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  1. time (to me anyway) is creepy, confusing and something i can never under stand

  2. Gender: Female Age: teen Species: pegasus Eye colour: light blue Character colour: yellow Mane/Tail/Other: yellow Physique: she has two light blue streeks on her cheeks Residence: she travels around with her friend and her sister, so she dose not have a home Occupation: she travels around with her friend and her sister Cutie Mark: one yellow lightning bolt and one light blue lightning bolt hiting a black diamond Unique Traits: she uses lightning magic History: i am working on it Character Personality: she trys to be fun/funny but sometimes fails, she is very kind and loyal, she is kind of a scaredy cat (and be careful when that happens, cause she may accidentally use her lightning magic and who knows where it will strike)
  3. wow, I just had a close encounter with a boy deer and a young boy deer

  4. Gender: Female Age: teen Species: unicorn Eye colour: purple Character colour: grey Mane/Tail/Other: mane and tail color is coral pink with two mint colored stripes Physique: normal Residence: in a house in canterlot Occupation: playing sports and secretly building technology stuff and going to celestias school for gifted unicorns Cutie Mark: is a wrench in front of a soccer ball but she casts a spell on it to make it look like a first place ribon in front of a trophie in front of a soccer ball History: when she was yonger she was bulied alot for being the smartest in the class, but when she was taking a brake from playing soccer she then got her cutie mark so when she noticed she had a soccer ball AND a wrench she then decided to change it so there was no wrench but she couldn't just remove it she just cast a spell to... cover it up so she wouldn't get bulied any more. but she still continued to be a good student but tryed not to be to open about it so therefor she some times had to lie about somethings. but in her time building her tech stuff she maneged to build a life like robot that she called HT210 also nown as halloween technology, hallow for short (nicknamed by there friend hydragon) but when she brought hallow to school with her, she new she would have to keep the fact that SHE built hallow a secret. Character Personality: she is very stubern, very athletic, and very smart. ...and that is all i've got for her for now

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      Lots of insects are attracted to that room, so they feest

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      please leave tiny magazines.

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  6. Name: portal change Gender: Female Age: teen Species: human but can be a unicorn that is part changling depending on the RP Eye colour: pink but when she transforms she has yellow eyes Character colour: light pink Mane/Tail/Other: blond but when she transforms she has pink hair Physique: her front right leg looks like a changlings leg Residence: canterlot high Occupation: secretly fighting crime Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: she mainly uses portal magic History: unown yet Character Personality: she is a bit of tsudere (if you dont know what personality type it is then try looking it up, and yes i know it sounds weird it is not fully complete yet...
  7. what eats your toys, hides under the bed , hides in the closets and comes out at night?

  8. the next day..... they started tward the crystal mountain. star: i still want to know what you two were on about and i'm also wandering what else you are hiding fang? fang: .... star oh, come on... tell me. autumn: why do you want to know so bad? star: wha-um... no reason... autumn: yeah, sure. fang: ???.... well, um...anyway.... the other thing i need to tell you, or rather warn you, is that my dragon family is... umm... well... way over pertective, so i think it might be best if you all start to head back as soon as we find my home..... star: ..... umm... no...... fang: huh? star: um... nothing.... fang: you... sure? star: yeah. autumn: so... can you tell us a bit about your home? silver: hang on, before you answer that, i have something to tell you or rather let you all know is that as you know i'm a bounty hunter, so there for some of the ponys i have brought in, in the past will probably be after me or you all if you, or rather i, stick around. autumn: so, it'll just add to the excitment! fang: yeah! star: yup! so they continued on tword crystal mountain.... autumn: how long is it going to take to get there!? silver: about 5 or more days. autumn: WHAT! fang: yep! star: well if you want you can go back to ponyville. autumn: and miss out on the fun no way! star: well okay then. fang: huh? star: what? fang: look, over there! silver: it's a cave, so what? fang: yeah but theres something about it... autumn: like what? fang: like.... star: like we should or need to go in there? fang: yeah, how did you know? star: cause i'm geting the same feeling. autumn: really, cause the only feeling i'm geting is the creeps. silver: well, it's three agenced one so we're going in. autumn: what? star: yup! so lets go. so they headed into the cave only to find eight gems and a little fairy sleeping on a rock. autumn: aww, how cute! star: shh. fang: and strange.star: yeah it is kinda strange, i mean what's with the gems set in a row? she says while going in to grab one. star: outch! fairy: WHAT!? who toched the gems!? huh? what, who are you? wait if you found this cave then.....YAH! autumn, fang, star, and silver: ???? huh???? fairy: well your the new holders of the elemental gems! ...... wait..... 1.....2......3....and 4 wait there is only 4 of you where is the other 4? autumn, fang, star, and silver: ???? well i guess ether you all are shocked or havent met the rest of the 8 or bolth. autumn: bolth.... star: well any who.... i'm cursed star and this here is fang shard... fang: hi star: and this here is autumn wish. autumn: hi! hi! and this pony here is silver phoenix!!! silver: hi fairy: hi!..........well then i guess i'll give you your elements now.... okay lets see...... fang, i think the ice element belongs to you........autumn, for you, you get the element of earth...... silver, you get the element of fire......... and you star, you get the element of wether or rather storms. fang: okay. autumn: awsome! silver: cool. star: okay. fairy: also star, you said your name is cursed star are you sure that is your full name? star: yeah... well i'm pretty sure. why? do you know some thing i dont? fairy: well yes but it is best for you figure it out your self. autumn: so how do we use these gems? fairy: you'll figure it out eventully. and as she said that fang had shot three ice shards at the wall. autumn: hey how did you learn to use your gem so quickly? fang: i just thought of some ice shards and there they are. autumn: that sounds easyer than it is... well i geuss i can tell you some things on how to use you elements, such as for ice, the element of air and water and light are controled by useing your thoughts.... at first any way, and for fire, wether, earth and dark are controled by emotions or feelings. so there you go. silver: well that will make it easy to not use it, for me any way. star: oh really.... says the one who got pissed off when some other bounty hunters were bugging her about her being a bounty hunter. silver: oh, quiet. autumn: well she is telling the truth. silver: ...... and that ends day four of the elemental gems. to be continued........
  9. anypony want to do a 2 or more pony RP in messanger? also warning I do not have any ideas.

  10. Name: water lily Gender: Female Age: mare Species: unicorn Eye colour: the left eye is green and the right eye is pine green Character colour: light purple-pink Mane/Tail/Other: mane and tail are red Physique: nope nothing difrent at all Residence: on a pirate ship Occupation: shes a pirate Unique Traits: she uses a sword and sword fins (i think thats what it is called) History: it will be told in the story im working on... at some point Character Personality: she is fun, random at times,and to some would say anoing (maybe, depending on the pony or creature)
  11. Name: hydragon Gender: mare Age: teen Species: earth pony Mane/Tail/Other: she has a spaid mark on her left cheak Residence: in a tree at the edge of ponyville Occupation: she goes on guild missions Cutie Mark means: she can tell how much light and darkness in ones heart Unique Traits: take a look at the pic bellow to see the weapon she uses History: she grew up pretty mutch on her own. she never really had any friends and her famly.... we're never really around. but on one day she was in town and she saw what looked to be a stuffed animal... a stuffed cat, so from that day on she keeped that cat with her at all times, also she says that the stuffed cat can talk and walk but..... no one believes her. oh... she says that its name is fall Character Personality: she is childish, sorta mysterious and shes kinda a tomboy. what she look like:
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