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    I'm interested in art, anime, mlp (of course), a variety of video games and youtubers, writing, and music.

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    Gazing Dipper
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    Silver Gadget
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    Dual Song
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About Me

Hello, my name is Mau! I'm currently 14, about to turn fifteen and have found myself in love with role-playing. I originally started with homesick then went on to Undertale but, I had never thought to make my own OC's for My Little Pony, at least, until a bit ago. So, I've been searching for a site that isn't confusing, has a decent amount of people, and seems to allow arms room for mistakes! As, I know ILL definitely make some of those...

Random facts:

My favourite colour is green though none of my ocs have the colour

My favourite food is currently pizza, though this changes to my mood

My favourite drink is Dragon fruits tea when I want to stay awake, and chamomile when I can't sleep

Cats over dogs!

P.S. I have already made a mistake... I was messing with the signature and pressed quote quite a few times and now can't get rid of the massive amounts of 'quote'

Please. Send help.

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