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  2. The ice he would lay down did what they were intended to do, make the angry colt slip, and fall. But, this would in turn make him even angrier! Once Fizzle went around the corner, he would find a dead end, nowhere else to go, and nothing else to do but fight his way out of this mess he'd gotten into. Maybe if he would have just walked away, instead of trying to help that kid, Fizzle wouldn't be here. Foot steps came running toward the corner, and sure enough, Blackbird Vicici, came running over to find poor Fizzle trapped. He stopped just ten feet away from him, grinning slyly, and cracking his knuckles. "Well well well... Looks like the great magical wizard has gotten himself in a bad spot!" He chuckled. "Well... Lets make this qui-" He stopped as he heard somepony, an adult, call out to him. It sounded like an earth pony (They sound like nords). "Hey! Whats going on down there!?" He asked. "Wait... I know you... You're the Vicici's boy... You better get out of my yard, before I call the guards!" The bully, now shaking in his boots, nodded and sprinted away, most likely to gather his palls and scram. But, more foot steps came from around the corner, along with the same adult voice. "You did good, helping that colt." He would say... But... the pony who came around didnt look like an adult. He wore yellow priest robes, with a hood covering his head. It was that same colt from before! He was badly beaten, but sill, he smiled and spoke... With that adult voice. "Like the trick?" He cleared his voice and spoke, now with a normal voice for a 10 year old. "I can mimic any voice I want... Thats how I got my name..."
  3. (Oh, its all fine! At least you got back with me!) These colts were the trouble makers here in the caves. They did anything they wanted, mostly because the adults didnt want to deal with them, having more important things to do. They acted like they owned this particular area, even going as far as to calling their little group "The Equestrian Terrors". Yeah, real tough sounding. But, all and all, they were all just noise... it was only when Masquerade came along, that they would get violent. See, Masquerade took zero crap from these guys, often calling them milk drinkers, and that they had no right even living! Needless to say, Masquerade would always come home with a fat busted lip, and black eye. As soon as Fizzle's spell reached Blackbird's feet, the older colt slipped, mid swing, causing him to hit one of his friends off of the poor "priest"-in-training (can you even call him a priest, with how he acts?). As soon as his arm, more importantly, his fist, was freed, he swung a punch straight into the other colt's face with such force, knocking him out, there. Blackbird was furious, looking around and spotting Fizzle, standing there. He pounded his fist into the ground and threw himself up, starting to run toward him, as Masquerade went on to attack the other one of Bird's friends. "Shoulda stayed outa this, magic twerp!" he called, preparing to fight.


    1. SteelEagle


      Hey, could you remind me what WoE characters you have?

    2. BassClef


      None, actually. Im just... Here... Anymore...

  5. *Screeching* NEED TENDIES!!!! CHIKEN TENDIEEEEESSS REEEEEEEEEEEEE (Im so not sorry for being hyper)
  6. Wish I could bake... Im just good at is being loud!
  7. Anyone wanna do a roleplay? Im like, really freakin bored.

  8. Im sorry, do you mind? Im trying to win... Nah, I dont care, I just wanna win. Did I mention I wanna win? Cuz I dont, really wanna win. I just wanna participate.
  9. Back in the site for the win, cuz it seems any thread I comment on just dies! I got this in the bag.
  10. Its been so long since I have had a good idea for an rp, but looking back on some of my old stuff, I think Ill bring back an rp I have been itching to do an RP in the world of The Elder Scrolls, where a new race of mortals, known as Equestrians, are just discovered. They are a quiet people, not wanting to leave their home in the side of The Throat of The World, fearing anyone who would enter. This is the tale of two friends, who consider each other brothers, having to find a new home, after a series of strange events that cause the Equestrians to leave. Heres a little bit (the starter, actually) of the RP, just to give you an idea. The cave of Equestia. A vast and deep cavern in the side of the great mountain known as The Throat of The World. The secluded sanctum was like it's own little world. What with the river running through tufts of vegetation that is suited to such a life spreading across for its inhabitants to enjoy. Said inhabitants often living in small clusters of villages. A peaceful sort of place untouched by the world above. There was already talk among the villagers. Murder in their fair town? Preposterous! Blasphemous, even! Though it happened 2 years ago, it was still the main topic of discussion in the whole cave. The parents of a Masquerade Quasoia, were found with slashed throats in the morning of mundas. The poor boy was devastated. Masquerade became an odd boy after that. Having moved on after two years, moving in with his grandfather at the hall of the dead. He was quicker to be angered than he usually was. Threatening to kill bullies and such, whom always would over power the short boy easily, making him even angrier. It happened every morning. This morning was no different... Masquerade was being held down by two colts as one named Blackbird Vicici punched away at the poor Masquerade's face and stomach. Whom cursed their family names. I wanna do this with someone who can type at least two good paragraphs of text, with good English skills. Goodbye, and I hope you will do this with me!
  11. Keeping personal stuffs out now. Im doing a whole new me. Restart, kaput. Now I am a sack of nonsense!

  12. Ahhhh, screw it. Im back. Aint got anything else to do... Might as well try and get back into the swing of things...

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