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  1. The pegasus sat on his post like a happy filly, not realizing that the surroundings were lightening up. He grabbed one of the pastries between his front hooves and stuffed it into his mouth. There was something off though, almost as if he was chewing something woolly. He lowered his gaze to view his muzzle, covered by the black acrylic mask. Right, the pieces of the puzzle came together. Solarline gagged the cake pieces out, spitting the mask out of his mouth as well. He didn't bother cleaning the accessory, rather just lifting it enough with his left hoof to reveal his mouth before making his second attempt. The food actually met his mouth this time around, the taste of honey caressing his taste buds making him feel borderline ecstatic. It might have seemed like he was listening to the vital information they were handed, but in reality he was enjoying this way too much, merely swinging in his chair, staring at the candle lit ceiling, a smug grin painted on his face as he chewed on the cake. Dawn Shadow's case, however, suddenly made the pegasus quit his silent swinging, making him give Golden Glow a suspicious sideways look for the whole length of the case explanation. When she proceeded on to the next case, the snow white pony only heard the reports falling out as he had directed his attention elsewhere; a spider on the ceiling. Slowly he began to swing on his chair once more as he squinted his eyes at it. The pegasus slightly extended his wings in shock when a file was passed to him, waking him from his daydreams. He hastily grabbed it into his sticky hooves and opened it with something you could call excessive force, overdoing the whole 'eager and interested' act. "Oooh, must have been horrible! Tough luck...tough luck...because uhm...that...happened!"
  2. The pegasus took rather gallant steps as he held his head high, seemingly free of all care, trailing tightly behind the Aerion. His eyes were narrowed in apparent happiness throughout the journey to her house, only fully opening them as he entered inside. It was an useless endeavor as he didn't see a squat regardless. Unsurprisingly, among various other things he had an exceptionally bad perception in darkness, or even dimly lit locations. The pony took a slightly crouched stance, his eyes glimmering in determination as he took sneaking steps forward, making his best attempt at not bringing the roof down on his way to the dining room. He did good progress, only stumbling once midway through, all until reaching the destination table which he naturally collided with. His chest bumped against the piece of furniture, the wooden thump echoing in the room, followed by metallic clatter of the serving dishes as they shook. Solarline recoiled, gasped and froze the second he hit the table, his pinprick pupils locked onto the dishes as they wobbled. The event took only a split second, but the stallion staid in his frozen pose for a lot longer than that, his eyes shifting all around as he checked for any ruined servings. There were none. Taking a deep breath, his serious look faded and eyes squinted in happiness once more. Not when he sat down on his comfy chair, nor when he hoarded the treats like a survivalist did he get the brainchild of actually telling her of his bad dark vision. It was probably pretty apparent anyways.
  3. "Oh, yeah? Cookies? Hay fries? Oh, maybe...you...ha...ve..." His voice trailed off as he saw the diamond dog approach, making him narrow his eyes and slightly extend his wings in caution. The dogs used to cause some real trouble for the royal treasure shipments back in his guard days, the gem convoys almost expected to be raided. The masked pegasus didn't really show any emotion towards the dog, even if he was ready to jump on him at any sudden move. Not until the diamond dog, now naming himself Geode, presented a helpful paw to the Aerion mare next to him did he lower his wings and relax his tensed muscles, although rather cautiously. Though when Golden Glow mentioned her house, the pegasus instanteanously forgot what he was going at and twisted his head to her direction, eyes glimmering in pure bliss. "...or even hayburgers, or cupca- no, muffins! Chocolate ones for sure!"
  4. Sorry guys, I will write my reply in a min. Kind of died myself too due to the lack of activity. Oh and welcome back Bronco, long time no see lol.
  5. You don't need anything to rp on the FFA section. (Which is where we are now). But you do need an application if you wish to rp on WoE (World of Equestria) section. (Just itched to clear that up, apologies for invading lol.)
  6. Solarline returned her smile, although covered by his balaclava. "Yeah the uh...strange occurrences and all." He only had a distant clue what she was talking about. He came here because someone needed help, and those who need it usually pay for it too. His rent was like what, three months overdue and his lessor was probably waiting for him with a whip back home. Thanks to his higher than average pain threshold he was already as good as new, stomping his hooves and nodding profusely at the mention of possible snacks. Only now noticing that there was a third pony with them, he raised his eyebrow at the earth pony and his fascination with the Aerions wing, most likely because the white pegasus had already gotten used to the bat ponies himself during his time as a royal guard, Celestias cutie mark that decorated his balaclavas forehead always reminding him of this. "So um...what's on the menu...I mean...how goes the plan?"
  7. He gave Tender another confirming glance as he had 'cleared' the table, his eyebrows raising in confusion at the stallion's apparent discomfort. He switched his eyes from Golden Glow to Tender several times before realizing what was going on himself. He snorted, slowly shaking his head before returning to his card. The writing looked like it was made by a newborn, only thing that the card lacked now was some macaroni. The pegasus smiled under his mask, narrowing his eyes in happiness as he grabbed the card and inserted it into the same saddlebag as the flowers, turning a 180 to meet the door. "Aight, cheers! I'm gonna go now and-" He begun his goodbyes to the shopkeeper, keeping his eyes locked onto him as he spoke. This meant that he did not watch where he was going and missed the door by a good few feet, trotting head first against the wall. Solarline stumbled back, seeing stars all around him until giving his head a swift shake. "Ugh...who moved the door?" He said as he moved a few steps sideways, correcting his course with the exit. This time he paid attention, squinting at the door, waiting for it to move any second as he sneaked towards it. "A ha!" he shouted as he got to it, pulling the door open with all of his might and diving out, effectively face planting on the stone flooring of the outside world.
  8. The pegasus twisted his head instinctively, his blue eyes meeting the mare that rushed towards him, not quite reacting in time before she was already right in front of him, bombarding him with all sorts of questions. "Oh..hurt? Obvious-...Yeah, the sky...curse? No...I just...decided to take a little nap and then the ground ambushed me." He said, trying to get a grip of the situation, merely staring ahead as the Aerion checked him for damage. "The...lantern?" He questioned, already being gently pushed towards one that seemed to match the description. "Oh, er...hi Golden...Glow?" He greeted awkwardly after her introduction, raising his left front hoof to a slow, yet small wave. "The name's Solarline, friends call me uh...Solarline." He swiftly checked his surroundings, turning his masked head from left to right in search of something. He refocused on Golden Glow as it was his turn to question. "I was supposed to meet someone here. Got any leads on who that might be?" He asked, averting his gaze from the mare and squinting at a flier stamped on a nearby tree, eagerly pointing at it with his right hoof. "The one who made those!"
  9. All good things must come to an end, and so the quill snapped. "Aw dang it!" He yelled out in exasperation, raising his head to view the ceiling before closing his eyes and slamming it against the counter. The pegasus stood there for a moment, head against the wooden table, slowly shaking it in frustration before reopening his eyes and looking the card through. What do you know, he had finished it already. "Oh." He sighed, rubbing his forehead with his left hoof before rolling the mask back down. Solarline gave a quick glance at the shopkeeper, making certain that he wasn't looking before swiftly swiping the quill onto the floor behind the counter. He was an honest pony (at least somewhat) and he doubted that the red pegasus would pay too much mind. It never hurt to be sure though.
  10. Well that's good news. Totally not because I have a legit manuscript written about the higher realms of Equestria. Maybe I will pick something fitting in case the rp gets to an appropriate point.
  11. The pegasus smirked, grabbing the card that was offered. He quickly scanned the counter for a stray quill or something of resemblance, quite swiftly spotting one just lying on a corner of the table. He didn't see any ink though, but the tip of the quill had some already so at the very least he could scrape up something. Sure, not having a horn made things difficult for a pony, and so Solarline rolled up his mask, just to reveal his mouth as he clenched his teeth on the feather. Sharp rustling was heard as he wrote, occasionally rising his head and squinting his eyes in thought. "Did 'mom' have two m's in it? Right...thought so."
  12. Not a proper suggestion, nor am I asking for spoilers but...is there any cosmic horror involved in this soup? I am asking because I am a self proclaimed cosmic horror expert and really love, for example, mister Lovecrafts' works. Just interested because you mentioned cults n' stuff.
  13. Solarline rubbed his chin in thought. "I guess you're right." He said with an exhale, not even remotely noticing the mare that just entered the building. The white pony flicked his tail, grabbing the set of flowers into his maw before carefully placing them into his right saddlebag, the plants clearly sticking out from there. "Hm...how about-" He was cut short as he noticed the other pony, looking almost as shady as himself, instead of a balaclava suited for a burglar she was wearing all sorts of cloaks and glasses. He stared at her for a good awkward while, squinting his eyes, slowly waving his left front hoof to her in a manner of greeting before turning his head back and refocusing on Tender. "Aight, aight...I think I'll figure something out." He said, tilting his head in order to check behind Tender for any semblance of cards. "You got like...blank ones here or...something?"
  14. Skies were rapidly darkening and the atmosphere got just that little bit gloomier, and as the fog was slowly getting heavier, so did someones eyes. "hrn...nap...time." the white pegasus mumbled, slowly closing his eyes and relaxing his muscles as he slid into the dreamworld. Now, one could question whether or not this was a good thing to do while flying half a mile above ground, but you could argue that it was indeed late for normal ponies. And so began his plummet towards the ground, head first. The wind was whistling violently as he catched speed. "Hmmm...dad I said already...don't put the desk fan on max because it almost feels like..." The pegasus opened his eyes slowly, his baby blue orbs meeting the swiftly approaching ground. "...I'm...falling." He said, his words trailing off, drowned by the howling wind around him. He let out a surprised yelp, spreading his wings in an attempt to make the landing a little less of an experience. He was not a flyer despite being a pegasus and it showed. His speed did decrease, but not without side effects as he began to spiral, clearly out of control. Solarline tried to channel all the holy knowledge he had learned in the flying preschool as a filly, but in the end it was all for naught. He crashed into the ground, the impact sending him flying ten feet forward before hitting the ground again. The force made him roll, all of his parts taking turns in being smashed. After the dust settled, there was quite a landing trail to behold and the white, yet very dirty and bruised pony laying on his back at the other end of it. He was breathing heavily, the balaclava he had on rolled up to reveal his mouth as he gasped for all that precious air. He swallowed painfully before rolling the mask back down, making a shaky attempt at rising onto his hooves. "Hah...didn't even...panic." He succeeded at it, finally taking a somewhat proper look at his surroundings. He was in a town, one that at least looked like his destination if the whole "nightmare ridden" part was true. He shook his head before taking his first steps in the new location, looking for someone, not quite knowing who though. Probably should have read the note through. It was going to be a long night, that was certain.
  15. Solarline grabbed the now lighter bit bag into his mouth, lazily throwing it into the depths of his saddle bag before refocusing on Tender. He snorted audibly. "Yeah. She better love these or I'm done for." He said in a humorous tone, averting his gaze from the red pegasus, instead locking his pupils onto the flowers that were set in front of him, quite a beautiful sight they were indeed. There was a short silence as the white pony sunk deep into his thoughts, apparently enchanted by the pretty plants. "But...ya know..." He suddenly begun, raising his head to meet the salespony once again. "...got any clues where I could get an apology card to go with uh...these?" He asked, raising his left front hoof to point at the flowers sold to him. "Something that says...I don't know...'I'm sorry I kinda ruined your life and future' or something similar?" He continued, a slight hint of concern in his voice.
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