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  1. A week had passed, and they had dined a few times during the week together, but mostly Sombra had left the meals outside her quarters. During that time, he had been slaving away on some sort of strange crystal growths on the island, that no one would know the purpose of but him. The snow, and the cold was not something Sombra particularly enjoyed, and he planned on ditching said snow and cold at the earliest possible opportunity. Thus, the idea was hit upon by him to relocate his entire island. Rather than ruin her hard work, he was going to make sure to relocate it slowly. Sombra sighed as he continued the preparations to relocate his island.
  2. "Honestly, the only reason I'm saving the relics, is so my uncle's work of collecting, archiving, and crafting new relics was not entirely a lost cause," sighed Shadow, as he watched Sombra sit down on his favorite Ottoman. Choosing the one seater nearby, Shadow Scribe sat down on it. "We will need to evacuate all of the relics from there, any way because some of them could turn an explosion more dangerous," groaned Shadow as he thought about what a few of the relics could do if misused. "However, before we try any of those plans, Sombra we're going to try something that I haven't been able to do, yet. I tried to convince Princess Twilight to convince him to move to her castle, help her look after her relics, which is in a safe space far from the Frozen North, and has no Frost Wolves around that could attack him. I'm going to need to figure out how to make the pitch again, but...." He blushed as he talked about Twilight, once more. "Make the offer irresistable, to her."
  3. Sombra looked at her, and nodded. Once more, he led her back to her workshop i. "So Kindnesss how Discord was won over, and not with the Elements....." Sombra's mind began to tick. How could he show Discord enough kindness, to make Discord stay at least.... however far away it took for his powers not to work on the island? Sombra really didn't feel like dealing with a mess caused by the Chaos Entity on the island he was still working on building his house on. Of course, the reason he had built it was that he had absolutely 0 desire to be blasted by the Elements of Harmony, Rainbow Power, or any other trump cards the Bearers had up their sleeve, including but not limited to military forces. As things stood, he was nowhere near the level of power he was going to need. Even if he had the power level he needed, he was not sure he could survive another blast from the Crystal Heart. Really, his only choice was to play nice and do as the Elements wish. For now, while it sickened him, he had to play the role of "reformed villain" in order to prevent his untimely death.
  4. "Yes, a bath sounds lovely now that I finally no longer hurt nearly as much as I did." admitted Sombra, another wave of gratitude washing over them, due to that. "Tell me, Chrysalis, how much would it cost bit wise to hire about a dozen of your changelings?" asked Sombra. Having the Changelings help him with moving the castle would make things easier, and more importantly, would not strain the muscles he had just now gotten to feeling like they were not being stabbed, or burnt from the inside, while being stabbed all over. "They would be very useful in assisting with the relocation of my island," admitted Sombra. "As to not dropping by unannounced, I'll use a disguise. You know Chrysalis, this could be the start of a beautiful team up. If I had thought of this during my initial reign, teaming up with you, and your changelings, you could have had all the love you could ever want, and I could have had a force of transforming soldiers who could rival the power of an Alicorn. Teaming up now helps the both of us, admittedly."
  5. "Discord was the one I was referring to," muttered Sombra. "As to asking him, I'll need your help to convince him," sighed Sombra. "Since you are on friendly terms with him, you would probably have an easier time of convincing him to allow me to relocate my island closer to yours, than I would. Plus, there is the matter of me not wanting him to mess up everything I have worked tirelessly on the island to build, some of it by hoof." admitted Sombra as the spot had that had been hurting him had been finally worked out. Sombra, sighed once more, as one of the drones managed to get out a very agonizing pain in his back. A wave of gratitude, intense washed over the Changelings, and the Queen. That bothering Sombra for some time now. "You see, my plan I mentioned was to make sure no one outshone us as villains. By sabotaging the competition, as it were. Making their plans fail, under the guise of "teaching" them how to be better villains. We make it ridiculously easy for the "good guys" to win, and then when they do, we claim the individuals were insane, move onto the next student(s) and so on. Essentially by the time we're done, we'll have taken out all the competition in Equestria, and made ourselves fortunes while we do so. What do you think of the plan?" asked Sombra.
  6. Stretching himself out on the table, Sombra sighed as they began the work on his admittedly sore muscles. Of course with the amount of effort he had been pouring into doing the renovations of his castle too far in the Frozen North for comfort's sake, soreness was to be expected. "One of the things on our agenda though, will be rather difficult to pull off. In order to make sure a certain entity decides he does not want to interfere with our plans. Given the one thing he is afraid of is something I cannot acquire, and I doubt you would be able to," sighed Sombra, as one of them massaged a particularly painful knot he had for weeks, because of trying to build the roof of his castle himself.. Sombra let out a pleased sigh when the tension was gone because of how much better it felt. "Also, Chrysalis. I may be moving my entire island near yours," admitted Sombra. as he looked at her. "As to why, warmer climates, just to name a few things." Sombra sighed for a moment. "Plus, being somewhere without storms is always a good thing. So what do we....?" Sombra trailed off as one of the Lings hit another spot of tension, a wave of gratitude coming off of him. That aching spot had finally stopped hurting, for now, until he had to do more work on the roof of his castle. Which he was not looking forward to, to say the least.
  7. "You could almost pass as normal," said Shadow. "It will do. About a year for you, for your second defeat. Your first, about a thousand years." sighed Shadow Scribe as he thought about it. "Rune has trained me quite a lot, but in more offensive techniques, for myself. You look normal, meaning you could pass off as a foreigner, or a native without any problems. We'll just need to work on an alias for you, until you're more accepted, Sombra." admitted Shadow Scribe. "Now, all we need to do is bring you up to speed on the Modern Equestrian Language, teach you how to walk without appearing to be royal, brief you about the mannerisms of the locals, including their annoying tendency to panic..." admitted Shadow. "You've got a lot you need to learn about the modern world. So tell me, Sombra. How would you deal with my uncle's home, given it stores all sorts of relics that we may need to preserve, somehow when you blow up the home itself to compel him to move - well anywhere else."
  8. "To be fair, the castle's a work in progress. I haven't had the time, or the resources to properly finish construction of it, yet." admitted Sombra. as he looked at Rarity. She had a lot of ideas about the castle which was honestly a good thing because he needed to get this project done. When he had it done he could move onto Phase II, or Phase III. Phase II involved moving his island entirely somewhere far warmer. "And no, I'm not an uncouth barbarian. I just thought it best this time around to focus on getting the guest quarters fixed, first, given that you were set to arrive. " Sombra then looked at the place for a moment, with an analytical eye. "And yes, the storms are quite annoying because of the level of damage they dish out to the island, and my property. I've yet to complete several of my projects, but I've been working on a solution to the storms." Of course his solution had been an attempt to replicate a certain relic, but powered by a different source of energy. His solution was going to require a lot more time than he had initially thought to complete, because of his lack of resources on the island. What he really needed to do was make the island inhabited, for one. Gathering the misfits of Equestria might actually be a good idea. The ones who did not fit in there would be perfect subjects for him, and he could gather the "scum" from around the world, turning them into his kingdom. Of course, if he was to do it, he'd have to move the island to far warmer climates, before he'd even consider doing so. "I do not understand how you, and your friends managed to reform Discord." Sombra said as he thought about it. However they managed to do so, proved they were nearly as cunning as he was. Were he willing to study their methods, he might gain insights that could help him with his future plans.
  9. "Very well," said Sombra, beginning to give her the tour that she desired. For now he had to refrain from telling his plans to her. His current plans amounted to finding a way to convince Discord that messing with him was not fun, and would be something scary, so he did not have to deal with that. While the Equestrians were not likely to perform pre-emptive strikes on him he did not know if the Chaos Entity was. This worried him to be honest. Sombra started giving her a tour, like she requested. The first part of the island he showed her were the rooms she had not been to in the castle, including his bedroom. While her bedroom had been in good shape - his was in a disaster area to say the least about it. After she had seen that, he showed her the vault full of Gold, Silver, and Gemstones. The Gold and Silver had been mined on the island by him personally. Once he had given her the tour of the castle, he then started giving her the tour of the island. "As to fabrics, I've managed to grow some silk, and some cotton for myself, took me a while to figure out how to do it," said Sombra. "That's about all I have, to be honest fabric and fibers wise. Anything else we could order I suppose, that you need. As to the weather, well, it storms a lot. Sometimes the storms are so bad I have to throw up af barrier around the entire castle just to keep it standing." Sombra sighed as he looked at the island. "Too bad food doesn't grow here all that well."
  10. "Now you get my evil scheme that I've thought of, Chrysalis," said Sombra, as he looked at her. As she tried to scan his memories for a pony he found desirable, it was the form of Radiant Hope, a pony he missed and had a lot of confusing emotions wrapped around. As he looked at the open spa, he walked inside with her. :"You know, if I possessed the power I did when I faced Celestia and Luna in the past, I wouldn't have lost at the time when the Crystal Heart was used against me. However, I was weakened by my time in the Ice. I managed to fight both Alicorns to a stand still until they managed to seal me away." Chrysalis could sense that he was attracted to Radiant Hope still, but had worked to suppress that. She could also see Sombra was on hyper alert for any signs of betrayal, and had numerous barriers, and shields on his body. "We will need to resolve the problem you have addressed first. Though, I admit, making myself seemed reformed is not my strong suit. Now, how could we arrange the massage, and then the bath which I am in desperate need of?"
  11. When Shadow Scribe had received a letter from his uncle instructing him to go to the Apple Family Residence, Sweet Apple Acres he hadn't been sure what to anticipate. However the last thing he expected to see was a kissing booth that Applejack, and her family were using to get more bits for themselves, and sell more apples. Upon reading the letter again, he almost face hoofed because of how humiliating this would be. The kiss he wanted was not from anypony here, but from someone else. Twilight Sparkle, to be exact. Still the chances of that happening were slim to none. He was waiting in line.
  12. "The robe was something my uncle held onto as a family heirloom. His ancestors lived in the Crystal Empire, as did mine. He told me they purchased it, and repaired it. It's been a family heirloom ever since." said Shadow Scribe as he looked at Sombra for a moment. "As to Twilight, we shall save her for last. You'll also need to convince Princess Cadenza as well, given she foalsat Twilight when she was younger..." said Shadow. Shadow wished that he had known Twilight when she was a filly, and from then on. Sadly, one could not rewrite time. Thus, Shadow had to make do with the friendship now, and work his way up to something more. "And after that, you can convince Twilight. And we need to meet a Tailor, yes. But you'll need to make yourself appear more....normal for the time being. It's the only way you'll be able to walk about town without drawing attention as we go to the shop."
  13. Sombra nodded, and walked with her towards the path. Once they were completely alone, and near the spa, Sombra lit his horn for a moment and lowered a barrier around him. The barrier was one he had made to make his emotions virtually undetectable. If she were to check him, she could see that he really desired the spa - and a good massage as well. Of course there were many other things he desired, like a kingdom in FAR warmer climates than the Frozen North. "You know the funny thing, Chrysalis? I've gone over all of the previous battles. Yours, Mine, Discord's, Tirek's, and we've all had the same mistake made." Sombra sighed. "We didn't have enough of a support system in case our plans went down hill fast. This is something that will need to change in the future. So here's my idea, Chrysalis. You, and me, we scout out the new blood, the new wanna be overlords, or queens that try to take over and we provide them something they haven't had before. Training. And of course, charge them huge amounts of bits for said training, as well as love in your case." It was an idea Sombra had thought of. If the former villains got together, and trained a new generation they could perhaps let the new generation play at conquest. Sombra for one did not plan on resuming his attempts to conquer the Crystal Empire any time soon. The mere thought of the place filled him with disgust. Being vaporized like that had not been fun for him, and had been one of the reasons he had let the Crystal Empire be. "The idea is rather simple. They pay out large amounts of bits to us. In return, we provide them the training, and if need be support for their plans, so they don't end up completely obliterated, or reduced in number like either of us. However, we make sure that our names are not tied to it. We of course would need to make ourselves appear to be fully upstanding citizens now, of the world. This is one of the reasons I came to you, Chrysalis. You appear "reformed" to the masses, and so would be able to convince them that I am "reformed" as well. " "Because facing facts, I know what's gonna happen if we continue operating as we have in the past. We're probably gonna end up on the receiving end of Discord's Wrath, the Elements of Harmony, the Rainbow Cannon, and the Alicorns, before being locked into a dungeon now. Thus, we need to change tactics." "However, what the new "evildoers" as the Equestrians will not know is that we will sabotage their plans, make sure they fail, and get out of the business before they get vaporized, or humiliated like we were in the past."
  14. The clothes Shadow Scribe had laid out for him was a robe in the style of the Crystal Empire's royalty, a robe that Sombra may want to wear actually. It was made out of high quality silk and was perfectly fitted to Sombra. They were perfectly styled to the tastes of Sombra. When Sombra spoke out, Shadow approached. "Alright. First thing is first, get dressed. " Shadow Scribe said as he looked at Sombra expectantly. "Now we need to figure out how we are going to convince the Princesses, all of them that you have given up evil, before we can truly begin anything. Perhaps a letter written to them, and teleported to Celestia, and Luna at their castle in Canterlot?" asked Shadow Scribe.
  15. Sombra was here because he would need the help of Chrysalis. Given that his plan to get his hooves on the Elements of Harmony to use as glorified batteries was not going to succeed because Rarity was likely to have blown the whistle on it, Sombra knew he was going to need something easier to acquire. A horde of starved changelings would have been ideal, but they seemed to be prosperous on this island. Still, there had to be some way he could turn this to his advantage. If he could perhaps convince her that she wanted to, of her own accord work for him, his plans would be closer to succeeding than they had been in the past. Doing it without any form of deceit, or deception was not going to be easy though. Still, it was just one of the reasons he had come to the island. Kings deserved to be pampered, and he was going to enjoy the bits that he had invested. "Hello Chrysalis," said Sombra, as he approached her. Sombra could use a good bath, and a massage. He could also use a kingdom in a far warmer climate, as he had no intention of returning to the Crystal Empire just yet.
  16. "As soon as we are sure you are properly prepared," said Shadow, making some mental calculations. "Maybe a month, or more, preferably less. I know I'm not royalty," sighed Shadow as he looked at Sombra. Once Sombra settled in the bath tub, Shadow said. "If you need anything, I will be waiting outside. Also, do try and not wreck the place. The markings you looked at were ones that prevent others from finding out what brand of power I use, so it will avoid panicking civilians." Shadow did not want to deal with panicked citizens of Ponyville if he could avoid having such a problem.
  17. Shadow nodded, and watched as Sombra walked in. Sombra could see the interior of the house was well crafted, and he could also see glyphs had been etched onto the floor. Glyphs that had a purpose, a purpose that would block any and all detection of the power a Unicorn used, unless they were right outside or immensely powerful. Eventually he led him to the area of the house where the tub was. "You can help yourself to a bath, and anything else you need, I've laid the clothes outside the bathroom door. Oh, and one other thing, Sombra. " Shadow said as he heated up the bath to the perfect temperature. "We do need to do something about your public image, make you appear to be less frightening, before I introduce you to Twilight. New clothes would help, possibly if we straightened your horn," rambled Shadow. Shadow knew reforming the dark king was not going to be an easy task. Yet, it was worth doing.
  18. King Sombra was not amused about the current predicament that he found himself in. With Rarity knowing who he was, and all that she did, he'd have to relocate. However, he was putting any plans and schemes on hold. It was time he pulled a page from the book of the Elements of Harmony, and gathered a team. For that very reason, Sombra planned on gathering an organization of his own because what was a King without an army to back him up, after all? His current idea had brought him to the island of the Changelings, the island that had spa-resort thing on it. While he had never been to one of those places, Sombra planned to use it for some R and R and R. Rest, Relaxation, and REVENGE. At present he was incapable of getting revenge, but he could make the plans he needed in order to make his scheme a reality. This was one of the reasons he had come to the resort island. Another was because he was long overdue for some pampering, to make himself feel royal in his opinion. And after the week he'd had, he needed it, he knew that much.
  19. Sombra listened to her words, thinking about it. For the sake of having the new clothes, and the new outfits he wouldn't deceive her anymore. It was a small price to pay to get this place operational so he could move onto his next plan, and then the next plan, and then the plan after that. "Very well. We have an accord." Sombra then thought about what he was going to do after this. Sure, he had been found out, and would probably have to move off of the island, but at least he would have decorative ideas that actually were pleasing. "I shall also trust your word that I am safe here for now." Even though he was going to trust her statement, Sombra knew he was going to need to replenish himself, and preferably sooner. There had to be some sort of artifact they did not know of that he could obtain in the near future. Alternately he could simply go to the tree of harmony, and try to pry the Elements from it. Those should make a good "Discord Stay Out" sign as Sombra had no patience for that. His construction on this place was nowhere near done, and then he had to find somepony to buy it, so he could afford Phase II of his plans, and phase III. "I had two uses for the Elements, though I will have to revise my plans to find another way. The first use was to replenish me, so I am up to full strength. The second was a "Stay Out" sign, or a "No Trespassing Sign" to a certain wild card whose only fear is the Elements."
  20. "Ah. So it would be too risky. The only interest I had in it," stated Shadow, as he trotted quickly, moving in front of Sombra. "Was to hasten transportation," said Shadow as he thought about it. "Since you're willing to appear to be reformed, we've got a lot of education to give you when we reach my home. You've got a lot to learn, Sombra, before you could be able to convince Twilight," sighed Shadow, as he looked at him. "I will teach you about Twilight, the Rainbow Power, and Equestrian History. However. In return for those lessons, you will teach me lessons beyond what my uncle was able to instruct me. He taught me quite a lot." Shadow continued, until they reached his home, and opened the door. Thankfully the trip had been without any sort of incident or problem as they had made their way there. "I'll heat up a bath for you, and lay out some clothes of mine, since we are the same size."
  21. "You will of course have to replace what I've done to the armor, other than forging it," admitted Shadow. The armor was dismissed, as was the Field. "All the Field did was block sound around us, but I've dismissed it for the time being. " Shadow then looked at Sombra for a moment, and asked. "How would we go about convincing the Princess that I've successfully reformed you?" asked Shadow."Also, later could you teach me the most useful thing I read you could do in the history books? The turn to shadows thing, and travel was the most interesting one of your techniques, other than the Fear thing, if the fear thing could work on animals. Anyway. We need to figure out if you have any food allergies, as well. I don't want to cook something that could kill you by accident. We'll also need to discuss the terms of our arrangement in greater detail when we reach my house."
  22. Runewriter sighed as he looked at the aurora that the young child had made. While it distracted him from the snot, Rune Writer knew he was going to need a bath. No, make that several baths in his hot tub when he got back to his home in the Frozen North. "I've enjoyed the meal, but I simply must be going," said Rune Writer. With that Rune Writer made his exit from the place as he had other things to do. So in a flash of light, he teleported away to his home.
  23. At the statement of destroying his uncle's home, Shadow was actually considering it. Once the relics had been removed, and packed up that was. Shadow listened to the advice of Sombra, and dissipated the field. "I will try to find someone we can trust to make you your new garments, Sombra." stated Shadow Scribe. "I could also keep your cape safe and secure, until such time as you are deemed safe, and thus could go around as you are now, but here..." Shadow lit his horn, and summoned an armor that was Sombra's size, as he and Shadow shared the same build almost. The armor would need a lot of modifications by Sombra to fit his tastes, but was still useful. "Consider this a gift, Sombra."
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