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  1. I return after hiatus!

    also, this is a double post because I couldn't wait to reveal this.

    this, my friends, is why I like japan.


    and thomas the tank engine.

    1. Rosewind


      Welcome back! Guess I need to go shopping for cooking ingredients now...

    2. Polyblank


      Never! Food shall always triumph over evil.. or something...

    3. Rosewind


      Is a spider eating a fly evil, or just doing what she does naturally? Food for thought, food.

  2.   l6Rbo_W3pDs.jpg

    This guy needs to stop making 

    me super nice to everyone for about half a day.

    it's freaking everybody out.


    August 19th - Hold onto your skin. or don't, depending on what kinda potatoes you like.

    1. Dubstep


      Gonna have to get a wicked rad Potattoo!

    2. Polyblank


      I'm going to post the potato orchestra.

      I kid you not.

  4. I made this in five minutes

    pls be proud of me mother rosewind


    1. Rosewind


      That's an amazing subdomain.

  5. I just noticed your cover photo is animated! It's so mesmerizing!

  6. Going to have a big break from canterlot as I'm going on holiday with family to ski. I'll be back in around a week.

  7. World War F(orum)


    1. Eventide


      Wow, the new Battlefield game looks pretty good.

    2. Rosewind


      That looks like a trip to the grocery store to me!

  8. Your puns are not purrfect for you, as much as you might claw your way to the title, will never have the tailtle to call yourself the pun master. There can only be one, young pawdawan.
  9. Changed it already? XD

    1. Polyblank




    2. Polyblank


      I really need to think about how I allocate my time

  10. What a magnificent new picture I have adorned.


  11. I'll figure out something! nothing can stop me! (I don't want to go down this road help)
  12. Casket walked past the crashed helmet. Almost similar to his own chitin armor, a hard exterior casing, he sighed. Perhaps it was fate's way of being ironic, or perhaps trying to tell him a message. Yes, he knew that the hive was...flawed, he didn't need anypony to tell him that. Nor did he need the universe to tell him this was a terrible mission he knew that thank you universe. So with a heavy heart he slowly walked towards the entry point. With a green flash, Shield Tsunder appeared, brushing his coat off irritably. "This seems appropriate. Apro-priaate." Casket checked his voice. Perfect and akin to the long-gone sound of the real Tsunder's voice, he felt satisfied. One could never be too careful, and many a changeling had been in a sticky situation because a fully grown mare had sounded like a pubescent colt. It was so easy these days to trip up, so easy to slip and fall - ponies were far, far too careful for his liking, or his position. What might have been envied and revered in the older days of the hive, a high intelligence operative and interrogator, was now a position drones looked at with fear. Sometimes he felt the gaze of changelings on his back, and it felt as if every time he left the hive they looked on at a corpse's procession. goodness gracious, he was a professional. His job was not to get killed. Yet, after Canterlot's failed attack this wasn't a changing perspective. They were weary, and he was wary. So when he could take a mission that wasn't with ponies, wasn't an infiltration attempt, he snapped at it faster then the starving pupae that could be called drones snapped at the smallest morsels of love. Still... he was dubious of this affiliation. Sure, they were attempting to overthrow Celestia (A name he spat with bitter tone) but they were unorganized. They were not a hive, nor a pony society he had studied for years, and it made him edgy that they were unknown to him, a drone designed to understand such things. Walking towards dog, he looked to the canine being and spoke firmly. "Sheild Tsunder. I believe that I am invited to this.. "Gathering" as you'd call it?" "Sheild" spoke in the typical lisp of a posh unicorn, as Sheild had been so many years ago when he was abducted from Canterlot.
  13. your profile picture's teddy bear has a weirdly moving underbelly so it looks like a giant zit.



    I'll just go now

    1. SymphonicFire


      ...I can't stop looking at it now...

    2. Polyblank


      Me neither so I've been avoiding looking at your profile picture at all but it's just so... it's THERE.

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