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About Me

At some point during my roleplaying life on here, I expect at least one person to ask something like "Yo, dude. Like, what is the deal with this character, bro? What's his story, like, why does he even exist?" or similar questions. Fear not, my friends, for I come to you now with answers to at least a portion of your questions, should they arise.

Firstly, it's worth noting that Thoren has been and probably always will be my one and only OC that I will ever have. He has existed ever since 2010, and has been through many changes and revisions. Since I never had to divide my creative attention among multiple characters, I've been able to polish up this character in such a way that I am fully satisfied in how he's turned out, and he's proven to be a very fun character for me to include in not just roleplays, but fanfiction as well. I'm not overly comfortable with the thought of roleplaying as any canon character and possibly messing up in some way, but I can definitely do a good Thoren, and I'm happy with that!

Secondly, and perhaps most largely, is the incredible role that Thoren has had in terms of expressing creative energy. He is the answer to the huge "what-if" question that probably many of us ask ourselves whenever we watch a movie, read a book, or play a video game with a solid story. The question that places ourselves either in the shoes of one or more characters, or as our own character that we add into the story on our own. We then satisfy this need to project our own essence into the things that we enjoy. In this case, we express ourselves largely through our writing and roleplaying skills. We create characters that we then bring to life through our words, and we drastically affect the many events in Equestria, Hogwarts, Alternia, maybe even Mt. Olympus.

This is what Thoren is to me. In the way I've designed his character traits and abilities, I enable the act of pretty much plugging him into whatever universe I want to, and let Thoren leave his own impression in the many worlds and franchises that have had such a great impression on our own world, and our lives.

Of course, those are only a couple reasons that I can actually explain. But hopefully that clears up at least some small portion of any haze that may or may not exist!

Thanks for reading! Now, let's get back out there and have ourselves a time!

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