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  1. How is it going everypony? I haven't been here in a long time. What's new?

  2. There is a song that's dedicated to Blackjack from Fallout:Equestria called 99 Problems. It's on SkyBolt's YouTube channel.

  3. also watch this Fallout Equestria video.

  4. watch this first Fallout: Equestria video.

  5. Does anypony know when the game Fallout Equestria will be annouced that it is finished being made & the release date?

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    2. RarityDash


      Actually, there is a fanmade Fallout Equestria game in the works by a group called OvermareStudios. It seems to be an active project, but there isn't a projected release date for it on their site other than "when it's done".

    3. QuickLime


      Yeah that's not going to last long, "Let's take two properties from companies that like to send CAD's and see what happens" XD

    4. CloudRunner


      Thank you Rarity & QuickLime for your input on this discussion. I can't wait for Fallout Equestria to finally be released so that I can play it on the computer.

  6. "I've got a jar of dirt and guess what's inside it!" Captain Jack Sparrow
  7. Wednsdays are WoodenToaster Wednsdays.

  8. Anypony know of any great artists on this site?

    1. SunsetSombra


      We have a few - it really depends on what kind of art you want, but you can always peek around http://www.canterlot.com/forum/249-request-area/ if you require artwork of any general natures. BrianBlackberry and Presteza are two names who spring to mind immediately, however! :D

    2. CloudRunner
  9. Dear journal, I haven't been doing anything fun lately, other than that time where I fought a radroach unarmed.
  10. Dear journal, Nothing really exciting has happened lately. I need more adventure!
  11. I found out whose main rp character is Pinkie Pie, our very own Rosewind!!!! yay!

    1. QuickLime


      ...Just now? She's been Pinkie for several years now lol

    2. CloudRunner


      Well, I didn't join until the eighth of May of this year.

  12. Is there someone on here whose main rp character is Pinkie Pie?

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