased. "Or maybe it was interference from the accumulating magic of the princess, here. Either way, what would be the point of our disguises if anypony could pick us out at a glance? Don't feel too bad. You guys came close enough." He grinned at Discord's compliment. "And thanks, but really, that's foal's play. I usually prefer to find out a little more about the ponies I prank when I play with them and we didn't get very far in this case. Did we? Other than something about certain foal friends, of course..." That particular topic of conversation would have to be explored in-depth later, though, it seemed. While Discord may have been somewhat amused and Sunrise seemed content just to have her confusion cleared up, Twilight Sparkle was a different matter entirely. Nopony glanced at the alicorn's glowing state and watched with some fascination, a crooked smile on his face. He could maybe understand her getting upset, but did she have to be so dramatic about it? What was the problem if he hadn't meant any harm by it? Either she was taking it too seriously or she didn't believe his claim. He didn't move when she zapped the earth to his left, nor his right. His heterochromic gaze remained locked on hers and narrowed despite his smile having grown into his cheshire cat grin. "I don't get it," he said when she seemed to be done talking. "Why does it matter?" While he knew what was coming and could have dodged, for some reason the changeling chose to stand his ground. As a result, he was zapped with the third of the lightning bolts, pain jolting through every nerve in his body. His knees buckled and he collapsed to the floor.
  13. "If you were capable of it, why didn't you do it, then?" the pegasus wanted to know. "Was there a certain reason you chose this particular distraction? It's so..." She glanced about once more. "...destructive." Sighing, she added, "But I'm glad you seem to be making more friends, at least." Glancing over as Discord appeared to be entrusted with a message, she looked back at the draconequus and smiled as he changed his appearance to suit his task. He seemed to be taking this very seriously. "I see," she said, nodding at the flag. "Well, then, I won't get in your way. But don't forget to tell me all about it later, okay?" Fluttershy reminded him. "It sounds very exciting. And important."
  14. "Um...maybe you've helped enough for now...?" Fluttershy suggested, watching, with concern, the bird hit by Discord's tail. She would have to go and check to see if it was hurt later on before apologizing to it. "You were really convincing, but... I was really worried about you. Maybe next time you can do something else as a distraction instead?" She glanced around at the destruction he'd caused. "Terrorizing the land seems so cliche, especially for you. That Ursa Minor, the Bugbear, the Parasprites, the hoard of giant Cocatrice - even Spike have already done it. I thought you might have come up with something a bit more creative if all you wanted to do was distract somebody."
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