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  1. I'm sorry for having disappeared lately. My motivation is completely dead.

  2. Eventide


    Hello Toony, welcome to Canterlot. I hope you have a lot of fun here.
  3. Thanks Lyi, I wasn't aware of that.
  4. I know I ought to post, though I expect it would be poor quality. I've sort of burnt out of RP. I'll see if I can manage a post eventually, but it might be quite short and just reactive.
  5. They certainly do look fabulously vibrant! I especially appreciate the cohesion of colours. I'm just wondering, what they are a hybrid of? I'd like to know the story of how they came about.
  6. Yeah, it pretty much seems to be down to preference. The quality of episodes, while there can be a consensus, is always something that's subjective. I like fantasy adventures and stuff, I understand strong characterisation is important, it's just my preference to see the two put together.
  7. Like I said on skype, I have no idea how to get these characters in the same place. Any ideas?
  8. I pretty much enjoyed all episodes of the series, but I agree that those which revealed more of the world and its features while involving some action were more interesting to me than those which stuck to the usual places. I always liked the fantasy elements.
  9. And now it's my birthday. :blush:

    1. Lyipheoryia


      Here, I corrected it:


      I know I'm late, but happy birthday Eventide.

      Seriously.  Have a good one!

    2. CatCakey


      I've noticed a lot of people are having birthdays this month...



    3. Eventide


      Thanks guys. :)

  10. Well :I do you want to keep Hotel Mystere going?
  11. I'm interested, but I must already have several hundred threads or thereabouts to reply to. Eventually I might be able to put together an EQG variant for one of my OCs.
  12. Is that not what Hotel Mystere is? :I I think being brought in after the thread was started, I'm not really clear on its provenance. Where's the OOC for that one?
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