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  1. Cool thanks for the clarification, Dreamy! So if we wanna play with someone, we can just PM them about it?
  2. Hi! I've been gone for quite a while, I'm afraid, and it seems that a great deal has changed in that time. Am I right in assuming that anyone can play any cast character as long as they make a profile and get it approved? It looked like multiple people were shown to play the same characters from the show.
  3. Ooh, I love this game. >D Especially because I love doing this when I roleplay wish-granters. Granted. But it turns out that plushie previously belonged to a famous celebrity who'd put a tracking device in it and tracked it back to your house where they found you and had you murdered because no one was supposed to know about it. Whoops! Wrong wish! Let's try that again... XD Granted: You get a better computer than your original, but it's only marginally better and you can't use it for anything else but a single game - Pacman. Wish: I wish that every wish I deliberately wish comes true.
  4. I'm really sorry, guys, but I'm probably not going to be able to reply from July 1st to August 11th. School stuff.

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    2. tacobob
    3. Zeig


      D'aw! Well, real life comes first, especially school stuff. Take your time, see you when you get back!

    4. tacobob

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    2. Tymiko
    3. CanvasMayHogany


      SAILOR MOON TRANSFORMATION!! Saw it on Pinterest

    4. Tymiko


      Hehe, only problem is that one is temporary and Luna's is not. I also like how in the Lullaby for a Princess, they said Celestia went from having a pink mane and tail to multi-colored because she used the elements of harmony on her own, though I know that's not canon.

  6. Just got two more rps I need to tag!

    1. Zealot


      Indeed you do. I did wonder what was keeping you. Did the convention go well?

    2. Tymiko


      Sooo sorry about that. ^_^; But yes, yes it did, thank you very much!

    3. Zealot


      Ahh, it's no trouble. Glad it went well though.

  7. Tymiko

    Light Up My World

    Ohh, I didn't know he felt that way about unicorn magic! That's awesome! I know a couple of my ponies who would agree with him. XD Lovely art, too. I love the style and the background and dramatic lighting!
  8. Thanks, guys! And yeah, went excellent, Zeig. ^_^

  9. Back and trying to catch up on rps!

    1. Zeig


      Welcome back! Hope all your panels and stuff went well~

    2. InSaNiTyCaT


      Welcome Kitomyx!

  10. Sorry guys; things will be slow this week. I have a con to go to and do 4 panels for.

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    2. Zeig


      Oooh, fun. Good luck and hope you have a great time!

    3. AlphaNumeric


      Remember to feed yourself and to get a good night's sleep!

    4. Tymiko


      Hehe, thank you. I'll try! ^_^

  11. Very cute style! Aw, why did you have to remove some old ones? And may I ask about the half-spectral one? Her mane looks interesting.
  12. Will be replying soon! Thanks for your patience.

  13. Absolutely lovely. Reminds me of a certain MLP toy line. 'Twice-as-Fancy' or something like that.
  14. Thanks! I'm sure you can get better with enough practice!
  15. Thank you very much~! Looking forward to seeing you there if you decide to do so.
  16. This is what I understand. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Foals = Children Fillies = Girls Colts = Boys Mares = Women Stallions = Men
  17. From the album: Nopony Special's Sketchpad

    This is a header image for the roleplay/topic called Inspire Me: Sketches for Kisses. Nopony Special can be found on trains or at train stations looking for interesting people/ponies/character to sketch. Can your character inspire him to draw them? Do they even dare try?
  18. These are sketches from the sketchpad of Nopony Special. Many of these are from the thread, Inspire Me (http://www.canterlot.com/topic/20659-inspire-me-under-construction/)
  19. Tymiko

    Gypsy Gold

    Hmm? What do you mean?
  20. Tymiko


    Thank you very much!
  21. Tymiko


    Nope, he's half Zebra. He actually hates his stripes and would get rid of them if he could. XD
  22. Tymiko

    Gypsy Gold

    Thanks! Yes, I normally shade pictures, but since MLP: FiM's style doesn't have much shading to begin with, I didn't bother with it. ^_^; Plus people don't normally shade reference images so that it's easy to pick out the colors. At least from what I've seen.
  23. Tymiko

    Double Diamond

    Oh, well maybe you should catch up! It's pretty awesome.
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