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    15 Jan Delete
    Striking Torches! Fire on the Porch Steps! Heresy Heresy. Heresy
    A crowd, a riot! An Angry mob-of people!
    Watch them as they savagely! Ravage'cross the land!
    Heresy! Heresy! Heresy! HERESY!!

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    15 Jan
    Quick! Call the Spanish Inquisition!

    TheFinestSorcerer's Photo

    15 Jan Delete
    Here comes Ricken! The Witch Hunter King!
    Lookit how he dances on the corpses while we Sing!
    Burning all the Paganfolk and sensless pillaging! It's the kind of celebrations only Inquisitors can bring!

    Again! Noowww
    Heresy Heresy!

    TheFinestSorcerer's Photo

    15 Jan Delete
    Do you feel that Presence?
    A dark sensation howling in your mind?
    A shadow does cometh, A sickly Essence!
    It's the act of the Heretics! The filthy, lowly heretics!
    The Darkness Cometh!
    The Sun does Plummet!
    An act of Fear as their running out of time!
    (The Fires of Tartauros Are Here! BWAHAHAHA!!)

    TheFinestSorcerer's Photo

    15 Jan Delete
    Your swords of silver.
    Their shield shall wither.
    The Torches Glimmer as the night is no ally!

    Tromping through the forests! The Rivers of the Deepwood!

    Gnawing! Hacking! Biting! Burning!

    (Until you Find them!)
    Herecy. Herecy. Herecy. Herecy.
    Herecy. Herecy.
    Herecy. HERECY!!!

    TheFinestSorcerer's Photo

    15 Jan Delete
    (*faintly* Since you refuse to heed my warnings...

    All through the land of Ponies.)

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  1. My favorite ship is the Slave Ship. Now.... Does anypony have a problem with that STEP FORWARD!... *brandishes a branding iron labeled 'The Love Cruiser'*
  2. A place where the Finest Sorcerer may share his doodles with the world of Ponies he plays with! SFW.
  3. If anything... An aspiring wizard who has been out of touch with Equestrian customs for 10 or so years and only now having just returned on leave essentially.. Flirting it up with Princess Twilight for the amusement and fun of flirting it up with Princess Twilight. I would adore the opportunity.
  4. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. ARK just threw me the worst kind of curve ever been curved and now I'm ANGRY!!!

    1. Polyblank


      What level is finest sorcerer in ARK. then perhaps Polyblank can provide assistance.

  5. If I'm using the colors red or black it's usually in the clothing or articles the pony wears. From cloaks, hats, capes to maybe even jewelry. But I almost never use black or red as base, primary colors for OCs... GRAY maybe. But not black or Red. In the assumption I'm using a villain of course.
  6. "Hmmm" / "Mmmnn.." / or "Hmhm." "x3" " ;3; "
  7. Any Legend of Spyro fans out there? If you say Skylanders you are dead to me. xD

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TheFinestSorcerer


      Hey hey hey. There's no comparison to the originals! x3 I'm just sharing TLOS happens to be my favorite to RP... BUT it also may be my favorite Revamp of an original game series x3

    3. ToothpasteThy


      The games look pretty good to me. Well, the first two looked cool (not as sure for the third), but there was one problem that kept me from ever playing far into the TLOS series. Sound design was just awful. A lot of the music wasn't that memorable either.

    4. TheFinestSorcerer


      You have me beaten there. toothpaste.

      I will defend that the third(while it did diverge from the previous two art styles) Was actually kinda fun... but also the change of appearance DID do it justice for making the final confrontation look absolutely golden.

      Plus. As cliche'd an ending as it has.. it's a touching one.

  8. It's done. I've seen it... I've seen it and theres nothing I can do to stop it D: The ARK Giganotasaurus is just too much!

  9. "Potter, You FOOL.." ~ Alan Rickman: An Great Actor, an Amazing Teacher.

  10. CLS may be useful. But it will always render 'Bootleg Medic" in my mind! x3

  11. We ALL remember WHY we never actually have seen a FULL episode of FearFactor DO WE? lol

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheFinestSorcerer


      I don't think you quite got the joke guys. xD Some things just make you cringe and miss 5 measely seconds xD

    3. QuickLime


      It didn't come off as a joke :P

    4. starswirlthebearded


      I've never cringed watching fear factor....

  12. So. I dream of King-Kong sized Cyborg Gorillas in the dystopian future; strong enough to shrug off grenades and fight OTHER wierd cybernetic things. With human-level sentience. PONIES >3>... it was SO... COOL.

  13. Chu Guys! O3O I saw!... I saw Princess Celesta! <3

    1. ToothpasteThy



      What was she like? Was she eating cake? Was Luna there? Did she have a mustache? Was her mane all flowy? Did you find her stash of bananas? Did you learn a magical lesson on friendship? Did you die?

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