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    I'm interested in art, anime, mlp (of course), a variety of video games and youtubers, writing, and music.

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  1. This is really really awesome! You've done great with shading and proportions and your style is absolutely amazing!
  2. Thank you very much! You have really helped! But... if I may I'd like to ask one more question... I feel stupid for asking this but... how do I delete photos in a certain album? I accidentally duplicated a photo and can't seem to find it. (I'm so sorry)
  3. Mau

    Mau's Art!

    This'll mostly consist of my ponies and if I feel like something awesome has happened on one of the roleplays here, ill probably draw it!
  4. Omg that explains it! I feel stupid now >~< Can you perhaps tell me where I could then? I'm sorry for being so complicated
  5. Thank you! Umm if it helps ill leave these screen shots... they're from the claiming a character page
  6. Mau

    Silver Gadget

    Haha, thank you! I really like how the background turned out for this as I usually have problems with backgrounds ^W^
  7. Hmmm. I understood that you need at least three posts to unlock certain things and that you can't use your oc until it it approved; but I mean there is literally no button to start a thread ON the page to get my oc approved
  8. Mau


    Thank you, and I definitely need to catch up on my little pony as I haven't exactly been able to keep up recently! Also, I hope I do enjoy them, so far the site seems close to straight forward! ^^
  9. Mau


    *she hugs you back, smiling* I definitely will enjoy my stay! People like you have been so nice!
  10. Hello! I'm Mau and well, I'm new here. I was concerned with the fact that while looking through the forums for having an oc or claiming a Canon character I found I couldn't post in them. I didn't know if this is the fact that I am using a hand held device or if I simply am not finding the answer. On the top of this board, the help board, it said starting a new topic, but the others did not have this button. So, the question is, Is there a restriction on certain boards until you reach certain requirements?
  11. Mau


    Hello, I'm Mau and I hope I can have fun with you all! ^^
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