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    On 8/7/2017 at 10:41 PM, DreamySunday said:

    " Bluemoon! I also like air and my head is on my shoulders, not in my house! " Reaching out and grabbing one of Gold Experience Requiem and shook it vigorously! " Pleasure to meet you! Hey, are you having trouble finding your room too? Or is it just me? Heh, I mean I've never been here before. So maybe it's just that eh?" Bluemoon continued to look around for her room or anything that might point her to it.

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  2. Calamity nodded towards Feng's words, letting a hint of a smile fall across his face.  Oh, it's been so many years since I've been as chipper as him.  He reminds me of the days when I was shadowing Court Officials...eager to charge at any opportunity and pretending to be strong and powerful.  Going headfirst into a world I thought was full of light and beauty.    He took another glance at Feng, before following him towards a clearing of maples.  The sound of water trickled nearby, and his armor reflected the red leaves to give a pale, pink tint.  Feng instantly began changing, going towards the brook and splashing water over his face.  


    Calamity took a spot away from Feng, and took off his armor.  His saddlebag was already relatively full, filled with supplies, an assortment of weapons, and tactical clothes.  He reached inside and pulled out a ragged cloak sown out of hemp cloth.  It's edges were faded and tan, with rips at the seams and trails of thread.  Like I came from the rougher parts of city.  He took a few sips of water from the brook, relishing the sweet taste of fresh water.  Then, he took a handful of dirt and mud, and began rubbing it all over himself and the golden armor.  He took out a second, collapsible saddlebag from his first one and dumped his dirty armor inside.  With two saddlebags stocked, he deliberated his method of travel.  Can I carry all this?  Perhaps it would be better to wear some of my gear, leave the clothes and inexpensive materials for the saddlebags lest any thieves find us.  He took out several toolbelts, and tool pouches, cleverly hiding a variety of small weapons.  He took out a compass, a few pouches of various chemicals, and a canteen.  He strung them onto a string and dangled it from his neck, donned his toolbelts and pouches across his body, and piled his two saddlebags onto his back.  Wow...I look like a one-pony moving company.  Combined with the dirt and matted look...I really do think I could pull this off.  


    He stepped from the grove, letting his left hindleg drag behind as he walked...and blinked.  Feng was nearly unrecognizable.  He looked like some sort of city punk, run out of the competition for the Watchers due to his rebellious nature.  His purple spikes shone in the sun, a bark contrast to Calamity's dirty appearance.  "Master Feng, I think it is best if we came up with a different name to call me,"  his natural accent disappeared, replaced by a slur and southern drawl.  "We wouldn't want anyone to catch any hints that the Royal High Censor of the Imperial Watch was in town."        

  3. ((Oh gosh this still exists! :P))


     The pony sounded...nice enough.  Starry gave an audible gasp of surprise as she found her hoof being shaken vigorously, and struggled to draw back her hoof.  "No, I should have no trouble finding my room at all.  There are only three grand suites in this hotel, afterall,"  

    She flicked her tail, and cast another infrared spell over the scene: young mare, covered in some sort of substance that seemed to be stuck to the mare's coat.  

    With a look of absolute Canterlite horror on her face, she asked, "Are you covered in mud?" 

  4. It seems I've returned again (again) (again) (again).  I can't seem to get enough of roleplaying, and I can't find a more friendly site than this :) 


    Well, I guess I'd better do my introductions again for all the new members:


    Hiya!  I'm Lyi - roleplayer, occasional artist, and editor.  I'm a big fan of the show, a big fan of roleplaying, and a big fan of this site.  My favourite ponies are still Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, and I admit I'm not quite caught up to the show's latest episodes yet.  


    Time to get back into some roleplaying!

  5. 6 hours ago, DreamySunday said:

    As Bluemoon searched and searched with her eyes she could find nothing. " Hmm, maybe if I got another look out spot! " Turning around and walking away without warning, Bluemoon walked and trip right over a hunched over pony. " Haha! I'm knocking into so many things today. " Getting up and off this poor pony,  Bluemoon extended her hoof toward her. " Heh, sorry about that. Here." 

    ((Hotel Mystere (2017) ))

    Startled with a thump, Starry gave a gasp.  Did somepony just...trip over me?  She gave a look of disbelief, before hearing the voice of a chipper, polite, mare offering an apology. She stood up, brushing the dust off her coat and straightening her mane, "Starry Requiem, Heir and Head of the House Requiem."  She sniffed the air, sticking her snout to the sky whilst smirking, "And who exactly are you?"

  6. Nightingale loves Las Pegasus!  (her app is in my sig)


    It would make sense for her to be there on a gig for her DJ talents~    Don't really have any ideas for a problem though...maybe a bit of emotional toil at realizing her mother was also performing?  And she doesn't know whether or not to approach her mother? 

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