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  1. (Is it? Oh. I don't really have much, so I may need to skip...)
  2. Anyone know when TTEOAP will update?

  3. Just learned of a short-notice camping trip over Friday and Saturday. Not sure what time I'll be back but I should be able to RP on Sunday.
  4. "Please, the pleasure is all mine," Cask replied. "Anyway, I hope you don't mind if I ask your two names," he continued, motioning to the filly and the pegasus with the sparrow. "It'll save some time if I can introduce the ponies who looked after me to the waiter." He committed Neon's and Breeze's names to memory, and thanked them. The conversation between the five ponies lulled and was bordering on awkward when Cask tried to break the silence. "So, does anypony else have any curious conditions? I feel as if my own can sometimes lead to amusing situations." Cask realised a bit too late that his question could be considered by many as invasive and offensive, and nearly turned to leave, remarking about the time. However, he simply bit his lip and waited.
  5. Cask wondered about the four ponies (and sparrow) in front of him. They all had heard of him as a good cook, and now they had met him in person. He absently thought about their opinions of him when he noticed a problem in his planning. He looked upwards at the moon; it was just past its peak. His restaurant had surely closed by now and his cooks were all at home. "Oh, Celestia!" he exclaimed under his breath, interrupting Nighthoof's reply. "I'm sorry everypony, but I lost track of time and my resaurant's closed for tonight. If you really need to, I can still give you a dinner tonight; however, it will take longer and be of poorer quality and we may not have the ingredients... Again, I'm sorry. If I were you, I would come in two days' time. Is that okay with you all?" Cask feared for his loss of face for forgetting what time it was, and held his breath breath for the others' replies. What have you gotten yourself into, Cask?
  6. The first thing that Cask noticed as his mind groped towards consciousness was that there was a heavy pressure under his armpits. Slightly confused, he opened his eyes and gave a slight gasp as he saw a large group crowded around him. There were the two teenagers he had passed earlier, along with two pegasi stallions. "Woah," Cask mumbled. "Who are you ponies? Oh, sorry; that was obtuse." The chef was slightly disoriented after waking up on the streets and he felt it was intruding on his personal form. Cask took a deep breath and requested he be put down. "Anyway, thank you for helping me. Not many ponies would stop by at this time of night to help a stranger." Cask stood shakily, for he was rather dizzy, and introduced himself to the four ponies. "I'm Cellar Cask. You may have heard of me as the narcoleptic chef who falls asleep at the stove - mind you, I seriously hope not. I really am sorry for the fuss; I don't have much control of when I fall asleep. Please, is there any way I can make this up to you? I could manage a free dinner at my restaurant if you so wish."
  7. Cask was sleeping a dreamless, peaceful sleep. Somewhere distant, he registered a cry of shock. The voices of two younger ponies hovered above his head, asking what to do and worrying about current situation. All he wanted to do was open his eyes and tell them that he was fine; just having a nap. As it was, Cask had no ability to do anything of the sort. Bless them, he thought, they actually care about a stranger like me. As Cask's dreams re-entered his mind, his conscious thoughts started slipping away from him. [OOC: Sorry I couldn't do much in this post. Rest assured that Cask should wake up within an hour or less, depending on what the others do.]
  8. I'm going on a trip to a friend's farm between the 15th and 20th of January, but I /might/ still be able to get on with my phone.
  9. Cellar Cask wandered about the tall buildings of Manehattan, admiring the city in the depths of night. He had finished the night at the restaurant with some criticisms from customers; many of them complained that their meal had too much chilli in it. However, the week previously, Cask could swear he remembered the same ponies complaining that there wasn't enough chilli in the dish. He sighed. Customers... they're so very- he struggled to find the right word, temperamental. It would be a long day the next day, with the restaurant being open for a convention for the most part of the afternoon; however, his insomnia prevented him from sleeping and getting the rest he needed. He had left his apartment and started wandering the streets to clear his mind. Looking up, he saw the moon at its zenith - maybe 2 in the morning? - and surprisingly bright for such a dense urban atmosphere. Cask turned a corner and saw a filly offering a colt a box of something. The colt seemed to be excited, but it quickly faded as Cask approached. He passed the two youths with a mumbled "Evening" and smelled the distinct scent of cookies among them. Cask was about halfway down the street before he realised that going for a walk was an extremely bad idea at this time of night. Instead of feeling tired but unable to sleep, Cask quickly realised that he was feeling extremely lethargic and his hooves were becoming heavy. Oh, Celestia, please no! he pleaded with his body. However, it was all for nought and soon he had fallen onto the sidewalk and was sleeping peacefully on the cold concrete. [EDIT OOC: Oh dear, it seems I got in before you, Neoniie. I think this may still work after your own post, though...]
  10. Cellar Cask Earth Pony Age: Young Stallion Gender: Male Profession: High-class chef; hobbyist brewer Threads: [Manehattan] The First Appearance of Nighthoof Application Page Character Summary
  11. I use Centauri for everywhere, so feel free to give me a shout. If I'm not Centauri, I have numbers at the end. My OC ponies are normally based off characters from stories I've written (Cellar Cask/Woodcutter) and put a bit more backstory to, so I don't think there'll be a Centauri-pony out there. [OOContext: featherquill! Did you just ninja me?!]
  12. As I have already said, this has been edited out of the application. I'll take this into account with a quick edit just now.
  13. Pinkie Pie has had experience since she was a filly - or so I would guess. However, Apple Bloom was new to the gig and she was having trouble holding everything up; a unicorn would have no such difficulty as soon as they had magic.
  14. Thanks for that, Brian. I changed the quote you gave me to an interview, and (quickly) outlined his difficulties with unfamiliar territory. I must, however, insist that commercial cooking is a unicorn-dominated path. Why? Have an example: put on some oven mitts, and without using opposable thumbs, pick up a boiling saucepan.Thus, the difficulty he faced with his career was met with an outstanding ovation from the general public due to his sheer amount of skill.
  15. I chose Rainbow Dash for the first one, as she shows that even young girls can stand up and be headstrong, though I was considering Applejack for the same reason; I chose FS for the second, as she is the most reserved (pale colours) and least likely to stand out from the rest.
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