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  1. Nothing major, just didn't work out have you heard of Akudama Drive?
  2. I got Chongyun in my beginner roll for Noelle and he's literally been a staple of my party since then, I was actually a little disappointed to get two greatsword people back to back I'm so upset that I wasn't able to grab any merch, some of it was killer
  3. even as a F2P I have too many characters to work with in a timely manner goodbye Unus Annus 😭
  4. I wish I had those bucks back since I don't have i n c o m e though if I had it on hand I'd probably drop money on genshin instead
  5. I sank a ton of time and money into Warframe and I think I might just be permanently burnt out on it, though honestly I also just can't play it on this laptop
  6. honestly I just haven't been playing a lot of games recently, I had a major stint of Nuclear Throne followed by a shorter but still intense period of playing nothing but Enter the Gungeon and now I'm basically only playing games when other people play ones I wanna join, so I've done some Barotrauma and Spellbreak recently along with just a dash of Among Us
  7. I'm always baffled by how people to this day still find replayability in minecraft so I don't think I'd enjoy AC
  8. I got $500 on amazon a few months ago and it's slowly being drained for burger king giftcards
  9. the only thing better than suffering is succeeding after suffering, only to suffer more afterwards gosh I love this anime I want it to have so many seasons
  10. I'd say it's pretty good, especially if you enjoy suffering and/or watching others suffer
  11. I watched the dev cut stuff recently so I couldn't help but start watching S2 as it airs
  12. the real pain of re:zero season 2 is the waiting
  13. pain and anime.......... is this re:zero
  14. as long as a second meteor doesn't come around I got this
  15. It's been wild how not wild everything's been recently irl
  16. 🏁Howdy, care for some nuggets and sriracha
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