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  1. The majority of what I listen to doesn't come from bands, but I'll see what I have... Acrassicauda White Chapel Oomph! Katzenjammer Infected Mushroom Inner Party System Ratatat Blue Foundation Gorillaz Kongoz Muse System of a Down Uh, I think that's it as far as bands go. With that said I cherry pick songs. I might like some and not others, it's very rare for me to like entire albums. Out of the ones I listed Infected Mushroom is easily my favorite, but I'm not even sure if it qualifies as a band. There are quite a few things that other people listed that I like, I just haven't listened to them recently. Someone should make a thread about soundtracks so I can fill an entire page with my list
  2. Well, do you think a catchphrase is absolutely necessary? Sometimes I find myself turned off by YouTube channels that force themselves to follow some kind of 'protocol'. I know the really popular channels all have specific intros and outros, they have a name for their fan base, they have a catchphrase, they have running jokes, etc etc. But I think that stuff is better when it comes naturally. Rather than fabricating jokes or catchphrases, wait till your fan base picks up on something you said that stood out to them. They'll appreciate it a lot more when you acknowledge something that they chose! My favorite example of this comes from Good Mythical Morning. They eat weird stuff, like, a lot. One episode they were eating worms of all things and the crew members who prepared the worms were all giggly about it. To provide some solace, they said "The worms were boiled for safety" which really isn't comforting at all, but that's what makes it funny. I see that in the comments section all the time now. "Don't worry, blank was boiled for safety." stuff that's ironic and meant to be comforting, but when you come down to it, you're still eating worms. But all of that aside I'd love to see a YouTuber end all happy, giving the usual spiel of 'Like, comment, favorite, subscribe! See you next time blahblahblah!' then suddenly taking on a serious expression and a deeper voice to say "Don't laugh at me." right before the video cuts off. My humor is kinda weird.
  3. Whichever episode had 'This Day Aria' in it. ...Bet you can't guess why. I'm a sucker for Disney-like villain songs. WAIT WAIT! Edit! Hearth's Warming Tail took my heart for the songs.
  4. I thought the way to collapse content was to throw them in spoilers, but the way it shows up when I preview a post makes it seem like it's going to show up in a box labelled 'spoilers'. I figured it's worth asking just to be sure.
  5. Mute


    I like a lot of anime but I'm not a huge fan of shonen anime (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tale, etc) with the exception of Dragon Ball Z, GT, and just plain ol' Dragon Ball because DBZ will always have a special place in my heart. As for the anime I DO like: Cowboy Bebop Space Dandy Dead Leaves (Movie) Summer Wars (Movie) Sword of the Stranger (Movie, also I would marry the absolute heck out of the main character <3) Hotarubi no Mori e (Movie, I'd marry Gin too.) Samurai Champloo Eden of the East (Another one where I'd marry the main character) Mushishi (Why do I want to marry everyone?) Usagi Drop Kill la Kill Gurren Lagaan Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood of course) Knights of Sidonia (I'd marry Tsumugi even though she's a giant alien mech lady) and many, many of the ones that were already mentioned.
  6. What's a good place of residence? I need somewhere that would make sense for a very holistic nurse of sorts, and somewhere that would provide a good amount of roleplay.

    1. Bellosh


      Howdy ho! It sounds like you're looking for a place where medical professionals don't mostly work at the hospital. While these two spots may not fit the bill exactly, Ponyville and Canterlot are two heavily-RPed areas where it'd be plausible for a midwife to make house calls.


      If those two places don't fit the bill, have a read-through of the WoE Lore and see which place in Equestria strikes your fancy. :)

    2. Mute


      Thanks! I would have asked this through the main forums but it seemed like such an unimportant question that I chose to stick it here instead.

  7. I'll give this a shot. Naturally I'm interested in drawing~
  8. I have a lot of career ideas and Mute just happens to fit the bill for an occupation that I'm fascinated with but will never try. The only reason I made this character take the job, is because this is my little pony, and MLP doesn't detail tragedy (which is bound to happen eventually when you work with pregnant women and infants). Of course I didn't design her entirely for the purpose of being a midwife.The occupation interests me but I actually chose her name first and built her from there. I decided that I wanted a motherly intellect and that I wanted those two traits to clash. Being motherly and intellectual is great for her occupation, but in her personal life she's fighting her duties as a mother and her need to fulfill intellectual pursuits. I also wanted some kind of irony related to her job so I thought dumping Bristle into her care would make things interesting (A midwife who's surprised with a child she never asked for). I wanted this change in lifestyle to be unexpected and not by choice. She was almost forced to adopt Bristle but she already has an established relationship with him and she adores him since he's her sister's foal. I also wanted to reflect her name in both appearance and personality. So there you have it: She's quiet with very soft, muted colors. She's motherly and intellectual, and uses this to her advantage as a midwife, but was forced to care for her sister's foal Bristle. Because she now has to care for a child outside of work she finds it increasingly difficult to spend time on personal interests. To top it all off, her more reserved personality makes it all too easy for her to cut everyone out of her life except for Bristle, leading to a pretty bad example of social skills and a relationship where the parent is too reliant on the child for emotional support. Bam bam, conflict! As a result she needs someone to fill the holes in her life and straighten her out, but she's a workaholic and she won't settle for just anyone. Her magic, talent, and cutiemark were decided last. I used them to support the idea of her being a midwife and to justify her personality. Those basically fill in the gaps for questions like "Why is she a midwife?" and "Why is she quiet?" and "Why is she so focused on this and that?" Her unusual physique, being that she's small and has a stunted leg, is more like a mini character flaw/conflict that kind of adds to her need to compensate intellectually and draw her away from her interest in adventure.
  9. My first name means honey bee, my middle name means boar (also a daughter of Cadmus) and my last name means autumn mountain.
  10. I want to make a character that's very tomboy in appearance but I don't know where to start. Every idea I've had I just scrapped... Usually my characters are feminine in appearance regardless of their personality but I gotta change it up every now and then. Any ideas...?

    1. SymphonicFire


      Maybe smaller eyes with short eyelashes? More defined/sharper jaw line? Short hair?

    2. Lux


      Cropped mane and tail as well as a more athletic body will work. See the Wonderbolts and Rainbow Dash for good examples.

  11. I'm willing to contribute to a banner, sounds fun.
  12. On the subject of styles I decided to compare my style, the style of MLP, and real horses/ponies. From right to left, average pony, Celestia, my pony, a random horse, and a shetland pony. After looking over the differences between all of these I find myself wishing I threw in a comparison to a llama. It seems that the biggest changes are to muscle/form definition and the shape and positioning of the head. Real horses and ponies have outstretched necks and long faces, but the stylized versions all have more upright necks and short muzzles with a steep forehead. Frankly, they look more like llamas. Another thing I found amusing was that after I resized everything to be the same height, the average mlp pony and the shetland pony are incredibly similar in proportions. Still, I'm pleased with how balanced my style is between the two extremes. I think I might make some small changes, especially to the neck and shape of the head. I hope I haven't killed this topic with my rant about style, feel free to share your thoughts guys!
  13. I have a 7$ mouse... But Sycra, someone who is an excellent art teacher and youtuber, has done lots and lots of reviews on different tablets and programs such as: XP-PEN Artist 22HD Sketchbook Pro Gimp Paint Tool Sai Huion H610 Parblo Coast22 He hasn't done an official review that I know of, but he typically uses Wacom Cintiq 22HD. The descriptions of his videos always tell you what tools he's using. If you guys are curious I guess his reviews are worth checking out and he's a great art resource over all. With that said, he seems to completely disagree with me on Sai, so I'm not saying he's perfect! His style can also be very off putting if you aren't used to seeing stuff very different from the norm. Sai is my god.
  14. What you're describing is color theory, things that are highlighted tend to be warmer colors (or slide more toward warm colors) while things that are shaded tend to be colder colors (slide more toward cold colors) but whether or not they are what they appear to be doesn't matter to me. They appear to be obvious blues and greens and whatnot. Just because it may be a purple or orange under the eye dropper doesn't mean I'm going to change my mind about the images. I do understand the need to limit colors though I'm just not a fan of the result... Dynamic imagery and exposition is wonderful. I see it all the time in anime/manga so I'm not sure where you got the impression that they don't use it. The style is pretty limited as far as animations go, but there are a few out liars that are incredible. As inappropriate as it is, I love the style in the Prison School manga (don't look it up if you're under 18), Me Me Me! (Don't look that one up either), and Girl which is by the same people as Me Me Me!(Why are all of the examples I can think of highly inappropriate?) Girl is especially creative and makes me want to puke because they emphasize her girliness so much it looks like Lisa Frank's work at some parts, but that's the point! It uses the style to their advantage. I have a manga book called Me2, it's super weird, but the artist Sho Murase has an incredibly exotic style that plays with form and color. All of these have insane, exaggerated angles and lighting. On the same token I can think of a lot of reasons people might hate these styles. I wish I kept all of the weird styles I've seen over the years, this topic has me rather excited about the idea.
  15. I don't mean cell shading. I mean more specifically the colors, such as the woman reading the scroll in the third image. I feel like many of the colors in that style are very to the point. That red is very obviously red, the blues are very obvious blues, and the green is a very obvious green. For a quick comparison, the flora in the painterly drawing you linked is mostly blue, grey, and really desaturated greens and browns. I definitely agree with you in liking images that mix colors that way, I loooove exotic lighting and colors that aren't so straight to the point. The artists who did these images are easily among my favorite digital artists. As much as I love these styles, I probably wouldn't choose them for character references because I don't feel like they give you a very solid grasp of design. Cell shading or even flat shading is better for getting the point across (and a little extra for texture is fine too!) but overall I love to sprinkle in some art that isn't just for reference.
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