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  1. Rudan


    Welcome to the site! Don't be shy to talk to people, and have fun. 8D
  2. Title says it all. I'm working on the idea of a new fic that I just started working on, just something I want to experiment with so I can post something on my Fimfiction account. It will have some Human In Equestria and Human-turned Pony elements into it. I'm just for anyone who would like to read it over and search for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Nothing too fancy. Anyone interested? I'd really appreciate it.
  3. "MOTHER!" He shouted once again around the grassy environment around him, causing an echo that could heard from afar as he desperately attempted to find his dear friend and motherly figure. After waiting, and hoping, to get a response from the very person he held dearly, he received nothing but the sounds of nearby trees bustling against the night breeze. Due to this, he began to panic. He was in a place he was unfamiliar with, a place where he shouldn't be, and worse; the poor thing was all alone in the night amongst a large and open field in the outside. Not only that, but his organic torso was in a lot of pain from the burns, which was amplified by the fact the orange suit he had on was filled with holes that were still dispersing heat and black smoke. Despite all of this, he managed to keep himself moderately contained, and simply not break down on the floor and mope; he was still aware that doing something like that would not help him in any way. He took off the heavy backpack strapped on his body, making a loud thud as he dropped it on the ground. He bent on one knee and began rummaging through it's many pockets, trying to find something through all of the stuff that was already packed inside of it. Finally, that all stopped when he brought out a blocky radio with one hand and clicked a switch on the side. "Mother, this is Gabriel! Are you-?!" Suddenly, the device on his hand made a violently loud screech that was accompanied by small streams of electricity. "Ugh!" He said in pain as the streams of electricity struck his chest, and the loud screech irritated his hearing; while he lacked organic ears, he still felt pain from the sudden loud noise. Out of instinct, he threw the device on to the ground, and looked at it with shock, his 'eye' dilating into a small light dot, an action very reminiscent to an actual pupil.
  4. This is a message to anyone that's interested in joining; while the rp has started, it's NEVER too late to be joining in it. I'll post the link of the thread here. But like I said, if anyone else is interested to join in, go ahead ans say so, and tell me what kind of character you'll be using.
  5. Hello there! Welcome to Canterlot, you came to the right place to rp or make new friends! 8D A college student studying Animal Care, huh? Looks like we have our own (relatively close) neighborhood Fluttershy. XD Anyway, have fun and enjoy your stay. I hope for us to be great friends in the future. If you'd like, pm me to chat or goof around.
  6. Another newbie has joined the group! Welcome to the site! 8D
  7. The mountainous areas that Canterlot were built upon was peaceful and serene during the time of night. The cool winds blew and gave a soft chill, the stars twinkled in the night sky as the moon shone down it's bright white light to the lands below, and groups of fireflies flew around the grassy plains while their bodies glowed green. Meanwhile, in the royal city itself, groups of wandering ponies were beginning to end their daily routines by heading to the safe confines of their homes, preparing for bed and ready to start anew in the morning. However, there were a small number that chose stay awake for the night, not minding to remain active during dusk hours. Suddenly, outside of Caterlot's large moat, a ball of spiraling energy appeared without proper reason, and exploded. The explosion only left a couple meters worth of grass to be burnt into a black crisp, but it was loud enough to be heard from miles. Once the smoke has cleared, a form of a creature became visible. It was tall and bipedal, standing to be six feet in height with a slender-like build. It wore a strange, orange, rubbery suit that was covered in holes and burns that emitted small streams of smoke. The being's head seemed to be completely made of metal and was slopped in shape. He didn't appear to have a mouth, or an actual face for that matter, but a singular 'eye' that looked more like something from a flashlight. After some time of regaining his senses, the being began to turn and look around the environment he was in frantically, his mind filled with worry and fear as he acknowledged that he was in a completely different world. Despite looking like a golem of some sorts, his movements and mannerisms seemed very organic. "Mother?" He called out loudly as he continued to look around the environment in confusion and worry. His voice sounding very reminiscent to an organic. "MOTHER?!" (Here's the link to the discussion thread about this rp to anyone is interested in joining. It's never too late, and I's appreciate more people coming in. )
  8. Alright, I'm still waiting for two more people to PM me, but I think I'll just end starting the rp soon.
  9. Rudan


    Hello, Flame! 8D I'm also a new guy that has joined pretty recently, so it's nice to see a fellow newbie. Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  10. Hello there! As a fellow newbie, I'm glad to greet you into the forum! 8D
  11. Hello there! Welcome to the community! I just joined recently as well, so it's nice to see another new face. Also, your art is tremendously gorgeous as hell.
  12. I read his app, it looks really good! And I'm liking his character, so far. 8D Can't wait to see him in action.
  13. Sure! OCs can be put into this. 8D Just not a whole bunch of them all at once, because I worry that things may get messy in terms of so many characters getting packed in together. Can you link me a pic or profile of your OCs, please?
  14. Hello to anyone reading this! I am very new to this site, and I would like to start off an idea of an rp that's been in my mind for some time. While this is an rp in the FFA category, I would like it (and need) for anyone to play the roles of the mane six (plus Starlight Glimmer) and Princesses. Here's a brief overview of what's going on. A self-aware, semi-organic robot by the name of Gabriel was trying to escape from a pursuit with his creator and adopted mother, Eleanor. They were being chased by members of an organization that previously supported her scientific projects; such as trans-dimensional travel. Desperate on trying to find a way to get away from their pursuers, Eleanor activated a portal that was still under construction, and attempted to input a trajectory that would only "teleport" them to a random location outside of the facility they were in. Unfortunately, due to the portal's framework still incomplete, it didn't work the way neither of them wanted. This forced the two to become separated from each other, and end up somewhere in Equestria.Now, separated from his best friend and closest thing he has as a mother, he is alone and desperate to reuniting with her as he is trapped in a random location in Equestria; close to Canterlot. So, anypony interested? I'd appreciate the help.
  15. Oh, wait, that went to the wrong page! Just ignore that! Ignore it! And sorry!
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