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  1. But yes. Curls to tabletop RPGs. DnD all the way. 3.5/Pathfinder guy
  2. Dragon Age Origins is my fav of Dragon Age. Inquisition is still pretty boss though. Don't get Dragon Age 2 though. You'll get bored right quick. Wanna die a lot? At the hands of various carnivorous animals? AND sometimes herbivores? ARK SURVIVAL evolved
  3. With a gentle saunter in every step he followed the smaller ponies along. It was in his nature to retain an almost stoic if not blazen look upon his face to show how truly whimsical he of all ponies could become. It might have been a slight act but.. enlightening brought with it a brand of confidence in one's self that could have been bad or beneficial. Umekile liked to think he measured it narrowly. It was a matter he'd had experience with. To quell the pseudo-common speaking pony, who's accent was somewhat silly to him - despite he himself having an odd slur - he did realize he'd neglected to give them his name, "Ah.", this was followed by a most gentle bow of his head, "I am Umekile, my friend.... But please. Call me Umek. And hopefully... It will not. But I've not found what causes him to alter every night... It is not so simple as a bite." In fact there were very few versions of Batponies who could spread the ailment through a bite at all. It were normally an Arcane/Magical occurence. Perhaps an enchantment or an item... diseased fruit... even finding your flesh cut on the edge of an old artifact or sacred sentiment.
  4. He could only offer her a single, orchestrated nod to incite his understanding. She knew what hardship was. Metal could fathom difficult if not.. drastic decision making bringing about a little suffering. Though he would sorely do his best to gloss over the fine details should he feel it were not... befitting of their moment. Those lanky hooves nested together; rubbing slightly as the male quieted down, gazing long and solemnly into the dirt while he tried his darnedest to splice up a tale to tell her. What defined him best... "I was born in a small village called Hefferlin. It was a humble beginning.. born to farmers... My parents were of the earth.. more than a dozen generations had been of the earth. Until me.", he smiles, "Fate decided that day that I would be the oddball out." His sapphire gaze begins to veer away into the quiet, growing darkness of the night. With only the campfire to give them sight, "One in nigh- a few hundred chances to be born a Caster on my father's side. And so that is what I am....... Hmhm~", a grin spreads across his muzzle, "I like to think.. It was my father with the more shocked expression that day... because my mother always told me no matter how.. strange It might have been... She could not stop smiling~" These memories were touching to him. Little stories and bedtime ballads. Steam Metal's friend slips back into a comfy position beside the fire and huffs, "Weren't many unicorns in Hefferlin. It was me... and only one other. A kind, old stallion.. My very first mentor and true friend. Hm... He was flunkout just like me.. But.. you'd not have known that had you met him.", he shook his head, "If not for him.. And my parents' empathy.. I don't know where I would be today. But.. they knew I didn't belong there. And when I came of age they sent be away to live in Canterlot. I spent my days there with a right good stallion; a friend of our family.. An alchemist. He might have been a penny-pincher but... he was good to me. Fair, but stern old *******.. heh. Archerine is somepony I will have to see again soon. Perhaps when I pass through Canterlot... following my visit with Princess Twilight.." Umek was such a gentle talker and his accent really softened it out. Imagine if he were to tell a bed time story to a small filly... he would likely not finish. "I attended Academy while under his apprenticeship. Between that, tutelage and everything else going on I... I failed.", for a moment he sounded genuinely shameful, "But I... Bit my tongue and realized that I didn't.. Want a certification. Well; I did but.. it was beyond me then. But what I had realized was I did not NEED it. I had to leave. And ten years ago nearly..? I left Canterlot. I left my home again and set out across the sea. To far away lands.. If I could not be taught there way. I would learn my way."
  5. It wasn't very often he got the chance to tell somepony about himself. Normally he passed it off with a simple 'scholarly type' or 'adventurer' but she was asking for a true origin story of himself. That distinct 'yes' answer couldn't have been mistaken any other way so the Stallion quickly righted himself in his seating, clearing his throat and having a patient sip of his coffee while his eyes carefully averted to only her lovely eyes. So what if he chose to flirt around a little?... if anypony suited his tastes - that being scholarly, spell-minded and a little aloof? - it was actually.. ironically this Princess. Of course that didn't mean he'd go much further beyond his subtly looks and hinted flatterings. His long fetlocks merge and cross over while his horn glows, fixing his cloaks comfortably passed his sides, "Hm. Well... Suppose we both have plenty of time on our hooves." "Eghem!~... Well I might not have mentioned it in my letter as to where I had been born but I'm positive you gathered by now it was not anywhere near Ponyville or Canterlot... Not even Manehattan, Hoofington.. I was born in the southlands. A small settlement that you'll see on one out of every two maps regarding Equestria. A village named Hefferlin.", he runs his hoof along the rim of his drink, "Small little town.. The population not even close to the sum of Ponyville. No more than.. oh~.. 150? At least ten years ago that were pretty close to the exact number." It was looking as though he was starting to really belt out his memory, "A village I'm sure won't surprise you when I tell ye it was agricultural.", as most small populations tended to be, "Mmn I can remember my home...", Umek muses, glancing off to the window, "Massive, waving fields of wheat stalks... You could say it turned the land gold in the right lighting... Blue skies... So much green. Oh and we had so many creeks flowing through town.. levying throughout the land and feeding the crop. The wind was always swell in the summer times-" Umekile stopped, realizing he were on a tangent, "Well...", he reoriented himself then, "I had been born a very.. unusual son. There had only ever been unicorn blood running through my family lines some dozen generations ago. The odds of being born a Caster was... darn well near one in a few hundred or so.", those long, furred ears erect with a sheeply smile, "I like to think my Father had the more shocked of my parents expressions when he'd first seen me. A whole line of earth ponies... then surpriiiise. What do you name him?", he seemed to ask nopony in particular, looking to the farside of the room, "Why they hadn't the slightest clue."
  6. My favorite ship is the Slave Ship. Now.... Does anypony have a problem with that STEP FORWARD!... *brandishes a branding iron labeled 'The Love Cruiser'*
  7. Now this is a story all about how my cat ate a marshmallow containing lots of turkey jerky. I didn't think it would happen until Thursday because that's marshmallow day for us, and marshmallow days are when Rarity is brushing her mane. That's because of the albino children, that the magic rock chose to spare them, causing widespread disaster in Fillydelphia. Rainbow Dash decided she needed Rarity, so she laid a trap on the gorgeous, patented fainting sofa, using only her sexy lingerie. This allowed for maximum temptation while she captures the Rarity. Meanwhile, Princess Celestia ate all the strawberry vanilla cheesecake that was supposed to be served at the charity. This was the reason that Pinkie needed in order to bake her cakes that she would throw at Queen Chrysalis, who was allergic to flour, surprisingly. Then a wild Yak kidnapped Apple Bloom while singing about his favorite anime, Fruit Basket. Luna was playing videogames on the moon, AS USUAL, so Twilight decided to rescue Pinkie with a wooden spoon. Suddenly, a big monster tentacle cake appeared! Only the combined efforts of the league of super evil corn farmers could be enough to withstand the cake's unrelenting triple cheese pizza beam attack. Luckily, my marshmallow eating pet snake managed to escape the evil clutches of Queen Chrysalis. Suddenly, a very angry Fluttershy emerged from my computer! It began to eat all of my pizza. Alas, she was not prepared
  8. It was with that a warm, very tender smile rolls over his muzzle. It wasn't often anypony asked for his tale and surely it weren't often they asked for her own. Rubbing his hooves together however he did mean to ask, "... you will not be offended by.. Controversial topics?... I... May come to frighten you, my dear." (That's K xD same!)
  9. His hooves gently lace one over the other, comfortably tucking them into his chest now that things had simmered down; it really relaxed him to see a mare smile whilst brewing such sweet tears. Honestly it made him kind of want to cry with her... of course it wouldn't have been at all fitting. At least he didn't wish to turn their pleasant evening into a sob-fest. His eyes gently fell upon her without grief and without remorse... but he'd tell her honestly, "My story? Oh it's.. Certainly complicated. Can't say it's as self-focused as your own but... that isn't neccasarily a bad thing.." It is then that he reaches out; drawing in that bottle of soda-pop he'd intended to drink with his dinner. Luckily still unopened as he fondled it in his hooves, "Suppose most of my sorrows come from... letting them in. I left home knowing full well what I were doing, yes... I.. flunked out of academy and yet right around that time I'd realized: I wanted to become my own Wizard. Not. Certified by Canterlot's Academy.", he shook his head and sighed; horn glowing and suddenly popping the cap loose to let it roll off into the bushes. Though many unicorn who came out of the advanced Magic courses often became registered and certified mages... Umekile did not seek a system based on standard feats. Hardly! He sought true challenge in the form of danger, experience and hardship, "Well.. that and I overworked myself between Academy and almost two who other jobs... Could not keep up with the paperwork I suppose. Heh... ehhhh...", his ears dip with a tad bit of shame. Of course nopony could dapper him for long and especially not himself, "You wish to know my story? It's a decade in the making~"
  10. A place where the Finest Sorcerer may share his doodles with the world of Ponies he plays with! SFW.
  11. As for not remembering his face he was not surprised and hardly looked upset. To hear that such a young filly which would normally be the kind of creature to be about frolicking happily with an array of other tiny friends had instead delved into books and the art of magic didn't exactly NOT remind him of himself. Though only to an extent. Umekile could recall a small hoofful of unicorns he'd associated with during his academy time. And of course back home; though they were earthborn ponies then. "Hmhm.", his smile showcases how amusing the memory trip had been coupled with Twilight's stories, "I didn't anticipate you would remember me, regardless. Suppose it were just a neat little fact. And to be perfectly honest with you... back then I'm positive I did not see you either. Wrapped up my work and my books. This is quite possibly the first time I've ever laid eyes on you.", he makes gesture only with his sapphiric gaze and my was she not a pretty thing. His hooves crossed in a relaxed posture while his cup of coffee floats gently unto his lips. Hazelnut has always been a favorite. As for Twilight's assumption regarding any flirtation well.. Would it have been more flattering if he'd just left it out entirely? She was a lovely sight to behold of course.. didn't most stallions see her in that light? Maybe it was his time outside of Equestria that made such actions vividly obvious? Well... perhaps he'd see somepony about that later~ Even the slightest emphasis on that last word had clicked in his mind; that she were eluding to something. Perhaps something he had been doing wrong? Had he insulted her? Though as it finally clicked her eyes close, and a gently grin begins to creep across his muzzle, "In due time, I'm sure~", the culmination of Student Mage to Equestrian Royalty did sound like quite a leap to make. Nothing he had particular taste in to be perfectly honest, the idea of becoming famous simply because your blood made it so was... lackluster. It was too easy. Though in Twilight's case she in fact had earned it which made it a feat fit for admiration. Somepony he could in fact take a step back and at such a young age? Willfully take a knee. Should she ask him to bow. Though in all likeliness the stallion would do so anyway. It was just a custom to him after all; a tip of the hat, a bow of the head, dropping to a knee... with flare or without? It was all courtesy to him and at times it could even be Curtsy. "Well, I wasn't much of a magic expert when I started. I could barely turn a page of a book as a filly with my magic let alone do the spells I've done now. But even if you didn't have a goal when you were in school, you seem to have found your way, or at least from what you mentioned in your letter. As for an official statement about the country, I suppose I can do that. In general, Equestria continues to flourish. Production of crops and manufacturing has increased to suit the needs of the population while providing a modest surplus for those in need and in case of lean times. Interactions between Equestria and other nations have remain largely stable to allying with this land. Young ponies are able to receive a good education that focuses on their talents and how to apply them along with the necessary life skills. Society is moving ahead while holding true the lessons of the past and our history. Overall, ponies I've met are satisfied with their level of living." She paused as she took a sip before continuing, "But not all is perfect. With the spread of harmony so too comes the emergence of those who wish to spread disharmony. Individuals such as Queen Chrysalis and Tirek who seek to take over Equestria to exploit the land and the ponies living there for the sake of gaining power have threatened the safety and happiness, but thankfully these events are few and far between and those mentioned threats have been dealt with. It is my hope that in increasing harmony and good will, that these moments of fear are lessened. And that basically sums up the state of Equestria. May I ask though since you wish to know about Equestria so much why you chose to leave? Is it to learn from other lands or something else?" Equestria had been through quite a bit in these last few years under the protection of the Elements. He had even come to know rumors in regards to the King of Shadows lurking deep into the North and had already been swept under the table. Was there no obstacle they could not handle? It were almost as though Umek were on vacation here. So accustomed to dealing with problems side-by-side or alone in distant, far away lands to great scale yet never world-threatening. Or perhaps... should he wish to comfort himself~ Many of the errors he had righted had the potential to become a great threat one day; some at least. "Commendable work you've done.", Umekile smiled, running a hoof along the rim of his coffee cup, "It would be folly to say I'm Impressed... for that compliment falls short." he laughs gentle. But the change of pace had come in the form of a surprise. Twilight noticeably perked him up when she asked why he'd left Equestria. And it wasn't a bad question... why WOULD somepony leave a shining Utopia? "Hmmm... You are asking for a life's story with that question, My Lady.", followed by a gentle sip of coffee.
  12. Hey man. If you think it's your time then I aint gonna stop ya. But at the very least you gotta remember that opinion are just opinions. If you let them hurt you then it's your fault. And don't get me wrong peer pressure is a real problem.. But just cuz theres a few very vocal people you have to remember theres darn well near hundreds of thousands who just wanna Keep Calm and Flutter On. Theres so many nice fans as opposed to the small droves are rabid Cronies. I mean. I didn't care about Twilight's alicorn-ness I much prefer Unicorn Twily. But I mean... I don't blow up about it like the insurgents do xD I still love Twilight. But what BlackBerry said! Ya can't let it get to you. But I reiterate.. if you think it's what you need to do then there isn't much any of us can physically do to stop ya. Just wouldn't be right
  13. The unusual ailment of one sprouting wings and soaring away certainly wasn't common in Equestria. Though thankfully it were just fruits their friend were after. Things were alas a tad more chaotic where he'd recently hailed from. At some times... he'd come across bat-like ponies who feasted off a different kind of nectar; the essence of the soul. Not blood! But the waking energies of the ponies it prayed upon. The more it devoured.. the longer the Bat could stay awake during the daytime and of course the stronger it became. Said breed was a bit more violent and less predictable than a simple batpony of course. Though a misfortune it was actually quite a funny one to him. Resulting in the wizard covering his lips and uttering a chuckle, "Ehehehehh... Heard?... It is nothing new to ME persay but.. Is it an easy fix? Well.. likely not but we'll have to have a look see, won't we?", his level of optimism only came from the fact it were no unfamiliar problem to him. Actually this grade of Bat was more desireable and less mortally dangerous to him unless it.. grabbed him and flew him up high enough to drop him. But the last time anypony or anything attempted that ... he'd made it sorely regret it. Tenderly fiddling with his now dry, unsmoking pipe which he eventually threw it into his bag, "This is under the assumption you don't mind me getting a tad hooves-on with yer friend that is..."
  14. If anything... An aspiring wizard who has been out of touch with Equestrian customs for 10 or so years and only now having just returned on leave essentially.. Flirting it up with Princess Twilight for the amusement and fun of flirting it up with Princess Twilight. I would adore the opportunity.
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