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  1. Oh whoops! my initial idea for her was for her to be trans so i put male cuz i thought we had to put their sexes vs their actual gender, after asking around on discord?? cuz i was like "arent drone bees, all male or something" but then i looked around and found that her equivalent rank in a hive or colony would be the all-female worker position, so i meant to make her cis but forgot to change it. fixing it now! sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Titania to changelings, Little Birdie to poniesSex: FemaleAge: MareSpecies: Non-reformed changeling drone, often disguised as a pony Eye colour: Light tealCoat: GreyMane/Tail: Light greyPhysique: ScrawnyCutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: The chitinous cap on her back isn't a deep blue, but is instead a subtle gradient from indigo to green. Her wings aren't as inherently torn as most of her brethren, and are instead full and rounded like a cicada's. Eye colour: MangoCoat: Greyed PurpleMane/Tail: RaspberryPhysique: AverageCutie Mark: A dove carrying a letter Unique Traits: Her wings are multicolored on the top, normally colored on the underside. Little Birdie also wears blue eyeshadow upon her eyelids. if you can choose your own form, you might as well make it look flashy, right? Residence: Nomadic, as she ends to roam so much for her job that having a permanent residence became more of a hassle than it was worth. She has always wanted a home in Prance, but this is just a far off fantasy of hers, nothing more.Occupation: Among Equestrians, Little Birdie is a long-distance service mailmare, traveling all across the continent to bring mail and packages between far away establishments. To the Changeling Kingdom, Titania is a deep sleeper agent, utilized mostly to gather intel and updates on the status of the nation. History: Titania was born as a drone to Chrysalis's changeling empire, almost directly after the attack on canterlot. Being fresh larva, she was prioritized right after the queen in feeding, although the prosperous era of leeching off Cadence was over, and supplies of love were growing thinner each day. As such, after she began to mature, she was tapered off food bit by bit until she was given the same provincial rations and rank as the other drones in the army. Seeing how her kind requires love to survive, you'd think that the hive would've been one giant closely-knit family, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. Changeling culture, if you could even call it that, isn't exactly engineered to encourage friendships; her line of work entailed a lot of "every man for himself" mentality, as she'd go after any kind of tablescraps she could get, choosing to provide for herself over her fellow workers, and most others did the same. Those who didn't conform were often treated with suspicion and hostility, as, due to the widespread famine, many were paranoid of mutiny and backstabbings; not to the queen, of course, but towards each other. The only thing uniting the hive was their fealty to the queen. Having grown up knowing nothing else, Titania was quickly swept up into this mindset, and didn't think to question it. The second invasion, where all the top political figures were incapacitated, was one she was present for, though not as a crowning jewel by far. Instead, Titania was sent off to Equestria far prior to the actual coup to gather information on the state of the country itself, and whatever other important information she could uncover vis-a-vis news, rumors and events. After all, how was one to replace royalty both stealthily and undetectably without actually knowing what was going on in the country? Sure, there were plenty of other changelings in the empire, and there always were, but most were too busy upkeeping a facade for food to focus their attention on each minute detail surrounding the capital, Ponyville, and most other big-name cities, let alone report that information back to the queen. Seeing how she needed access to a lot of areas and a lot of gossip, being a mail pony was the perfect niche for her to fill. She took up the name Little Birdie for her use as a mare, took up the job, and began snooping and reporting in as much as she could. This gave her access to getting a copy of every city's newspapers, being able to snoop in pony's mail, and in general becoming a known face, which proved to be indispensable in not only accomplishing her function, but also in earning the Queen's appreciation, something which fueled her. The plan failed, this she knew. Her calls and reports stopped being returned, and its not as if something as big as the reconstruction of the changeling government would miss the headlines, something she exposed herself to with the utmost frequency. But still, details on Chrysalis's fate, and most other things in relation to the hive, were kept incredibly vague. Little Birdie had no idea what to do with herself at the time; she was a sleeper agent, an asset to be activated when needed, a spy that was meant to stay put until told otherwise, to live her life among the enemy til her fate was decided by her higherups. She knew Chrysalis was still out there, somewhere, and to abandon her post would be unthinkable to her for that reason. And even if she did want to leave, there was nowhere to return to; her loyalty was still to her old queen, not to the usurper Thorax, and she didn't wish to live like a bonapartist would've during the restoration... And, so, Titania kept her disguise, her name, her job, her life as a pony. And, like never before, she became immersed in it; no longer was it a meaningless fantasy, a brief experience with little consequence, it was her life now. She was stuck as Little Birdie until she could find out her colony's fate. Currently, she tries to do just that, though her primary focus is on her work and her general life, and adjusting to the culture shock that comes with entering a nation revolving on friendship when you'd been deprived of it your whole life. Character Personality: Titania, initially, was quite unfeeling. Most of her personality was just her own avarice, and this led her to being very selfish in the way she handled others, though she'd never go as far as to bully others out of their belongings. She was more like a ticking time bomb, willing to lash out if she was bothered, but otherwise, she kept to herself. She was suspicious of the intentions of others when it came to acts of selflessness and kindness, and never let herself get too close to another despite the loose bonds she'd have made with other drones. Because of this, she is quite independent and counts mostly on herself to do the things she has to do, if not just because she's not sure if she could trust someone else to actually do whatever it is correctly. She's paranoid when it comes to others, though lately she's been improving, and now only the most impressive of benevolence really daunts her. When she has to work on something with someone else, she's prone to become quite frustrated, although with time Titania may come to learn that teamwork isn't all that bad, and is in fact quite advantageous! The freedom of the individual in Equestria has had a profound impact on her, even more so than the unconditional kindness her new neighbors had to offer. Despite the hostility she was used to in the hive, she's always possessed a playful streak, loving to play pranks and make the most of her ability to assume different forms, though she never really got to exercise this until she found her new home. Being able to cause some light-hearted chaos on her trips has been one of the things that's kept her smiling, though she never knows when too far is enough. Sadly, this is the case with most things about her. Titania is constantly testing the waters with others, apparently not knowing when to stop, and any signals given to her go right over her head. She doesn't understand hints or clues at all, and requires simple bluntness to get things through her head. She's undergone the transformation from quiet and conformative to loud and boisterous quite easily, though she would swear that nothing has changed about her at all! Though she may not be the most chipper or polite, Titania is learning how to be a better friend pretty fast, but she's still showing herself the ropes. Though she's an optimist through and through, and tries her hardest to look towards the sunny side of things, her manners wear thin when she gets too comfortable, and her talkative and clingy nature can often give a bad impression. Due to her many months as a spy, she also has a bit of a problem eavesdropping and forcing secrets out of people, becoming uncomfortable if something is kept from her. Knowing things she's not supposed to know helps her feel more in control, I suppose. In a similar vein, she has the need to conceal information about herself, scared where people may dig, and has subsequently become something of an impulsive liar. Of course, pulling this off requires lots of charisma, something that she's not short on; her tendency to unintentionally do others favors just out of the kindness of her heart has made her quite likable, though she denies she does this, embarrassed to have her softer nature be pulled to the spotlight. Overall, Titania has a lot to learn about the way she needs to carry herself, but progress is made quick and slowly she's becoming more and more of a pleasure to be around. Character Summary: Titania is a changeling that still maintains her loyalty to the queen, feverishly so, as she was absent during the conquest of her hive by Thorax due to her role as a sleeper agent in Equestria. Because she sees herself as having no home to return to now, she now tries to live as a real pony and not just a spy, under the name Little Birdie. She works as a long-distance mailmare, completing the deliveries that stretch the most distance across the continent. On the side, she endeavors to discover the queen, and the fate of the rest of her hive. With each passing day, her fretting over the hive wanes, and her focus is slowly shifting from her role as an expendable unit to her life as an individual, due to the influence of the ponies.
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