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  1. I'm sorry for having disappeared lately. My motivation is completely dead.

  2. I know I ought to post, though I expect it would be poor quality. I've sort of burnt out of RP. I'll see if I can manage a post eventually, but it might be quite short and just reactive.
  3. And now it's my birthday. :blush:

    1. Lyipheoryia


      Here, I corrected it:


      I know I'm late, but happy birthday Eventide.

      Seriously.  Have a good one!

    2. CatCakey


      I've noticed a lot of people are having birthdays this month...



    3. Eventide


      Thanks guys. :)

  4. I'm interested, but I must already have several hundred threads or thereabouts to reply to. Eventually I might be able to put together an EQG variant for one of my OCs.
  5. "Hello, my name is Inigo Meowntoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
  6. Ha :D I feel strangely towards that post.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Eventide


      Not what I mean Ciraxis! :lol:


      Now for the perplexing task of getting the characters to assemble and interact. Might require some sort of plot hook... I'm not really good at this. :!:

    3. Ciraxis


      Then you may be in need of setting Chekhov-Xanatos Gambit. Making so much small, seemingly non-important small descriptions that you will be provided with plot hook no matter what. Study the Tropes!

    4. Eventide


      Well, the Xanatos Gambit and Chekhov's Gun are handy plot devices, but I don't feel like they apply to this thread very easily. To me, more fitting tropes for getting characters to appear in the same place would have to be the Contrived Coincidence and the Theory of Narrative Causality:blush:

  7. 1v1 me on Animal Crossing m8

    1. Angie Cakes

      Angie Cakes

      think you can compete against these stats?????



    2. Eventide


      That's a pretty good stats. :I




      How long have you had the game?

    3. Angie Cakes

      Angie Cakes

      Maplerow I had since release but remodelled it in November 2014, Wayfield I started in May 2014, and Yorkwood I started in July 2014.


      Wayfield and Maplerow were last updated in March 2015 and Yorkwood was last updated in November 2014 so idk what the numbers are now

  8. Penumbra! I have a character named Umbra. :I Would they be nemeses or best buddies?
  9. I feel the same way, on a semi-regular basis. That is a neat perspective you have.
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