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  1. I feel ya. I've made a point of coming and going from the franchise several times over the nearly 8 years (7.5 now, phew!) of this incarnation of MLP. I sat myself down this morning and watched the S8 premiere, and I definitely enjoyed it. I'll take a look at episodes 3-5 later, maybe tomorrow or the day after (I'm off work for a few days). I remember the early days fondly (I stumbled upon it on February 10/11, 2011, iirc), when this thing was bright and shiny and new. The enthusiasm was boundless. New fans were joining everyday. We boarded our covered wagons and set off into the wild unknown. Do I wish I could go back and experience it like that again? Sure I do! Those were some good times, but those are past. Not that pony isn't good anymore - in fact, I think the episodes have only gotten better and better - but that it isn't new anymore. Still, the S8 premiere is hinting subtly at future changes, and I'm curious and excited to see what G5 will be when it rears its head in the next few years.
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    WOW. Seriously, this is an AMAZING picture. I'm going to jump on the sycophantic train with Cerali. This is just... *drools*
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    Art For Friends!

    Art that I've done of characters belonging to other ponies.
  4. - When you can't look at anything remotely equine-related, no matter how arcane, without thinking of ponies -When you listen to music and pretend that your favourite characters are the ones performing the songs onstage or in the studio (eg. I've had Vinyl Scratch across all manner of genres, playing bass, drums, keyboards, guitar, what have you. And anything that has strings in it has got to have Lyra, Octavia, and other string-playing ponies!) -When you daydream about romancing whichever mares/stallions catch your eye
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