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  1. Mothtail


    Awww, her scarf reminds me of my old 'Brownies' uniform! Wonderful idea for a character, and wonderful art!
  2. It's a problem with kids animation at the moment that there's no money in the animation itself - the money's in merchandising, and animation is ridiculously expensive to make. This doesn't necessarily make a bad program (after all, we're in a forum dedicated to a show with a pretty healthy merchandise business behind it! ) but it can have some... unpleasant side effects. Ben 10, for example, had pretty good writing at the start, but as more merchandise was being sold, more monsters need to be put into the show itself, and they need to be written in, and well, you get the idea..... It's a shame, especially here (in the UK), because up until a while ago we were one of the biggest producers of children's animation. But the government refuses to give the industry any tax breaks (unlike France, Canada, India etc), so it's all getting sent there. If they did, it'd bring a lot more money to the UK in the long-run than they'd spend giving it to studios. But the same can be said of all the arts in the UK, and they've already cut funding to the Arts Council, and axed the film council completely Not to mention the fact that Jamie Oliver's meddling with food adverts got rid of a lot money that usually went towards animation ...Well... /end rant. Sorry to ramble but, yes, LOTS of factors go into making animation....
  3. Mothtail


    @Trilobite - Those were the things that I was trying to work on, when I was doing this; I'm so glad that I've achieved my aims! @ Ginger Mint - Thank you! I use Paint Tool Sai, and I know that it's watercolour paintbrush can be made opacity/width sensitive, as well as given a texture, and colour blending options on top of that - it's really rather good!
  4. Wonderful idea, and execution! Are these linocuts?
  5. Mothtail


    Thanks guys, your kind comments mean a lot to me!
  6. Mothtail


    This is fab! Great use of the little gradients in the wings to create texture, loving the background too :3
  7. Looking lovely! Which paint program did you use? I like the painterly texture
  8. That song was amazing! It's been too long without a song (and Fluttershy! and Fluttershy singing!) I guess it figures that Rainbowdash's pet is more mature than she is?
  9. Thanks for the kind comments! Thats... good, right?
  10. I'd seen the 1st part of the pilot on Cartoon Brew, and I can remember thinking something like 'well I don't know what he's got his knickers in a twist for, this is actually rather good....'
  11. All the Nickelodeon nicktoons, and the Cartoon Network cartoon cartoons I remember, but Courage the Cowardly Dog, Aaah Real Monsters & Rugrats were my favourites. Also whatever of the first MLP series we could find on tape. When I was much younger though, I remember watching mostly funny little british animations, like Postman Pat, the Clangers and Bagpuss. So different from now... sadly http://youtu.be/Lol3fjAyoJw
  12. @Appliance: Thanks! And I've always been a bit of fan of G1 - maybe that influence is coming through? @ Ginger Mint: Thank you! Heheh, I was going for a look of intense concentration X) ....We're all ponies here
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