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  1. "Hey!I'm trying to sleep!ignorant mare!" Strawberry acted childish and was angry from being woken up.
  2. and i forgot to post that my rabbit died, i loved her dearly though. That happened on Dec. 23, i'll never forget that date.
  3. Most attractive pony contest cheating, and i edited the DIV.
  4. 1. IDK 2. A high chance,hence them being tasted by pinkie pie and being incredibly spicy. 3.IDK
  5. Because the admin who checks the OC Apps is busy and he is the only one. And i'm glad your different from FIM:RPG.
  6. I really dislike EQD, i don't know why, but i'd like some others? Know any other mlp:fim news sites?
  7. Vectors are much better.
  8. . These had to be the worst and best months in my life.There are small bits of humor. The Best of Janurary. I turned 13 on the first! I am finally a teenager! And i get to call my 4 brothers and one sister losers cuase i can get teen rated things and watch TV-14 shows and stuff.I also got a B in ELA! After the other grades(which are D's), go to 77+ I can get my tablet and my cellphone! Worst of Janurary TLC closed? WTF? Now, i'm sad.After my birthday! What?! **stands in shock*** Got in F in science! what! NOOOOOO! my tablet! The laptop! My life! Best of March. yus, TLC(+), is now open again Thank you Patrick.Oh yeah 1,621 points! My grades are going up! Yes! My tablet is here(just need to bring my grades up)! I got my cellphone, and it's a purple windows phone! Found /r/FemmeThoughts as an alternative to /r/TwoXChromosones. I now moderate /r/arity, the offical rarity subreddit! and my reddit is /u/himmypop, some freak stole my username. Worst of March I am currently sick. STOP STEALING MY USERNAME PEOPLES. Got permabanned from mlpforums. Got a 0/30 on test due to cheating. Got banned from /r/TwoXChromosones. Now the whole 8 people family is sick, thanks little sis.
  9. This is a work in progress. Hello Darlings, and welcome to My lore thread! If you do not know who i am, i am Rarity GIANT WIP
  10. I feel perfectly normal(excited), when i join forums. Especially canterlot.com, it's the perfect alternative to freindshipismagicrpg!
  11. "Ok, if you wish!" "And good night!" Strawberry then went to sleep on the seat she was sitting until the next day. ***sorry, but i am a bit slow during rps****
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