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  1. Happy Hearth's Warming, everypony. c:

  2. Actually, the scarf is moving with the spiral. The end visible beneath the line of cloud is from the right side, not the left as it may appear.
  3. Yeah, I ended up quite literally table-flipping my tablet... > > Anywho, thanks everypony. c:
  4. ZephyrBlue

    Zephyr Blue

    Various images of myself... I'll try my hardest not to seem to vain...
  5. From the album: Zephyr Blue

    So I had a lot of technical difficulties with this picture. After spending a great deal of time doing the lineart and flat-colours for this picture, Photoshop decided to be a massive butt and freeze completely on me because I wanted to use a pressure sensitive brush and whatnot. The entire program basically crashed because of its own crappy coding's inability to run its own flipping script. In any case, I was forced to take a screen shot of what I was working on and go from there. It was a pain in the ass and a half to attempt to do all of this on one jumping layer, but that aside I feel as though it turned out rather nicely [though clearly if Photoshop wasn't a massive piece of crap, it would've looked nicer]. SO YEAH. Here's a picture of Zephyr, skydancing. I may or may not redo this picture in an attempt to improve it later on, but the chances of me actually following through with that are slim to none. Enjoy.

    © © Zephyr Blue 2011

  6. That's a pretty good impression!
  7. That would be great! Please, do a Flutterguy impression for us!
  8. Seeing as the gallery won't let me upload this picture to any of my albums, I figured that I might as well place it here. Enjoy.
  9. No, two hours as in an amalgamated two hours. :T And I do a lot of musical theatre performance and non-serious voice acting, but to answer your question no, I did not take any formal classes.
  10. ZephyrBlue


    Coloured lineart looks less harsh than black does.
  11. I'm working on a few more Fluttershy reels, but I'm not happy with the way my speaking voice [as opposed to my murmur voice] currently sounds, so I'm tweaking things about it. And yeah, I should just give up on Rainbow Dash-ing.
  12. I've uploaded two new impressions; a "better" [in my opinion] try at Rainbow Dash, and a tidbit of Fluttershy~ http://soundcloud.com/zephyr-blue/fluttershy-reel http://soundcloud.com/zephyr-blue/rainbow-dash-reel-1
  13. No, I usually have to go through a lot of different forms of intonation, inflection, accentuation, pitch, speed, etc... I honestly didn't have much time to work on these four voices [about two hours], so they're most certainly not my best.
  14. Both of their journals are linked to mine. http://zephyr-blue.deviantart.com/journal/Hey-Voiceactors-270288242
  15. Yeah, I wasn't too much of a fan for my first and last either. Their voices are out of my range, sadly...
  16. So I'm auditioning as a voice actor for a little MLP:FiM fanimation series, and so I thought I'd share my [very short] reels with everypony. Let me know what you think, improvements, etc. Also, this thread is now a place to post voice impressions of all kinds.
  17. Very nice. I feel in captures your personality very accurately, Violet. c:
  18. Umm, hello everypony... I just wanted to inform you that I've started up a Secret Santa event for those in the My Little Pony fandom... There are still two weeks left to join before applications close, so if you'd like to participate, you've still got some time to apply, and it only takes a few seconds to do. If you don't celebrate any denominational or seasonal holiday, that's fine; I don't either. It's moreso an excuse to make new friends and share your special talents with others, what ever your special talents may be. Instructions on how to join are listed on the front page of the group. Please read through them before submitting an application; there is vital information there that I must receive. Thanks everypony, and I hope to see you all taking part. Sincerely; ~Zephyr Blue
  19. Unfortunately, not yet. I don't own a camcorder, my piano is too far from my computer to play, and I haven't gotten around to recording myself playing my new keyboard yet.
  20. Ahh, I see. I myself am better trained as a singer, but I consider myself a moderately apt pianist as well as a violinist.
  21. Ahh, another classical musician. What instruments, pray tell, do you play?
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