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  1. [Celestia is Dead] Make a certain 4chan Rainbow Dash reference [And We Killed Her] Own a certain Lyra Plushie [Redemption] Donate to a brony charity [The Pink Side] Shop in the pink aisle of the toy store [Fallout Equestria: Project Long Read] Finish reading Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons [YEEAAAHHH] Make an achievement list
  2. Yay! thanks for that. I'm sure it's not to popular or well known, so I can understand why it wouldn't be here though. Thanks for the notice, Send pie ~
  3. Soo, I've read the the Daring Do books, and in the last one they introduce a new race of Pegasi called the Cirrostrata. It's essentially a Pegasus with floppy ears (like a rabbit) and three marks under one eye. Is this considered canon, because I think it'd be interesting to see it in the Worlds Of Equestria category for species. Just a thought
  4. Name: Crimson AceGender: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: CirrostrataEye colour: CrimsonCharacter colour: Chocolate BrownMane/Tail/Other: Light Brown, messy, long mane and tail, with bits of gold braided into the ends of his tail and mane. He wears a leather coat, that is also a bit dirty. He has two earrings on his left ear, and wears gold bracelets on his front legs, held there by a small enchantment. He also has a thing gold necklace. He has three brown marks under his left eye, and long floppy ears (like a bunny), but they are hidden with an enchantment.Physique: Lean and dirty, slightly taller than an average pony.Residence: No permanent residency.Occupation: Travelling entertainer, good with card games and tricks of the eye.Cutie Mark: A red ace of spades card.Unique Traits: Very good with cards and tricks of the eye, and can manipulate clouds extremely easily, packing them together to make small platforms of hard cloud that even earth ponies and unicorns can stand on. He is a Cirrostrata Pegasus, which means he has long floppy ears like a bunny, and three marks under one eye.History: Originally from the Cirrostrata hometown, he says he is actually from Fet Loch, in order to hide his identity. Shortly after making his name known as a charming entertainer, he left Fet Loch and travelled to Hoofington, in search of more ponies to entertain. When he arrived, he set up his pack of cards and began doing tricks to enchant and amaze the population. Again, after making a small name for himself and making a few friends, he packed up and left, heading off to Manehattan. He has since continued this way of life, travelling to different places and making himself known, and then leaving.Character Personality: Very upbeat and cheery, brushing of bad luck with no problem, and always trying to see the silver lining in things. He is very confident in himself, and because of this he acts very charming. He is not afraid of trying to talk his way out of trouble, or convincing ponies to lend him a few bits. Although he is extremely afraid of water, he can withstand being near small streams and light rain. However, he will immediately seek any kind of shelter if it starts to pour, and he will get queasy at the thought of large bodies of water, and paralyzed with fear when seeing them.Character Summary: He is a nice, fun-loving, slightly lazy traveller that loves to entertain and hates water. Even though he is a pegasus, he prefers walking and would rather be with his friends on the ground then stuck in the sky alone. He travels from place to place, hoping to meet all the ponies in the world, even though he knows that is impossible. He would much rather talk his way out of something then fight, and he loves his friends.
  5. Welcome to Canterlot my friend! Have fun and good luck with your role playing!
  6. Welcome to Canterlot! Hope you have a great time here!
  7. So, does anyone ever talk about Five Score Divided by Four, or is it just a quiet little story that people read and forget? I've heard plenty of 'discussion' over Fallout: Equestria, mostly because It's huuuge, and the fact that it's such a strange crossover throws a lot of people for a loop.. But what about Five Score? No, It's not a crossover, and no, It's not terribly long, but I read it and honestly.. It's extremely good. Sadly not as well written as Fallout: Equestria, but still, It is an incredibly well done fan fiction, that takes the time to talk about the mental changes and challenges of becoming a different species, and different gender. Or, more fittingly, reverting back to your original species and gender. The book is so amazing, and yet I hear next to no discussions, roleplays, or anything else of it, not even fan art.. Which is very depressing, considering some scenes would be very interesting to see. Have any of you even heard of this story? And if you have, where do you guys discuss it??
  8. Well, hi there. I'm probably not Lyra.. But I might be. Oh well, the world shall never know. Let's see now, how do I do introductions.. Well, first off, I feel I should let you know I am a brony. My favorite parts of this fandom are the Music and animation, man I just love that stuff. I also really love the stories, like Fallout: Equestria. That was a good one. I do roleplay, though I'm still trying to create a good OC to stick with. Actually, that's kinda how a found this website. I was just looking around for someplace I could talk to others and roleplay, and so I just googled up brony sites, and BAM, I found this. What was that? How did I become a brony you ask? Well, I'll tell you, since you asked so nicely. It is actually a grand story of self-discovery and internal emotional turmoil... Actually I just saw my sister watching the show and then I got hooked. Yep, I'm pretty basic. My favorite character has got to be either Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash. I love them both, plus they make a pretty good pair together. Rarity and Rainbow is also an awesome ship, just saying.. So, um, I guess that's it, huh? I'm honestly not too good with these introduction things, so sorry about that. Anyway, let's hope I can find some people to talk to. Wish me luck!
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