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  1. I don't know if I'd so much want to play this, but it feels like a perfect low level antagonist to beat on. Superhero/Supervillain Name: The Super Unstoppable Cider Squeezy 10,000!!! Powers: An enormous automaton, the Cider Squeezy is as big as house, with all the strength it’s mass would imply. Armed with a high pressure cider canon, a massive vacuum capable of uprooting whole trees and sealing up ponies into barrels, the Cider Squeezy has become a menace to every orchard, vineyard, garden, and farm in Equestria. Crafted from Timberwolf bark, it’s destruction has always proven temporary, reforming time and again with only one mission: to juice every fruit and vegetable it can and drown pony kind in it. Alias: Squeezy or 10,000 Backstory: The infamous mad scientists Flim and Flam created the 10,000 in the hopes of becoming the most successful cider salesman in Equestria. But their attempts to make an ever more powerful machine lead to creating something not even they could control, the 10,000 burst from their hidden lair to follow it’s main operatives. 1) Create cider and 2) Sell said cider. Unfortunately, as most ponies run screaming, it goes into sample mode and begins spraying them with ‘samples’ of it’s product. Honest offers to buy the cider will temporarily stop it’s rampage as it fills barrels and extends a small change drawer to collect bits. While capable of learning, Squeezy is rather slow, and it would take a very patient pony to put the robot onto a less destructive set of mission parameters. Notable Allies: The Flim Flam Brothers, on occasion, have lead the Squeezy toward an area to create havoc, then take advantage of those suffering. Notable Personal Villains: Almost certainly Applejack. General Notability: In some ways a benchmark punching bag, the Cider Squeezy, while very destructive, is not very dangerous to heroes who have taken it on. While novice heroes may find themselves drenched in cider or caught in a barrel, the Cider Sqeezy’s main victim is local agriculture, and occasionally surrounding buildings. The Squeezy does fight back when under pressure, and has a limited vocabulary, usually monosyllabic. “Juice!” “Sale?” “Barrel!” “Smash!”
  2. My Paw Patrol puppy will be red and black colored, with an inexplicably violent, anti-social streak, tragic background, and a playlist of dark songs from the 90s that explains his PAIN.
  3. My enthusiasm for RP here has been, overall, rock bottom low for months due to the slow slow pace of things, but Bubble Bath's post is up. Whee!
  4. Bubble Bath took in each statement in stride, nodding, taking notes, looking focused- probably too focused. Her head leaned forward, nodding with every statement, more like a football player in the midst of a huddle then a well balanced soldier pony about to give a speech. And just like that, it was time! Time- to not freeze up. Decisive action and speaking, discard the fluff! Bubble Bath leapt onto the table, head held high! "I! Was going to talk about how so many of our problems are lingering ancient threats that could only be properly predicted by a crackpot team of history ponies and conspiracy nuts! Or, was that history nuts and a team of crackpot conspiracy ponies? In any case! I'm not bringing that up, cause I'm sure somebody else is going to talk about that! So instead, I'm going to talk about stuff we're not doing too bad at!" she said, taking a breath. "Because really, we're going to be saying an awful lot about how bad we're doing, and we shouldn't throw the foal out with the bathwater. So here is some positive stuff!" "When it comes to our combat training... it's pretty much just fine! Pound per pound, ponies can pummel plenty of pesky pernicious perpetrators. For instance, there are a number of documented cases of pony versus changeling combat where in citizen and soldiers ponies alike took on vast numbers of changelings, holding their own for long periods versus utterly superior numbers. So, I don't think that's really a weak spot." "But I think we should really start to cover our strong spots and how to better take advantage of them. What separates us from every other force in this world isn't our discipline, or our combat training, or anything like that. It's our relationship with the ponies of Equestria and how we relate to one another. There are plenty of military forces in the world who do nothing but fight, conquer, control, but we're Guards! We're here for the ponies out there, helping and contributing however we can! It's not always glamorous, but sometimes we have to help a fisherman whose boat is sinking, or help someone lost in the streets, or maybe just stare at the same hallway all day, acting like someone is going to invade, for days and day and days and days, and you just start to question reality, is the carpet really purple, is the Princess real, are we all white or have I gone color blind..." Bubble Bath shook her head hard, getting back on track. "Um, what I mean to say is, ponies look to us for help and guidance in lots of situations, big or small, and they trust us, which means they listen when we tell them how to respond in real emergencies! Which is good. Next point!" Bubble Bath horn sparkled as she sealed herself in a ball and began to roll along the table in front of her fellow guard, cartwheeling inside it, making eye contact. "So, my name is Bubble Bath, I'm a naval recruit, in a chain of command, and it's something I completely respect. We need leaders, order. However, what I don't think is helping us is how little we see of each other outside our branches, not just like this, but as comrades in arms, joined in the common good for Equestria. Have we had a potluck? A luncheon? War games with emphasis on the games part? How can we pull together when we barely even know each other? How are we supposed to be some kind of amazing fighting force when we're all but strangers?" Bubble Bath said, bubble bursting as she returned to her seat. "Every pony is special, has their own talents to bring to the fore, but sometimes it's as if we think every unicorn, pegasus, and earth pony is completely interchangeable with any other, when we know it's just not true! I can make bubbles for almost any occasion, but if it's my job to teleport in and out combat, I'd be useless! The more we know about more Guard ponies, the better tactical decisions we can make as a group, and the closer we are as comrades, the easier inter.... inter-departmental? Affairs will be. So let's all hang out when this is done!" Bubble Bath said with a smile, oblivious, then dropping it as her eyes went wide, snapping into a salute. "Recruit Bubble Bath, speech finished!" she said, then promptly say back down with a sigh of relief. Whoo, nailed it!
  5. Update/Tangent: Valiance Online is looking pretty promising. Might win the race for making a good CoH clone. http://valiance.shogn.net/
  6. As vision returned, Feng Lao took a moment to steady himself, blinking. He wasn't here before that flash and darkness. The doctor was right- he did have too much anxiety. He was even sweating. In fact, he felt really moist, like he was just soaking. And there was something on his back. Turning, he found a white towel. And a red flank. What. The. No scales. Green mane. Feng gasped, blowing all the breath out of his lungs. An outside observer might think the earth pony was hyperventilating, but really, Feng was just trying to access magic he no longer had. In his panic, he almost missed seeing the only other Quillin there... that looked just like him. He whinnied loudly in shock!
  7. Does anyone else think a Starlight Glimmer big sister to Diamond Tiara thing has some amazing potential?
  8. Wheels spun and hooves clattered against cobblestone road as Feng Lao sped through the streets of Roam, his trusty cart behind him. His head swiveled left and right, taking in the sights. He was here, a new city, new things to look at, a customer! Feng Lao sped towards some ponies waiting with luggage on a corner, slowing to a trot with a smile on his face. “Greetings and welcome to Mane… Muh… uh, is this main street?” Feng Lao asked sheepishly. They were tourists all right, but for a moment he’d forgotten that this was his vacation, that he wasn’t on duty, and the only thing his cart would be carrying would be his own luggage. Shrugging off the strange looks he’d gotten, he grabbed a map from his cart. Where was the hotel… The hotel loomed behind him as he studied the map, then turned. “Aha!” He trotted, with cart, up to the hotel. *** After making a scene with a valet, having to shine and clean his cart three times before finally letting some other pony go to park it, he entered the hotel lobby. He looked around at ponies coming and going, wondering what kind of wonderful time they were having. Would they find the coolest places, the best restaurants, or would they flounder, squandering their vacation? He had to help, he had to!... Relax. Breath. And get in line. Feng Lao let out a long, cleansing breath, leaving the pony’s mane in front of him sparkling and spotless. This wasn’t time for him to worry about other’s vacation. It was time for him to enjoy one himself! From this moment on, he was done being a workaholic Quilin! By the end of the day, he’d be relaxed with a new perspective- And that’s when everything went black.
  9. I believe Scootalux is next, followed by Firefoxx, followed by Zeig. Then, if I'm following posting order correctly... LunarRelic Bellosh Imagination Arcus Moonshine Theleocat Quillhart FULL LIST Also: Yay table!
  10. Hmmm. I made a Qilin if no one else is interested.
  11. Roleplay Type: FFA Name: Feng Lao Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Qilin Eye colour: Bright yellow Coat: Deep, navy blue with yellow scales upon his back, white upon his chin and belly, the tufts of fur at his hooves a fiery orange. Mane/Tail: Short, feathered and orange, it is covered by a conical straw hat, while the hair upon his tail is styled into a fan shape, which he occasionally uses to sweep off his cart. Physique: Having been running his own cart business for a long time, Feng Lao has robust physique, thick legs and neck for a Quilin, built through a lifetime of hard work. Residence: Manehattan (but it's time for a vacation) Occupation: "Taxi and Tour Guide", Feng runs ponies all over town while pointing out various attractions and restaurants. Cutie Mark: A wooden rikshaw wheel. This was gained when Feng cheered up his sister when she had broken her leg and took her in a cart out upon the time, running her to and fro to anything she wanted to see. She ran Feng ragged, but she began to forget her cares, taking in all the sights and sounds and smells she wanted to see that day. When they got home, and she told him that was the best day she ever had, his cutie mark appeared. Unique Traits: While a Quilin with breath magic, he uses it primarily to take care of his cart and his customers, primarily a cleansing breath that knocks out grease, a polishing breath that gives things a nice shine, and a lubricating breath that oils the wheels. The first two work great on ponies too, but the third is messy. He rarely mixes this up. He's also a very fast and agile runner. While not strong enough to pull a full coach or as fast as a pegasi in flight, in a crowded urban environ, there's few better at weaving through it. History: Even in his youth, Feng Lao was always rushing everywhere, restless to see and do whatever caught his fancy on a given day. Unfortunately, in his small village, he quickly ran out of places to go and things to see, and exploration was ever on his mind. Upon answering the call of his cutie mark, he made it a point to give tours to anyone and everyone he could find, eventually figuring out that ponies would pay for it, and that some ponies just wanted to arrive somewhere fast. Unfortunately, having given everyone in the village a grand tour of the place they lived was getting old fast, so he decided on a change of scenery, running others from town to town until he made his way onto a boat and the greater world. When he first arrived in Manehattan, he fell in love with it almost instantly. It was big and busy and constantly changing. He was NEVER going to run out of ponies, or places, or interesting things to do here! Character Personality: Feng loves to share, and often talks through an entire ride, asking questions and trying to create a temporary friendship with anyone riding in his cart. The rush of trotting quickly through the streets, dodging other carts and ponies, while pointing out the many marvels of Manehattan gives him a spark of joy, knowing that by sharing his experiences he might just make somebody's day better. He does have a hard time slowing down though and thoroughly enjoying something himself, restless. If he sits still, he could miss something, or what if somepony needs him to take them somewhere!?! More than one pony has told him to slow down and take a break. Character Summary: Feng's been happily working to get people where they go quickly, though he much prefers giving tours and showing ponies the sights, and loves meeting, well, just about everyone. In adventures, he happily plays the part of the sidekick and wheelman, ready to run a pony in and out of danger.
  12. Because rarely an episode of the real show goes by without me laughing at some neurotic pony behavior. This summit is going to be tense. Serious. Insightful. And that's not MLP without a break now and then.
  13. Having gathered up and collected all the books and quietly taken her seat, Bubblebath had an excited smile on her face as she'd listened to Agile Speeds, then the Princess, and finally Naj, the smile growing wider and wider, leaning in closer, her eyes closing a moment, trotting in place silently- this was so exciting! History was being made! Wait, they were done already? What had they said? Was it her turn? Was her face doing that thing where her eyes and expression seemed to narrate her every thought making it obvious to every pony in the room that she was monologuing internally? Quick! Protocol! Bubblebath snapped to sudden attention and saluted. "Recruit Bubblebath, reporting for... meeting. Navy! Er, I mean, Navy Recruit, Naval! Naval Recruit! I think that the Equestrian Guard needs to develop stronger bonds of friendship and loyalty both internally and externally in order to meet the various magical threats popping up throughout Equestria!" Bubblebath stated, ending with what she hoped was a serious face. And then stood there. Saluting. Like a statue.
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