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  1. Carver grinned "Names Cog Carver, I do most of the tinkering round these parts." He then sighed as he reclined in his chair and a small colt walked up to him, this colt was a white coated, blue maned thin pony with a cutiemark of a hazmat sign, he smiled at him and cuddled him "Hey big brother! Schools out for today, wanna hang out?" He then saw Pyro and smiled "Hiya, you seem nice." He then looked as if he just realized something "I don't know you, who are you?"
  2. Thank you, I will edit my Racial app then
  3. Species Name: The Bjorn Personality: Slow to trust others, but extremely protective of those they come to call friends. Will often risk their lives to protect those few they call as such. Favorite pastime: a sport called siggvire, where they take as heavy an object as possible and throw it, trying to throw it as far as possible. Clans: The Bjorn are a very intense race of bear people living by their motto in life, which is "If Life is not hard, you are doing it wrong." They are by far one of the oldest species of Equestria, however they have little care as to this, all they care about is living life as dictated by their Parthenon of gods, The conceptual council. This council governs the four major concepts of reality; Life, Death, Order, and Chaos. They have had a rocky history with the Yaks for as long as history has been recorded, often having land disputes with them, as they both live in the far frozen north. It has been discovered recently that they have four different tribes, each dedicated to a different god, yet they all work together seamlessly. The Kodak worship Mar, their god of Order. Their religious texts state that "Upon his hammer were the first civilizations forged" The Sutop worship Krela, their goddess of life, their texts state that "From her warmth did the first plants grow" The Blurgat worship Narlox, their god of Death. Their texts state that "From his shroud cometh a final, eternal rest." Lastly, the Krunjow worship Zmata, their god of chaos, their texts state " Upon this tricksters machinations do the wheels of change tread." They are a highly independent people, quite similar in posture and skeletal structure to the Minotaurs, except replace their bovine features with ursine ones, and make them much more... relaxed, seeing most other races as "Fellow children of Krela."
  4. hey, there are weather gremlins in the comics of MLP, what if they were a subspecies of a larger genus? I have an original race I made, let me find what I wrote for them... Species: Gremlin The gremlins are a highly intelligent race of chimera like creatures, with an uncertain lineage and extreme intellect, the Gremlins prefer scholarly might to physical might. While they are physically weak, they are surprisingly capable with the mystic arts.They were heavily interbred with D-dogs for generations, as they both live underground most of the time. the Gremlins are a highly intelligent species though, loving to tinker and use magic, being one of the only races capable of using magic without a horn, instead using an ancient language of their own that channels ambient magical energy through their unique design. They also have the capability to control any machinery they have made as if it were a part of there body thanks to the magical networks in both the machines and implanted in their arms as a rite of passage. Gremlins do not see gender as a means of segregation, instead seeing it as a minor difference in physicality, as long as they are skilled with a set of tools and can wire up a magical device, they are good in their book. While they do enchant objects, they have also devised a way to have machines be able to amplify and cast magic. Much similar to a wand, or staff. Their ultimate innovation, in their eyes, is the Golem, a mindless automaton made of metal and magic that exists only to follow orders, capable of working alone or being piloted like a suit, these automatons are indispensable, and used in sport quite often in "Golem Gladiatora" or, as it is more commonly known to non gremlins, the golem Arena. They live in the mountains surrounding the Crystal empire, traveling between them with a simple tunnel system. Here is the appearance of the average male Gremlin
  5. Carver looked to the other unicorn and smiled "Well, I am keeping my eyes out for Pinkie pie, while I am trying to enjoy my first day off in forever." He then sighed "I swear, this town seems to have a new disaster every freaking week... I just don't get how so much trouble happens here, and no guards get posted here." He then seemed to have an idea. "Hmmm... maybe I could try making something to help with security... would be good for my business if it works well..."
  6. Cog carver was enjoying his first day off in months, his shop was closed, he had nothing to worry about, as he had some friends set up a security spell to alert him if the store was broken into, he could just relax. He sighed contently in his unfolded reclining beach chair and enjoyed the breeze from the lake as he let his worries fade. He had a red colored eye, with one being a milky blue from being blinded at a young age, he smiled as he felt the breeze against his bronze brown coat and blonde mane. "Ahhh, this... I could get used to this..." he then looked around, wary for any hint of Pinkie pie nearby, as he was quite used to her appearing out of nowhere and scaring the living tartarus out of him.
  7. I got Cog accepted, so it's baby bros turn!
  8. I registered this one as a WIP, as he is highly dependent on Cog Carver
  9. Name: Smoking BeakerSex: MaleAge: older coltSpecies: Pony, earthEye colour: Golden yellowCoat: whiteMane/Tail: bluePhysique: thin, frailResidence: PonyvilleOccupation: ChemistCutie Mark: A hazmat symbol, he earned it when he made a rock into coal, he did so because his big brother was low on funds and could not afford to get enough coal to warm his room as well as Beakers, and decided to forgo warmth for him. Beaker was touched by this kindness, and got a rock, not understanding that it was unuseable for fuel until Carver told him as much, he then instinctively used his magic to make it into coalUnique Traits: Can change the physical makeup of matter but the mass must be equal to what is made, so a pound of steel makes a pound of water, so on and so forth. History: Smoking beaker has always been the less held back sibling, if he does not like something, he will say it, if he dislikes someone, he will tell them, to their face. He does not know any better, he has high functioning autism, and does not mean to hurt anyones feelings, if someone asks him if he likes them, and he does not know them well, for example, he will say "I don't like you yet. I don't know you." he dislikes anyone but his brother touching him, even so much as a hoofshake is uncomfortable for him with others. He does, however, wish to have more friends, he just does not know how. he has no memory of his parents, but still is certain they were good ponies, as his big brother tells him so. Character Personality: Socially challenged, yet very open, beaker is eager to make friends, and wants to help Carver in any way he can. Very exciteable and easygoing. Somewhat lonely, as Carver put him into homeschooling when he heard about Diamond Tiaras bullying, has just gotten back into public school. Character Summary: heart of gold, social graces of mud, this colt will try to be as useful as possible, even when being used. He simply knows no better.
  10. Ugthor


    thank you very much!
  11. I would love for Cog carver to meet him... they would get along swimmingly!
  12. Name: Cog Carver Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pony, unicorn Eye color: Red, but one is blind and thus a cloudy blue Coat color: A shiny bronze-ish color Mane and tail: Blonde Appearance: Wears strange looking goggles, capable of various magnification levels, muscular, built like big mac. has a scar over his blind eye, which was wounded by a faulty gear that was in his first project, an upgraded oven, that could cook quicker and more reliably, it was a prototype, and exploded violently. he has since then learned to be more safe with his tinkering. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Tinkerer/inventor, he refers to it as being an innovator. Cutie mark: A cog being carved out of a piece of scrap. He discovered his talent by trying to fix his mothers stove, and before he knew it, he was trying to make it better than the top of the line model! He wound up getting knocked into a wall, and his left eye wounded permanently. Although, he now hates stoves. He has the unique ability to be capable of disassembling things mentally, telling what parts went into making it from the ground up. He then can see what parts are faulty, outdated, or simply broken, and not only fix them, but improve them as well. Also skilled with disassembling machines magically. History: Cog Carver was born in ponyville, he had a lonely, poor childhood, until Pinkie pie came along, then he was notably happier, his mother was a construction pony, and his father a miner, they were overjoyed at his choice in profession after their original... well... skepticism for its safety. They have been dead since he was a colt, due to his father dying in a mine collapse, and his mother falling off a building. He has had to take care of his younger brother Smoking beaker since.He lives quite happily with his brother, owning a joint business that while not renowned worldwide, is still quite profitable.He is a hardworking individual, often found in trouble standing true to what he believes in, to the point of stubbornness, he adamantly refuses to give a faulty product to a customer. As for the future, he hopes to find a nice mare, settle down, and have a family. He is actually not singly focused on ponies, he is actually quite open minded in that regard, as long as they are kind to him and his brother, and accepting of his business, he doesn't really mind. Personality: As he is quite shy around the opposite sex, Cog Carver tries to talk to mares openly, but he often winds up talking himself into... unique, situations. Enjoys reading, tinkering, making people happy, and being a good friend. Dislikes bullies, stoves,surprises, and loud noises. Thus, he has a long standing wariness of Pinkie Pie, as her and sudden loud noises are quite commonly close by each other. He will openly oppose anyone who is cruel to his younger brother, as they are all he has now. Openly states his distaste for the Flim Flam brothers, who conned him out of an invention he was going to gift to Applejack and her family, as well as made it extremely garish. He also is a hardcore fan of hoofball, and enjoys playing Ogres and Oubliettes with Spike and Big Mac.
  13. One, is equestria girls cannon here? Two, are original races allowed? Three, can an original race have their own culture? IE religion and such?
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    About Myself Hello, I am a scot irish american... well, if I were a dog I'd be a mutt, let's say, and I am IN LOVE with MLP! I have watched every episode the second it gets to netflix, as my house doesn't really have MLP on its subscriptions, and my family doesn't approve... How I found Canterlot.com Looked it up! I How I became a fan of MLP:FiM I have loved the show since I was in middle school, I had been channell surfing, and got on to the show, I saw the animation style and found it interesting, so I watched the season intro, then the next episode, and so on, and so on, until I waas out of episodes to watch, I then realised that I loved this show, and I haven't stopped, 7 years later. My favorite main cast/pony Pinkie Pie, i respect her goal in life. And here’s the fun part. I love expanding on lore and making new species, it is something i just find irresistibly fun!
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