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  1. The series is still going. It just uploads to Netflix in chunks.
  2. A very neat set of eps. I don't even mind the lack of a two-parter premiere, as the extra bit of resolution for the previous finale is refreshing and didn't need the space of two eps for its slice-of-life tone.
  3. "Hey, Twilight, darling, let's go to the Gala in style! I got this brand new 2018 Chevy Truckmajig!" "Rarity" "We could stop by McDonalds and get Big Macs!" "Rarity stop" "If we crash, that's okay, we're insured by Nationwide!" "Rarity please"
  4. Texty smiled. He heard the distinct noise of Changeling magic, so he donned his own disguise once more. His horn pulsed, and he reached out his hoof, missing Kahz's by a few inches. "It has been a pleasure. Thank you for opening my eyes on this matter, so to speak. I hope we may meet in the future."
  5. "A consort, hm?" Texty said. "A potentially interesting offer. I suppose I have one last thing I'm wondering about. Have the Changelings always been like this?" Texty toyed with the idea of applying towards the position himself, he decided against it for now. He already had something of a job, and writing a new book with some of the information he had learned would take time. Perhaps one day he might be able to come out to the world as what he really was. But for now, his life would continue as normal.
  6. Texty let out a chittering chuckle. "Well, if there is one thing about Equestrians, it's their huge capacity for love. I imagine that's what drew our kind towards them in the first place. Their connection to Harmony is so great it causes spontaneous musical numbers... At least, that's what mother tells me. She could be pulling my leg. I have only seen that happen once." He tilted his head in thought. "Perhaps... I feel that Changelings could know, and learn much about, other cultures in a way few others can. Anypony can just live among another race, but only Changelings can become them. Could make some good ambassadors, and a neutral party for disagreements between nations. If they, we, Changelings, yes, Changelings are able to come out of the shadows onto the world stage. Perhaps it is just a fever dream, a particularly intriguing idea marred by reality. Certainly not happening anytime soon, but I say keep one ear on the past, one ear to the future, and your eyes on the present. Right now, it seems to me from what you've told me that Changelings have spent so long doing things their own way, deep in the shadows, alone, unloved until they take that love, they may resist changing altogether. Ironic, in a sense. The most adaptable race has the least adaptable ideology."
  7. Texty clicked at the mention of the Griffons. "I do hope the Griffons get better from this relationship. The last time I traveled to their capital, it was a complete wreck with pretty much no governing body whatsoever. That is not an advisable situation. Plus, my wallet was stolen, but that is beside the point." He turned upside down. His prescription sunglasses started to slip off, so he adjusted them. "I hear Equestria is making friends with Yakyakistan and the Dragon Lands. It feels like we're building towards something greater, but I'm not sure what. Some sort of grand alliance, perhaps. A bit for your thoughts?"
  8. "Ah, yes, pride. The downfall of so many, according to the stories my mothers told me from when I was but a little grub." Texty said, shaking his head slowly. "We can only do so much. We can try to open their eyes, but only the two sides, Pony and Changeling, can make themselves see." He thought about it, and let out a chittering chuckle. "Though if it were that simple, we would have been living in harmony a long time ago. Perhaps it would be beneficial to show what the Changelings and Ponies could get out of it."
  9. Texty let out a low hum. "That isn't as nice as I thought it would be. You really need Equestria's help, don't you? If only it was easier for everypony and every changeling to see eye to eye a little more." He thought about it. Perhaps writing a book about this might help. At the very least it would make him feel better.
  10. Wrench Works capped her pipe and put it away once she was sure it stopped smoking. She confirmed her own tools, then after going through the schematic in her mind she thought about the tools she needed that she did not carry with her. All set, she entered his lab. She catalogued each item in the lab, figuring which items she could use for her invention and which ones she would have to improvise around. She hummed; While she would have enough to create the desired effect, she was missing key components that would allow her to direct it. She filed that information away for later. The proof of concept was most the most important factor. Her horn lit, and she grabbed each tool and material she needed at once, getting to work right away.
  11. "Ah. Kind of a shame." Texty said. He shifted his position lightly. "I have fond memories of my parents reading poetry to me when I was little, usually before I go to sleep." He realized that, if Changelings are more adept at adapting cultures than forming their own, there might not be as much identity towards being a Changeling as he thought. "What is a typical day in the life of a Changeling in the Hive?"
  12. "Of course." Wrench Works said. "I brought my tools for that purpose." She trotted to the saddlebags she had brought and levitated several tools out. "I trust you have the resources for this endeavor."
  13. Helping Hooves let out a small hum. While he definitely caught that slip up, he knew better than to press her on it. They were now here to make friends, not to make enemies. <<I will be fair. Ponies judge unfairly, but most races do that. As a "Minister of Foreign Affairs", I work to keep the peace with other nations and advise my "Heirs" on matters outside of New Equestria. I am not exactly supposed to seek diplomacy with this nation without orders from higher up, but at this point we will have better luck making allies of Changelings than convincing the Griffons not to invade.>> <<Spread your limbs out, please.>> The doctor said, his horn lighting as he prepared his examination scans.
  14. <<Most ponies are cautious around Changelings.>> Diamond replied. <<Centuries of prejudice are hard to overcome.>> He shrugged. Helping nodded. The doctor led Agile into his office. It looked like a regular doctor's office, if slightly sparser. <<Please, on the table.>> He chittered, gesturing to the cold-looking metal table in the center of the office.
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