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  1. *hits my head on my desk* so bored

  2. how do you introduce your OCs?

    1. BeGoneThots


      you can make character applications. There is a section detailing how the applications are meant to look and what they can contain. Be careful of how much power you give your OCs though. Here is the link to the application and all its rules. 


    2. starswirlthebearded


      I made an app, got it approved, and randomly threw it into a RP that I thought it would fit into. 

  3. currently writing a chapter for one of my fanfics

  4. how does one show off there oc's?

  5. The rainbow is called 'Chica's Magic Rainbow' and she is from the FNaF World Update 2
  6. thanks. I made this account in 2011, so yeah. 5 years i haven't been here.
  7. Thank you ^_^ I plan to stay
  8. Hi, my name is Rainbow Dash Fan (silly name i know) and this is me introducing myself now, im not a brand new member, its just i haven't been her in so long (five years) and so i just thought i'd re introduce myself (Also, if you know how to change usernames, please tell me)
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