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    Becoming good friends, and uncovering my past as a prince.

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    Dragonfire (who is a long lost Prince)
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    Blizzard the Far North
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  1. This RP is open for anyone who wants to join. A mysterious piercing white Unicorn Colt appears but he's dressed in sacred gold armor with a sapphire blue mask. This is Dragonfire, he's trying to uncover what his lineage is, but he can't do it alone, he will need friends.
  2. No one wants me around. *begins to pack up.*

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    2. starswirlthebearded


      No one wants me around either, yet here I am.

    3. Dio


      The setting here is a bit more intimate in terms of player to player interactions, so people like talking to other people as much as roleplaying.  People will warm up to you after to speaking with you out of character.  You can check in the OOC section for players advertising open threads or post a request there yourself.  I also recommend hopping into Discord to chat with other players in real time to plan threads and adventures.  You'll find the widget in the sidebar on the main forum page.

    4. Rosewind


      You have to make it so other people want you around -- nobody is going to reach out for you if you don't make yourself the person others want to interact with.

  3. *He trots away to head back to Fillydelphia, maybe there he will learn more of his far away home.*
  4. A young piercing white colt, wearing his sacred gold armor and sapphire blue mask, is seen sound asleep near Canterlot park. He just wants to make friends, but nopony wants to talk to him. As time goes on he slips into despair, and he begins to feel like he doesn't belong here. "My only wish is that I had a good friend for me to play with and help me solve the mystery of my past life." He said. "If no one wants to I might as well just go to the next town or perhaps I should go to the city of Fillydelphia."
  5. Anyone wanna roleplay?

  6. Dragonfire, the new colt, appears: Hello. I just wanna say thank you.

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    2. RyuseiOh


      I think it's time I told you why dragon fire keeps his armor on

    3. knight


      Maybe try making a character application so everyone can read and learn about your character? That might add more interest to him and get people to jump into all the RP's you want, sugarcube. :smug:

    4. SymphonicFire


      Knight...this is a month old...

  7. Thanks. I can't help it, I'm just really nervous because I found out I'm the last of a royal bloodline.
  8. Dragonfire. Unicorn Colt. Adventurous but is trying to recollect his memory of his life before it was erased. Friendly too. He hopes to find the missing key to his past. He arrived on a hunch that in this small town he would be able to find a clue that would lead him on his adventure to find his memory and solve the mystery of his life.
  9. It was a normal day in Canterlot but not for Dragonfire a young unicorn Colt he is really upset and is feeling really blue like his eyes and his mask. He had come here from a far away place, but he has no memory of the location. He just wants to have some friends, and also to uncover his past shrouded in very deep mystery. Only by making some really good friends will he be able to solve this mystery and who knows you might be able to uncover some new things with him.
  10. *The new yong unicorn colt is alone in Canterlot, he's lost and without any family. Realizing this, he trots over to the park, sits down, and sighs sadly, no one wants to talk or hangout with him.*: Why me?

    1. SymphonicFire


      Symphy has been here for a while, so she is familiar with most faces. Seeing a new one sitting down with a lonely look, she walks over and pats him slowly on the head. "Don't worry bro. Instead of waiting for someone, why not look for someone to talk to instead, eh?"

    2. RyuseiOh


      Okay. You lead and I'll follow

    3. RyuseiOh


      I never was good with making friends anyway.

  11. You've made this colt a happy one.
  12. I will. However, I'm still nervous about being here.
  13. I will, your making this colt feel more at home
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