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  1. Luna blinked at the last few moments. First, the filly seemed to had accepted her fate in here, not doing anything or wondering why she was in this situation in the first place. "No, my child. Everypony deserves to dream, no matter what. It is from them that our hopes come from." She started saying as she looked at Caramel, letting her tea cup down and noticing her look of terror when she looked at the gates, before turning herself to see what it was.
  2. Arcana was still so surprised and in awe at all this that further questions never came up to his mind. This was perhaps a bit overwhelming for him at the moment, as many thing just came to his mind while he processed all this. He was a bit lost in thought until Celestia spoke again and said that question time was over. Well, at least they could go on and do what is next. And it seems what was next is actually starting to work! Finally! Well, at least a drill session for what he understood. Also, reading. Yay! Although since he was going to be documenting all, he kinda wondered what exactly he should read and stuff. Perhaps a bit of everything? He should though, as if he know exactly what is going on in every step, he would be able to know what to write down. "Yes, princess. I will proceed to as you said." Arcana said with a small bow before he walked into the ship and started to have a small tour around first, wanting to familiarize and make a mental map of the hallways and rooms. First, the bedrooms, then the area he would be. He wondered where. Before he departed, he took the manual that was his and started reading it as he walked, looking back to the hallways as he walked, looking first for a map of the ship in the manual.
  3. I swear I will make a post on the rps I am (which are only 2 active atm)... in 2 days. College has been killing me all this month.

  4. Luna lifted the cup of tea with her magic, and as a show of courtship, took a sip of it, tasting it first before drinking more. "Well, you can call me a spirit if you wish." She replied to the first part before Caramel tilted her head. "And no. I am not. I am from Canterlot." She said, not telling her who she really was at first, deciding it would be best for later if it was needed. For now, the task at hand was focusing on finding a way to help her... and figure out where exactly she was. This place seemed like some sort of dream purgatory, if she could explain it like that. This was not a dream as such, but still... it was hard to explain. "Do you come here all the time when you sleep, if I may ask?" She asked with a soft smile to Caramel, trying not to look intimidating on her.
  5. "Hello little one." Luna said softly, feeling a bit uneasy at the lack of echo, as well as other sounds. Only the voices of the two could be heard. "In some way... yes, I am a dream, but I am a real pony as well." She said softly, trying to help. "I came here to help you." She then added as she gave a step forward. "Although I would like to talk with you and have some tea and cake." She added after a moment, trying to get close to her so she could assess the situation better. This was strange indeed.
  6. Oh yeah. Today and tomorrow (sep 15 and 16), we mexicans celebrate independence day. yay! :3

  7. (sorry for delay. College has been killing me lately) Alright. So the first thing they would do is testing. Nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, he was grateful for this! He did not knew what this ship could do or was capable of, so running some diagnostics, as well as getting used to it, is essential if they want to get this mission up and running the fastest as possible. Although the ship was not what he exactly expected, he hoped he could easily get around it once he knew it well, and that would not take too much time as well. Back to the questions and Celestia's answers, it seemed that further missions would come over time and they will be different rather than having a single one. This made things a bit easier for both the trip and his writing. He could make reports of each mission, as well as make it easier for him to perhaps write them in different chapters for a book if he decided to take that rout as well. It was something to see later on once all this was settled. It was also good to hear the answers to the questions of the others though. The more info about this the better! He replied to Celestia with a simple nod. He had several things in his mind at the moment and perhaps talking was not the best idea if he wanted to keep them in his mind for now. He was not trying to be mean or anything, but at the moment, some of his thoughts were scrambled and it was better that he pulled himself together before addressing the princess and his new companions again.
  8. (So sorry for long delay) Luna seemed a bit confused when she first arrived to the mind of Caramel. It was too quiet. Why was that? It was truly fascinating visually, but the fact that there were no sounds made it... odd. After a moment of looking around, Luna decided to walk around a bit until she found Caramel in what seemed to be the courtyard. She was inside those walls and the main gate was closed. Although she could easily get past them with her dreamscape magic, she decided not to affect them or anything to protect her mind and decided to approach the old fashioned way. "Caramel?" Luna asked once she was at the gates, saying it out loud so the small filly, from her appearance at the moment, cold hear her and look at her. She wondered why this place was like this. Odd.
  9. (sorry for delay in post. Been busy with college) "Yes. I will begging the process of entering her dreams. I need you stay here if I need your assistance inside there. Although you say she doesn't dream..." Luna started saying to Storm as she walked about in the room, getting the final preparations ready. The room was ordered in such a fashion that a few beds were positioned to make a circle with the main bed, where Caramel was. "She does seem to have a place to go when she sleeps. All ponies have one, and I doubt she is an exception." She started explaining as she sat on the bed closest to Caramel's. "It is highly likely I will also have to take you into the dreamscape if I need it." She finally added as she turned to see Storm in a rather serios face. She didn't liked taking ponies there, but if she had to do it to solve this problem, she would do it. "Do you understand?" She finally asked as her horn started glowing and several white thin ropes started to come out of her horn and start enveloping Caramel's head. The guards that were helping where nowhere to be seen anymore, although a pair were stationed outside the room. The pegasus night guard would soon arrive as well, simply standing beside Caramel's bed to make sure no one disturbes either her or Luna.
  10. The cat simply meowed every now and then as caralot started to inspect her. It did seemed like she was attacked, as she hada few bite marks here and there, but the worst part was her leg, which seem to had been scratched in a way that made the cat hard to walk. Lightning was standing nearby, at a relatively good enough distance from Caralot so she could work on the cat, but also being close enough to see what she was doing. He was happy for the cat, but wondered what should he do to it? And how to repay the vet for helping him for this.
  11. My Oc is really cute in there. Well, all are actualy :3
  12. "Of course." The pegasus said to Storm before exiting the room. He didn't knew how hard this had to be for her, but he had to keep it cool and say nothing. He was no father or something, yet he loved somepony, and hoped he never had to see her in a situation like this. Back with the princess, she had stationed some guards outside her room in order to keep anypony from coming in and interrupting her, unless they were authorized. Those with permision to enter were really limited though. Only her, her guard and Storm were allowed to go in and out at will, the last one more limited though. Luna made no remark about the guard that took of his helm, though it seemed the two did also cared for her, perhaps this one even more that the other. Nevertheless she was not here to make assumption or something. She had a filly that nedded her help. "I will ask you to stay outside, and call for Storm to come at once. Preparations will be done quickly." She stated as several night guards rushed in and started moving the room, a some guards carring some extra beds and several items. A few of them were food. She did not know how long this would last, so in order to keep her guests comfortable and ready at any time, she had to make sure they were also kept fed. The room was ready after a few minutes, the bed Caramel was was located at the very center of the room, a slightly smaller bed just beside her. She would have to explain Storm the what was to be done first before doing it.
  13. Sorry. It was late and got all confused for a bit x3 And I was working in automatic, so I started acting odd
  14. Dreamy. Can you draw mymain OC? Just go to My OC log and there is a picture of him. (He is exctly as he looks in the image. Eyes are blue if you can't see it) He is the first one on the list http://www.canterlot.com/topic/22121-princys-crew/
  15. I am in! Just give a few minutes to fill it up!
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