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  1. Ah, the ever-dreaded holidays. My free time is limited, due to working in a busy restaurant. Apologies.

    1. starswirlthebearded


      I shall be joining you in the hellhole that is the holiday retail/food industries

  2. "It sounds like we have everything then!" She tippy hooved a little as she spoke, eager to get moving. There was nothing better than fun with her friends, except maybe fun with her friends AND exploring a new place. Safely of course. She edged toward the door a bit at a time, still on tippy hooves. Different possibilities of what they might run across flashed through her head like so many shorts in a montage. Images and phrases and bits of mythology and legend fluttered around in her head like butterflies, and she had a hard time chasing just one without jumping to another and another and another. "Do you think we'll find a snipe? Or maybe a colony of six-legged deer! I bet they know voodoo. Oh, oh, oh, or maybe there are wolpertingers! Do you think there are wolpertingers? I bet there are wolpertingers." The little white bundle of energy twirled in a circle again before nudging open the clubhouse door. "Let's GO!" she squeaked, ever over-excitable.
  3. Woah, sorry. This is the internet dude, and things get misconstrued all the time when all you have to go off of is text. The way you were wording it made it sound, to me, like romance was all you were focused on. I did not mean to offend you. Also, I didn't intend for you to think that I'm saying friendship before a romantic relationship is "cheap." The way I view things is the exact opposite of that. Misunderstandings happen.
  4. And that's a thing that happens when you're young. All things are transient. Nothing stays the same. Just bear in mind that at 13, you still have a good 70+ years of life left to spend interacting with people. I wouldn't focus on romantic interactions. Focus on friends more. It's a happier lifestyle. If you focus on the romantic interactions, when a romantic relationship rolls around you'll find it hard to balance time between the object of your affection and your friends. Focus on friendship first, and just, y'know, try not to worry too much about finding someone. 13 is very young to think you've lost all hope in the world of dating. 80 somethings, after all.
  5. There is nothing abnormal about not having anyone be interested in you yet when you're still just 13 years old. That's perfectly 100% normal. Just relax. Don't jump into trying to get romantic with every girl you meet the second you meet them, either. That more than likely chases them off. Treat them like you would anyone else and just kinda get to know them and be their friend first. Even if they still don't get romantic with you, hey, you made a new friend.
  6. Coupla things here. Dio, our fearless leader? He was 25 when we started dating. I'm his first serious girlfriend. When I started making advances, he was at that "I don't know if it's ever gonna happen, but whatever" point. While you shouldn't be all desperate out there trying to find a girlfriend all the time, there is no totally hopeless situation on the dating front if you are interested in dating. There are even 80 year olds who go out dating and manage to settle down into a new relationship at that point in their life. Second thing, at 13 a lot of girls (and some guys, too) are kind of giggly and hopeless romantic about the idea of meeting a guy and falling in love, but they're also, if developing in a healthy manner, not ready for a relationship at all. Also you have all of high school and lots of college and the rest of your life (80-somethings!) to meet someone. I think that's really all I have to say. Basically don't try to force it and don't begrudge others their happiness. If it happens, let it happen, but don't get super duper upset if it doesn't. While having a partner is nice, it's not vital to a happy life.
  7. Do you mean an rp event, or a sitewide contest?
  8. I think we might need some clarification. What exactly do you mean by musical contest?
  9. Don't worry too much about it. In the future when this happens, don't worry about it. The mods who handle that will remove the duplicate image anytime it's not visibly different from another that's been uploaded.
  10. We know Hasbro intends to continue creating MLP, and it's a very lucrative IP at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if Cartoon Network would want to pick it up, if it even IS eventually dropped, because TOY SALES. There's really nothing to worry about. Hasbro is making too much money off of MLP for us to just suddenly lose it. They'll try to keep it out there somehow no matter what, and I really don't think this Discovery Family channel will wanna drop what kind of made The Hub a successful channel in the first place.
  11. I feel that for a first app this is a very well rounded character. From our conversation I know that Rakon is very well developed and that you have a good understanding of him. That said, have a stamp! It might take a minute for you to receive the necessary permissions to post in WoE. Be patient, and someone will get you set up with that soon!
  12. If we're skipping RDD, that makes it my turn. I worked a /very/ stressful eleven hour shift today, so I'm passing out shortly. I don't work tomorrow, though, so I can post then.
  13. The first Equestria Girls did it's job. It entertained me. It was amusing. It wasn't amazing, but it was amusing. Rainbow Rocks... surprised me. It's much, much better than the first. The writing is better, and I think the animation is as well (though I could just be imagining things). I highly recommend it.
  14. HA! I FINALLY got a couple a sweetieposts out. I feel good again.

    1. CrazyScion


      yaay to the adorable!

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