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  1. just a friendly reminder that it is your turn on the "In Ponyville" thread

  2. Just an fyi it is your turn on the In Ponyville thread. You have until Tuesday morning to post.

  3. Waxworks? That's a name I've seen around from time to time when I've been there. I wouldn't say they're "active", at last check, though I may be wrong... I admittedly haven't checked there in-depth in some time.
  4. I'm also a member of the Friendship is Magic RPG site earlier referenced by Solana. Admittedly... the place doesn't have nearly as many active members, and it's actually part of the reason I'm here as well.
  5. I'm so, so sorry for not replying to our rp for so long~  I promise I'll follow-up with it along with all my other neglected ones at the end of this week~!

  6. Canterlot is back! Couldn't be happier, glad to see you all again!

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