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  1. She has already been saved. Just relax. *gives you a derpy doll*
  2. "Wait you said her name was enbermane? That is a pretty name, and mane too." Turns smiled as the waiter brought their food and booth the banana pops were given to the filly
  3. (Rofl tells bout it I has rampant insomnia haven't slept since my car wreck)
  4. Omg so cute must have! *glomps*
  5. "Not at all I get one every now and then myself." He smiled and ordered two banana pops and a cranberry salad, then the wait or was off. "I try to come here every Friday. Easier said then done sometimes, oh how rude of me. I'm Turn Tables by the way."
  6. Turns decided to wait for the young filly to order before he did. "You can pick anything off the menu I honestly don't mind," then he thought that she might not know what to pick, "If you ask me their cranberry and apple salads are really good."
  7. "Well I'm gonna get a daisy and daffodils sandwich myself,and maybe some coffee." The big pink DJ loved his coffee. While he waited for a waitor, he listened to the conversation that mystik was trying to have with the filly.
  8. ((Sorry its so short hard to reply from my phone))
  9. Turns chuckled, "How did u know I was about to ask?" He joked as he led the two back to the table. "Order whatever you like."
  10. "Hey i said it was my treat ma'am, we need to get this filly some food she looks hungry." Turns lookked at the filly with just a twinge of sympathy, after all i hadnt been to long ago when he left his single mother to make hs own way inn the world and he could tell this filly was trying to do the same, or so he thought anyways, and he had the extra bits now s it wouldnt hurt to give to a filly in need. "And if she needs i have an extra bedroom in my apartment she can stay in, your welcome to stay too if you dont already have a place." Turns you letting your mouth get ahead of you again, these could be common street ponies out to rob you of everything you have. 'nah i dont think they would. Besides this filly needs some help, and im gonna make sure she gets it.'
  11. Turns chuckled and then looked out to were the little pony was 'Oh she does look rough'. He followed the blue pony outside the cafe and stood just a little ways back quietly observing, 'well why not' . "Is everything alright? You dont look to good." Maybe his instincts were telling him something was wrong but he couldnt put his finger on quite what it was he knew from experience what a down on their luck pony looked like and this young filly fit the mold perfectly. "Would you like to come eat with us? My treat."
  12. "Wow what a great day." The leaves had just begun to change and the clubs were warming up as ponies were striving to find somewere to get out of the cooling weather. Turns had seen record profits for the year and his spirits were high. He could finally afford to treat himself once in a while instead of having to hoard every penny he earned and then just paying the rent and food he had to have. As the bright pink DJ was sitting down at a cafe for some lunch he noticed another blue pony looking hungrily for something, "Excuse me would you like to come sit with me? Id buy you lunch if you do." Why he was doing this he didnt know just a hunch he thught. Maybe she would take the offer maybe not who knew.
  13. i sorry just really don wanna make a new oc for one thread, though it does seeem like a great idea.
  14. "ack!" Turns shouted reeling from being kicked in the nose, "I was gonna try and avoid that happening this year, thats a pretty good kick you got there." Turns couldnt quite remember the ponys nae, though he was sure he had seen her before.Instead of trying to apoligize all he could think to do was rub his nose with a large pink hoof. After a minute Turns remembered that he had probebly scared the poor filly. "I apolizize if i scared you, i heard a mare outside hollering and i thought you were quite a bit older."
  15. "This looks intresting," There was no real threat that any of the chaglings inside were real. So turns decided to walk on inside the cave. A little ways inn the first changling jump out and made tuns jump backwards.after a few tense moments turns regained his heart and both the costumed pony and turns started laughing. "wow you got me that time" After he departed from the first scare zone he heard a filly yell "i aint scared " and heard her charge in headlong. "i should try to scare her." And with that the deep pink DJ was now a part of the haunted cave.
  16. i am back back back back again, turn tables is backbackbackback tell ur friends. hey guys im back for the time being dont know how long,but i cant wait to RP with you guys again.
  17. no i havntbut i will nect time thatnks ginger:)
  18. why when i shade does the scanner never pick up on it?
  19. From the album: DJPink

    well this is the base image for my first adventure into using GIMP oh lord help me
  20. DJpinkypie


    just doodles of mine
  21. From the album: DJPink

    Dont ask about the title i just thought it sounded cool. This is supposed to be an equestrian military theme art. I know i failed at but here ya go.
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