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  1. Don't 'cha hate it when school gets in the way of everything? x.x

  2. I made it into my school's fall play!! :D

  3. My dream of going to a One Direction concert finally came true!! So happy, yay! :')

  4. School has started again... :(

  5. Tmw you keep forgetting to check the forums... TT.TT

  6. Here's to another day on the forums. Another day on League. Let's hope the batteries in my mouse don't die :P

    1. tacobob


      I could never understand the appeal of a cordless mouse. I used to have one and that sucker ate up batteries like crazy-go-nuts.

    2. PopstAhri


      This one lasted surprisingly longer than I expected, with one of the batteries being half dead XD or is it half alive...? *shrug*

  7. Tmw you lose against Beginner bots u.u

    1. PopstAhri


      I'm talking to myself again, aren't I?

    2. stormchaser1991
    3. PopstAhri
  8. Anyone play League? Love roleplaying Next time you're in PvP, let's all RP who we're playing as! Hahaha!! XD

  9. That moment when you forget to check your RP forums because you're too busy playing League of Legends... haha ^^'

  10. Exams are finally over! So excited for summer!

    1. Dio


      Praise the Sun!

    2. stormchaser1991


      Down with the Sun and Praise the Moon

    3. PopstAhri
  11. Drawing new OCs is fun! But when you can't think of a name or proper backstory for them, things start to go downhill... x.x

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