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    fallout oc

    ponies for fallout equestria
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    Baby Discord

    i love the Disney feel i get from this
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    HI! im new to this site and i really don't know what i'm doing, i guess ill just talk about myself, i'm D4lt0n i became a brony way back when, maybe the middle of the 1st season and the only reason i know about the show is because i started watching the show with my nieces. with my spare time i play video games ( mostly fallout ), my favorite system is the ps4 but i have accounts on xbox and steam as well, i guess comment on this and i'll ad you, i'm rarely on my xbox but always on steam or the ps4. my favorite mlp fan fic is fallout equestria aaaaaand i don't know what to say next, ask me a question if you want to know more and i'll do my best answer them.
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