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  1. If you're in need for a DJ during the reception, Nightingale would be most willing to offer her services.
  2. If Twilight goes, Agile Speeds would be most willing to attend as a guard to ensure the Princess's protection.
  3. Does anyone here play Spiral Knights?  I could use some more friends there~

    1. RainbowDaringDash


      On PC? I used to, i never even started XD. I could download it again tho

    2. DreamySunday


      I play Shovel knight!

    3. ZephyrBurst


      I used to play it. Back in the day I believe I had all 5 star gear too.

  4. When will this insanity end? Neria gave her head a small shake: This isn't insanity anymore, this is real life. This is what's really happening. As she walked into the room, she noticed a Griffon. A French Griffon, judging by his accent when he greeted her. She dipped her head lower, and drew her hood tighter. She hated it when others called her by name, and having a complete stranger greet her was just...uncomfortable. She reached inside her cloak and extended her double-tipped staff, just in case anything happened.
  5. Does anybody who the roleplayer is for Thorax?
  6. The events of the Season 6 finale has just ended, and the group is finally back together. Thorax has just become the new leader of the Hive, Chrysalis has fled, Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle have just reunited, and the Mane 6 have just been rescued. What do they do now? What are their thoughts-their conversations right after such a major event? I realized that I haven't done a Starlight rp in a while, and I was hoping to start one about the events right after Chrysalis' defeat (before Starlight returns to her village for the celebration). Cast characters are encouraged, but if you have an OC pony or Changeling that would like to participate, that works too. Fill this out! Charcter: App: Character: Starlight Glimmer App: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/21888-starlight-glimmer-ready/
  7. Interested in a sort of "S6 finale" rp with Starlight (me), Trixie, Thorax, Discord, and perhaps Chrysalis.  Anyone else interested?

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    2. knight
    3. Blueblood


      Could provide Chrysalis for this...

    4. Lyipheoryia


      @knightProbably WoE with cast characters~

  8. Neria looked onwards from beneath her cloak, following the stallion. The sky seemed somehow...darker, the clouds thicker. It was as if they were announcing her imminent doom. Oh well, they announce my imminent doom every time I go on a mission.
  9. The bridge was quite empty, but there were a few ponies walking about. One in particular caught her eye-he was lounging about...meditating? She frowned, confused. She gripped her hood tighter, and noted that the ponies seemed to purposely veer away from her while she walked. That stallion, however, didn't blink an eye; or open one. She stepped up, "Ahem"
  10. Lyipheoryia


    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay
  11. Anyone here play League of Angels II?  I could definitely use a guild...

  12. ((Whoops! Must have missed that~)) Finally, she found the address. It looked familiar to her, she had probably glanced at it before her trip to the cafe. Neria sighed, before looking towards the Sun. There was still some part of the day to go, and she knew her next mercenary mission wouldn't be available until the ambassador arrived next week. She closed her eyes, Should I follow this random address given by a random pony? Probably. With that, she began suiting up: A tight, dark grey catsuit and a thick hooded cape. The cape was long and black, hiding her collapsible double-tipped staff. Sure-she looked a bit suspicious-but she had a feeling where she was going, it didn't matter. She waved her hooves in front of her, a thin shield protecting herself. When you're a mercenary, it's better to be safe than sorry: always keep yourself protected. She gave one last check towards the address, and headed out.
  13. Name: Ebony "Nightingale" Radiance (App in my sig) Race: Bat Pony Gender: Female Residency: Canterlot but frequently travels Thread Choice: Any
  14. Well that's one interesting avatar~ 

    1. Rosewind


      You can be a wuff like me! Oowwooooooooooo!

  15. Slow rp? That sounds like something I've been doing to my rp's...(sorry guys) I'd definitely be up for one~
  16. Neria sat there for a moment, deliberating what to do. She frowned at the files in-front of her, before swiftly sweeping them into her saddlebag. She gave a smile to the patrons on the cafe, and left through the door. This is all too odd, but also too odd to ignore. If something is truly wrong with the world, then perhaps I should step up and use my abilities for something more than money. She stared back into the cafe, a soft look on her face. The files layed out infront of her, and she closed her eyes. The warehouse was empty, save for the weapons logged onto the wall. Her warehouse. The files held interesting stories, something about Gods and some secret organization. It was all a bit much, but not too much. She looked outside the window, her hooves flipping through the documents once more, "Where are the directions?"
  17. She stared. She blinked. What in Celestia's name? The stallion seemed most serious, and the documents he displayed looked very legitimate. She sat back down, slowly; her hoof rummaged the files, her eyes quickly scanning the data to see if it were indeed true. How did they know about the Merlinda case? Nopony knows about the Merlinda case other than me...these folks must spend a lot of time out on the streets, following me. As quickly as the feeling of surprise came, the feeling of worry and suspicion followed. Her eyes narrowed, and she pushed the files back towards the pony, "Where did you get this info?"
  18. "No thanks." She waves his hoof away, keeping her head down and weapons hidden. This was all rather...suspicious-sounding. She narrowed her eyes, before abruptly gripping onto the table with her forelegs. Her eyes flashed, and a look on her face was the look of a quiet assassin: Bold and unyielding. "The future?" she said.
  19. Neria entered the small cafe, her muscles tense and her eyes on high alert. It wasn't unusual for her to get directions to odd places, but having a mysterious stranger toss those directions into her saddlebag was just odd. The cafe was duly packed, but there was one table that seemed out of place. While all the other tables hosted laughing parties and talking families, this table hosted a lone pony. This must be the one. She slid into the seat across the pony, thumping her hoof on the table to signal her arrival.
  20. Welcome! Please enjoy your stay, and don't hesitate to pm me if you ever wish to rp
  21. Better late than never~
  22. Neria had been wandering the streets when she felt a hoof in her saddlebag. Her ears had twitched, and her mind quickly observed the hoof's movement. Her saddlebag felt no lighter, and the tiny crunch of paper that sounded every step she took confirmed that something had been placed into it. Nevertheless, she had continued walking-as long as nothing had been taken from her bag, she was content. She trotted down the street and made a turn to the right, entering some sort of alleyway. It was sketchy and mysterious, a small road between towering buildings. She slowed down and reached into her bag, taking up the piece of paper. Well, I guess I know where I'll be heading~
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